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[Drama 2018] To Jenny, 투제니


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Drama KBS

To Jenny



Resultado de imagen para í¬ì ë



Network: KBS2

Episodes: 2

Genre: romance

Release Date: July 10, 2018

Runtime: Tuesday 23:00

Director: Park Jin-Woo

Writer: Lee Jung-Hwa



Jung-Min falls in love with her. She is his first love, but his love is unrequited. She is in a difficult situation, but she keeps pursuing her dream.


Kim Sung Cheol as Jung Min

Jung Chae Yeon


source: asianwiki

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 I'm watching this. I've always like KBS special dramas. They show different type like  Sirius, We All Cry Differently, Page Turner among others. It's not main stream cliches ones.







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 I found a raw!  Thank you! I 'm gonna watch now even if I don't understand.


Watch the video clip below. He's singing with that beautiful voice while playing the piano.  Jenny on the side. The only audience.




It seems the dad disapproves and harsh on him. Why can't parents be supportive?! Of course this is raw so..  I maybe wrong in understanding but the clip the father is shouting and mad. His downcast look...



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 EP 2  is 17 July


Done with Ep 1 Sub sub please I'm waiting. I enjoyed the drama It's something different from what I normally watch. i actually didn't understand any dialogues but I get the drift of the story. Millennial in how youth of today are.  I like the mix of BGM songs in this episode.

 ♫ Grey ♫  - Damien Rice

♫ Soul Sister ♫-  Train

♫You Belong to Me ♫ -Taylor Swift


I don't know the lovely Korean songs.. like the one sang with the piano from my previous post above.


 But this below is  ♫Grab Me  ♫



Little sis is the boss. Haha! She's the giving advise to  big bro and to do.   There's a scene they both sang chorus.  I've feeling I'm gonna be LSS for  ♫Tiramisu cake ♫  song. what the heck its too cute. :lol::kiss_wink:




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The scene when he was trying to impress her with guitar rifts and strums . Go for it! Park Jung Min.. his character name.



The scene when found out she was interested learning  how to play guitar. She purchased one, and took a selca. He followed accountwith little sister's help.... hence he was trying to impress from a above video clip.




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 @Hannahmiriam  Just now. About to watch.  Jongski is a happy viewer. Ep 1 was so good even if I didn't understand the raw. I know good drama when I see one.  Seeing praises for this 2 Ep special drama.


 How not to love?! Him. Her. Lil sis. The music. The voice. The story




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 Part 2 final episode later 23.00 KST.  It's very late for youth drama but surprise, as netz watching this good one.


Thanks KBSmyloves for update. Even if it's only special drama they  always post .





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