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[Drama 2018] Two Lives One Heart, 흉부외과


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FYI @0ly40


they are having some sort of special screening in a movie theatre of Ep1&2 on 20Sept



and official premiere for some reason is on Thu 27Sept (back to back episodes - 2x1hr Long ones old format or 4x30min ones new format) - don't ask me what they will be putting on Wed 26Sept night time slot because DJ/YH is supposed to finish Thu 20Sept?  But SBS editing team has been making errors on numbers of late (noticeable on DJ) so I don't know if it's because it's a typo and they got their dates mixed up?







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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Two Lives One Heart, 흉부외과 - Wed & Thu 22:00 KST - Go Soo, Seo Ji Hye and Uhm Ki Joon - Premieres on September 27th

Hello, everyone. I'm super excited for this drama and even make myself not too shy to post here and share the excitement. I'm longlasting fan of Ko Soo and really love Uhm Ki Jun in his characters. This is my first time seeing Seo Ji Hye  as lead lady, so the excitement is even bigger.

I see the topic is not really active, but still I'm posting few photos from yesterday.









cr: newsCulture



Honesty, I would love to see a love story involved Ko Soo, but looks like it's not the place for this. “I think each medical drama has its own message it wants to tell. For us, we wanted to create a story centered around the heart. Though our drama isn’t a melodrama, it will still get viewers’ hearts racing. There may not be a love story, but it’s a drama with heart.” (cr: soompi)




cr: NewsCulture




















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Same here, I was hoping for a triangle love story between the three main leads but it’s okay. I’m sure this drama will work out fine. Cross didn’t have a love story either and it was awesome! It’s getting closer, can’t wait to see Ko Soo!

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 I hope this is good. I want to watch a good medical kdrama. Last few months I've been watching jdoramas with medical themes. Black Pean. Code Blue.  Unnatural.  For kdrama, I got bored with Life. RDTK was the last medical drama I enjoyed. Brain and White Tower still the best medical kdramas I've watch.  So here's hoping I will like this. I'm going to check.  Uhm Ki Joon is terrific actor.  I'm not that familiar with the female lade and also Go Soo  but I watch one of hi his really old drama... forgot title but he was smoking a cig and he has sister.


@ymiss  I want that too.




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@ymiss, i think the art of drama making is exactly the way they choose to do it, no love story but still super exciting. I didn't watch Cross, but even without romance The Empire of gold was one of the best dramas for me back than. Hope this one will be even better. 



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Omg, it’s airing tomorrow, so exciting! It’s finally here! Is anyone watching live? Please please summarize and capture screen pictures if possible, if anyone is watching live!


@sonamu, The Empire of Gold was bomb, no love story and hardly any actions, just the actors expressing and talking, saying dialogues yet so good! Ko Soo was so good looking in that drama!

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Two Lives One Heart, 흉부외과 - Wed & Thu 22:00 KST - Go Soo, Seo Ji Hye and Uhm Ki Joon - Premieres TONIGHT

SI can't stand the last few hours before the drama start. Saddly I am at work and will watch later, but still i don't think I can waith the subs... 

Here I am posting few pics from the official site. Cr:sbs






@ymiss you are right. Ko Soo looked so good in EOG and still I think he did a really great character. Waiting to see Park Tae Soo.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018] Two Lives One Heart, 흉부외과 - Wed & Thu 22:00 KST

I just finished watching the first two episodes and I'm speechless. It was a wild, intense ride and I'm all-in. I'm disappointed that there is no love line but it's understandable. Both Go Soo and Uhm Ki-Joon command the screen and I'm loving their bromance. I hope to see more of Seo Ji-Hye's character. I like her arrogant character because that means more character development. 

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Episode 1-2 were fast-paced and emotionally engaging. Uhm Ki Joon is good as always (my favorite character so far), Go Soo suits this role, and although Seo Ji Hye only appeared towards the end of Episode 2, I love her already.


There won't be romance? Not even subtle one like in Secret Forest:D? That's too bad because the chemistry between GS and SJH is palpable. And also, when Yoon So Yeon's father tells Choi Seok Han that his daughter is coming back to Tae San, CSH is surprised and seeing how the father personally asks CSH to look out for YSY, their relationship must be close. Whether it is' oppa-hoobae' relationship, good friends or romantic feelings, I'm excited to see more of them in next week's episodes.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2018] Two Lives One Heart, 흉부외과


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