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[Drama 2018] Two Lives One Heart, 흉부외과


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[Heart Surgeons] Eps 25 & 26 spoilers, Go Soo x Seo Ji Hye x Uhm Ki Joon
Article: Naver 'Heart Surgeons' Seo Ji Hye suspects Uhm Ki Joon, "Was it really a surgery to save the patient?"  
  • Choi Seok Han (Uhm Ki Joon) performs a table death surgery for the president candidate's aide as requested by the president candidate. 
  • Yoon Soo Yeon (Seo Ji Hye) and Park Tae Soo (Go Soo) suspects Choi Seok Han that the surgery wasn't done to save the aide.
  • All operating rooms are closed off when they are about to operate for the president candidate. 
  • Park Tae Soo has an emergency patient who needs a surgery immediately. 

1. [+30,-0]
Uhm Ki Joon's acting is great. 

2. [+25,-1]
Uhm Ki Joon's acting is really good. ㅋㅋㅋ The story isn't realistic. ㅋㅋ

3. [+24,-0]
Go Soo is the master of acting. 

4. [+21,-0]
The development just... doesn't make sense. 

5. [+22,-2]
It's far from being realistic, but isn't that what a drama is? 

6. [+19,-1]
Watch the drama as a drama. 

7. [+4,-0]
Han Min Sik didn't die on the operating table, it was his aide. Please write your articles properly. 

8. [+4,-1]
This is not realistic. 

9. [+3,-0]
It feels like the story is slowly going nowhere...





[Heart Surgeons] Eps 27 & 28 spoilers, Go Soo x Seo Ji Hye x Uhm Ki Joon




Article: Naver 'Heart Surgeons' Go Soo and Seo Ji Hye works hard to stop Uhm Ki Joon, "Please come back" 

1. [+200,-13]
The immersion is amazing... But this drama isn't really realistic when it comes to Cardiology and University hospitals.. What a pity.

2. [+137,-9]
Go Soo, Seo Ji Hye, Uhm Ki Joon, all have great acting skills. 

3. [+80,-6]
Ko Dong Jun scenes are the most interesting ones. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why is he so funny? 

4. [+73,-2]
So this is why the heart was stolen. 

5. [+67,-4]
As expected, Go Soo is a master of acting. 

6. [+31,-0]
I cried so much hearing what Jin Woo said. And laughed when Ko Dong Jun and Jung Bo Seok did voice imitations. 

7. [+29,-3]
It would be great if Ko Dong Joon's part increases. 



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Really hard to believe Prof Choi is not involved in the heart hijacking. And I wonder who else besides the surgical team for the young patient knew about the sabotage. This is so fun to watch. And this thread is only 4pages ?????


All's well ends well. Great ending. Medically illogical throughout but great plot. I had thought it was just a story about Go Soo's character but there are actually three main characters.


...I will watch this again from the beginning.Taebak! 

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Aww, this ended in a happy ending, and it all wrapped up somewhat neatly in a full circle at the end. It was a fun show to watch, although the villain-y parts got way too over the top at times that it got frustrating. I'm still annoyed that the hospital director only got his comeuppance at the very end, it was ridiculous the way he acted towards the end. I do agree with the netizens comments that the portrayal of the hospital and cardiology department was really unrealistic. 


I'm glad that Professor Choi found peace with himself in the end. Yes, he made a detour and some bad decisions, but he tried his best to right those wrongs. Great acting all around, and I really liked the character developments of the side characters. The romances at the very end did throw me off though, since it was kept to a bare minimum throughout the show. 

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