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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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My every moment was you When I loved and also when I was in pain Even at our moment of farewell You were the whole world to me and every moment was you Without you, I don't think I can explain

I must say that I'm at awe with her Chinese. She spoke in Chinese throughout the interview. Her Chinese is really good. In one of the games, she was asked to guess PSJ's lips on a tablet that had 9 pi

I'm sorry but this is driving me insane! Anyone who is on a different ship and is reading this....   July 27: Media Reports the two are in a 3 year relationship, Same day, Agencies respond w

PMY congrats again.. Now for Best Artist in Drama ! :bawling:


Im soooo happy for SeoDeokMi :heart:

Yesss definitely hard to play a fangirl of a young idol at 30s. The research, the understanding of fanworld, definitely worth the hardships. And the drama filming schedule was packed... must be really tiring but.. Rachel, you did it well!

You are truly Romcom Queen! 


Congrats again:heart:



(Yesss we have Romcom King and Queen:wub:. Yahayy~)

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For the second appearance onstage, now that she won the award & got to see many people have supported HPL which was filmed which much difficulty, it seems that she's feeling it once again. She thanked her family, her agency staffs & esp. her fans for being a source of strength & encouragement to her, and she promised to be an actress we can be proud of :wub:


I personally like the OST played for her intro, it's such a good song that adds up a lot to the scenes back in the drama. And yes, we'll always be your support system Mi Nyeongie, we're so proud of you already :wub:





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Often act a kind woman Park Min-young want to act as a bad woman

From/ United Evening News(zaobao.com.sg)
By Luo LinglingPhotography / Xu YingquanPosted / November 26, 2019 



The beautiful and lovely Korean goddess Park Min-young has been positive, cheerful, and kind since her debut. She recently came to attend the "Star and Bright Starry Night 2019". When interviewed by the media, she revealed that she wanted to act as a "calculate" woman and a bad woman. She has never acted as a villain and said, "I want to act as a rich and bad woman."


She doesn't have a chance to act a bad person for the time being, because her next drama, "If the weather is fine, I'll find you", her character also is a good person. "If the weather is fine, I'll find you" is adapted from a novel with the same name. She plays an ordinary woman, because she was (heart)hurt, so she locked her heart and decided to return to the village where she was a child to teach painting.
Park Myung revealed: "My character has been suppressing her emotions, so there is not much expression. This is also the first time I went to the countryside to shoot, it is a very fresh experience."


Asked her to share her most memorable role since her debut. She said, "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" was my first romantic comedy. At that time, I was in my 20s. I think the role is very close to my personality. , But now as my age, I think 'WWWSK's ' Secretary Kim' is more like myself. Maybe when I'm 40, I will like a different character. "


After 13 years of debut, she said she has been thinking about what kind of actor she wants to be. "I want to constantly challenge myself and grow with each of my characters."

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Mi Nyeong went all black again today on her way back to Korea :wub: Just as always, our girl was all smiley & super friendly towards her fans, as long as she spotted the banner from her fanclub there, she took it together with the bouquet :P Even the idols' fans had tons of compliments to spare for her :blush:

And also, just some flashback to see while we're waiting for his appearance this coming Saturday for 2019 MMA ^^


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Remember in an episode of Busted 2.. where PMY said that WannaOne shouldve been invited? And remember when Hwang MinHyun said in an interview in Happy Together 4 back in May (where Jinjoo also guested) that he is close friends with PSJ?

Btw, those two men has an uncanny resemblance.:D


Here is PMY a few seats apart to MinHyun in AAA2019.. :D



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