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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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My every moment was you When I loved and also when I was in pain Even at our moment of farewell You were the whole world to me and every moment was you Without you, I don't think I can explain

I must say that I'm at awe with her Chinese. She spoke in Chinese throughout the interview. Her Chinese is really good. In one of the games, she was asked to guess PSJ's lips on a tablet that had 9 pi

I'm sorry but this is driving me insane! Anyone who is on a different ship and is reading this....   July 27: Media Reports the two are in a 3 year relationship, Same day, Agencies respond w

Remember we were speculating that mint chocochip must be PMYs favorite ice cream? Coz in one of PSJs iv.. he mentioned it... (then he explained in a fan video that it seemed like girls like it.. but its not his favorite flavor----- i really think not a lot of people like it :tounge_xd:)

Well.. PMY said in that TMI iv that it is her favorite ice cream :glasses:




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In mint choco we trust! Our speculations that Mint Choco is PMY's favorite ice cream flavor just got confirmed by none other than Captain PMY herself. PSJ couldn't be more obvious because not all women love Mint Choco. It was obviously a slip of the tongue and he tried to play it off by saying it seems to be a favorite among women...now we know that it is the favorite of HIS WOMAN that's why it was the first that came to his mind. :tounge_xd:


I hope PSJ had a very happy celebration yesterday with family, friends, and his favorite neighbor. :heart:

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Don't you guys think that our PPC're dropping too much hints lately especially MY:lol: don't be too obvious guys:P the paparazis are watching:ph34r:Seems like our queen's never move on from WWWSK that she even remember YJ' s line:D i miss PSJ ig live:tears: hope he'll do it again soon together with simba.. At first,  i was like.. 'awwhh leonn so cutee..  wait.. What.. leon? It's simba isn't it?' hahaha i get confuse between those two sometimes


P/s: it's not too late to say Happy Birthday to our dec boy.. Happy belated Bornday uri PSJ! 

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incase some of u guys are wondering what mintchocochip tastes like, umm it tastes like a really sweet fancy toothpaste with a hint of chocolates.. it’s a bit of an acquired taste i reckon.. :lol:~hurmm not sure if many women like it?? but one beautiful woman definitely likes it *cough PMY cough*~~ 


anywayy teasers for IC have been released jst now.. so so so excited for Park Sae Roy and the gang :kiss_wink:..


but, i have to say i think i am more excited for IGTY coz i really like healing dramas/movies.. ive watched Little Forest like a milion times and loved it everytime.. (LF is also about a woman who returned to her hometown after she struggled in the city.. check it out guys)... it was truly a calming and healing movie for me especially when Hae Won (the female lead, yes the same name) cooked or farmed or enjoyed her time with her friends.. it was just so soothing for me i dont know y... if IGTY is anything like LF i know i will freakin love it too.


so yeahh cant wait for #JTBCxPPC2020..


and its gonna be xmas soon just wanna wish an early happy holidays to u guys.. stay safe and healthy :heart:





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awww same day update yayy!:heart:


PSJ looks energetic after not feeling well. I guess he rested well, had a blast birthday party too. I wonder if his neighbour wish him birthday haha. Happy to see him happy ~


And PMY wow she glows! Looks like she hinted the possibilities of Busted 3 :heart: 

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finally, namoo grant pmy fans' wish. namoo announced they will take legal action about pmy comments.

I hope especially antis who keep leaving malicious and sexual harassment comments about pmy on Naver and Daum are caught!!!!:angry:

and i heard some shippers made a false rumor(pmy dated with someone in Turkey and Spain..pmy has started dating with someone since July this year...blabla..:angry:) and posted on Weibo and Twitter. so as i know pmy k-fans already reported the weibo and Twitter acc to namoo. hope these ppl also will be caught by namoo.

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