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[Drama 2018] Ms. Ma, Nemesis 미스 마, 복수의 여신


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MS. MA, NEMESIS 미스 마, 복수의 여신




Drama: Ms Ma, Nemesis/ Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge

Hangul: 미스 마, 복수의 여신

Genre: Mystery

Network: SBS

Episodes: 40

Director: Min Yeon Hong ( My First Love, Ugly Alert )

Writer: Park Jin-Woo (Doctor Stranger, The Land of the Wind ,Snow Flower) )

Release Date: October 6th - November 24th, 2018

Runtime: Saturdays 20:55-23:15 (140 minutes | 4 consecutive 35 minute episodes per Saturday) after the drama ‘Let Me Introduce Her’

Production Company:

OST:part 1 JeA - Alone

        part 2 leeSA (리싸) - My Memory

part 3 UP10TION -Flower

part 4 SALTNPAPER - Do You Know Back Then

part 5 Yi Sung Yol - Run Away

part 6 YEIN - Hourglass


Official site:http://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/msmanemesis

Watch oline: https://www.viki.com/tv/36235c-ms-ma-nemesis




“Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge” will be the story of a woman who is falsely accused of killing her daughter as she embarks on a journey to prove her innocence. It will be a remake based on the popular Miss Marple series by British author Agatha Christie.


A woman is falsely accuse of killing her daughter. She escapes from prison. To reveal the truth about her daughter’s death, she solves cases around her. (Asianwiki)



The original novel depicts a process in which grandmother Jane Marple resolves the case with wisdom and insight, but the drama has adapted to the Korean style by introducing the middle-aged woman 'Miss Ma' as heroine.






Character descriptions/ Posters


Kim Yun Jin as Ms. Ma/ Ma Ji Won



Jung Woong In as Han Tae-Kyu



Choi Kwang Je as Ko Mal-Koo



Go Sung Hee as Seo Eun Ji



CNU (Shin Dong-woo) as Bae Do-Hwan

Song Young- Kyu  as Jang Cheol-min

Myung Gye Nam as Jang Il-Koo

Sung Ji Ru as Jo Chang-Gil

Hwang Suk-Jung as CEO Oh 

Moon Hee-Kyung as Madame Park

Yoon Hae Young as Lee Mi-Soon

Kim Young-A as Yang Mi-Hee

Lee Ye-Won as Lee Ye-Won

Choi Seung- Hoon as Choi Woo-Joon

Yoon Song A as Yang Sun Saeng

Lee Ha-yool as  Chun Hyung Sa

Yoon Hae-Young as Lee Mi soon

Kim Sung Hoon as Miss Ma’s brother

Kim Ha Yun







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Kim Yoon Jin To Take On Leading Role In Her 1st Korean Drama In 19 Years



Actress Kim Yoon Jin is set to return to the small screen in a new drama!

A source from SBS confirmed on June 12 that, “Kim Yoon Jin will appear in the leading role in our upcoming drama “Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge” (tentative title). They continued to add, “The drama will air after ‘To Speak of Her’ (tentative title), the follow-up to ‘Secret Mother.'”

This will be the actress’s first Korean drama appearance in approximately 19 years since 1999’s “Love of Three Colors” Since then, she has mostly focused on her film career, appearing in productions such as “Ode to My Father,” “Harmony,” and “Neighbor.” She has also appeared in American drama series such as “Lost” and “Mistresses.”

“Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge” will be the story of a woman who is falsely accused of killing her daughter as she embarks on a journey to prove her innocence. It will be a remake based on the popular Miss Marple series by British author Agatha Christie.

Source (1)






The actor Kim Yoon-jin returns to SBS weekend drama 'Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge'.

The SBS official said on the 12th that OSEN will appear on "MISMA, a goddess of revenge" scheduled to be broadcasted in autumn when Kim Yun-jin will arrive. "It will be broadcast after the sequel to" Secret Mother " .

'Miss Mama, a goddess of revenge', tells the story of a woman who was accused of killing her daughter, solving the surrounding affairs and revealing the secrets surrounding her to reveal the truth. It is a remake work based on the work of British novelist Agatha Christie.



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Actress Kim Yoon Jin to make return to dramas on 'Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge'

By elliefilet   4 hours ago   1,342   180   0
Actress Kim Yoon Jin is making a return to K-dramas on the upcoming SBS series 'Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge'.
On June 12, SBS confirmed, "Kim Yoon Jin is playing the lead in the upcoming drama 'Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge'. The drama will air after 'To Speak of Her', which is the follow-up series to 'Secret Mother'." 'Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge' tells the story of a woman who's falsely accused of killing her daughter, and it's a remake of English author Agatha Christie's 'Miss Marple' stories. 

The upcoming drama marks Kim Yoon Jin's first ever Korean drama in 19 years. She last starred in the 1999 drama 'Love of Three Colors' and has since focused on films, such as 'Ode to My Father', 'Harmony', and 'Neighbor'. The Korean actress is also known for her roles in American series like 'Lost' and 'Mistresses'.




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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge미스 마 - Saturdays @ 20:55 PM KST

I am really curious to see how they will adapt Miss Marple character in this drama with a younger heroine, and a totally different situations. It won`t have the same vibe at all. Ms. Ma will investigate her own situation as she was accused of killing her daughter but I am glad we`ll have another woman centric drama and a mystery show too.


I saw Kim Yoon Jin only in Lost and Mistresses.  I am glad she is having the spotlight in this drama, that actresses in their 40s have lead roles more often these days.  :tongue:



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15 hours ago, jongski said:

Thanks larus. Hoping to see more casting updates.


 Same. I want to read more news about this drama and about the cast but so far nothing. At least they have a PD attached to the project, a TV network and a time slot.  They said that this drama follows the current drama Let Me Introduce Her, in September but that`s what they said about another drama Hatch. We`ll see which drama will air in that time slot. If the production company has enough money and they are ready, the drama will be broadcast without any problems.


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4 hours ago, Hannahmiriam said:

Am I the only one wary of the writer? Dr. Stranger was one of the dramas I really wanted to drop but managed to finish (sort of) for Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin. Thank goodness it is a remake and he already has a clear direction.


I did not watched Dr Stranger but I heard so many people complaining about this series. Let see how the writer is going to do with this new story. It is a reinterpretation of Miss Marple and I am curious how it will be. There is so little information abut this kdrama and I want to know more soon. 

I only watched Miss Marple on various movies and It is hard for me to imagine her played by Kim Yun Jin but I will be happy if they will give ther character some of Miss Marple traits. They make the heroine a mother who was accused of murder and she investigates the crime and seek out the truth. I wished she would not have been involved in the murder she investigates but I will be happy for a good mystery show. Let see something new and fresh ideas of this Korean Agatha Christy remake.

I am happy that we`ll have a mystery drama and a heroine in the center of the story. Bring it on! I hope the writer won`t ruin my mood. -_-

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Jung Woong In And B1A4’s CNU Confirm Casting In Kim Yoon Jin’s Comeback Drama



Jung Woong In and B1A4’s CNU are joining what is turning out to be an exciting cast!

Now Jung Woong In and CNU will be joining the cast of Kim Yoon Jin’s drama, tentatively titled “Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge.” Sources from Jung Woong In’s agency, Curo Holdings, and CNU’s agency, WM Entertainment, confirmed the news to Herald Pop on July 31.

“Ms. Ma” will be the story of a woman (Kim Yoon Jin) who is falsely accused of killing her daughter as she embarks on a journey to prove her innocence. It is said to be a remake based on the popular Miss Marple series by British author Agatha Christie.

Jung Woong In will be playing a detective who was in charge of Ms. Ma’s case as a raw recruit, while CNU plays a police constable.

more https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/31/jung-woong-b1a4s-cnu-confirm-casting-kim-yoon-jins-comeback-drama/



Finally we have news about this drama. September is coming quickly. More news will be available soon.

If Jung Woong In was a detective in our protagonist`s case and he was a raw recruit, I assume that was a long time ago. Poor Miss Ma. She spend many years in jail for a crime she did not do. The police doesn`t sound competent at this point. I have a feeling the detective never thought that she was quilty and maybe he will help Ms Ma to find the truth in the present after chasing her a little. Ms Ma will come back around people from her past but they will don`t recognize her. I am hoping for more news.





Jul 31 2018

Jung Woong-In and CNU cast in SBS drama series “Miss Ma”


Jung Woong-In and CNU (member of boy band ‘B1A4’) are cast in upcoming SBS Saturday drama series “Miss Ma” (literal title). The drama series is based on novel series “Miss Marple” by English writer Agatha Christie. Actress Kim Yunjin has been offered the lead female role and she is “positively considering” the offer. Jung Woong-In will play lead male character Detective Han Tae-Kyu. His character chases after a woman who escaped from prison. CNU will play supporting character Police Officer Bae Do-Hwan.


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Update: Go Sung Hee To Join Kim Yoon Jin, Jung Woong In, And B1A4’s CNU In New Drama


Go Sung Hee has confirmed her next project!

On August 1, the actress’s agency confirmed, “Go Sung Hee has been cast in ‘Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge’ (tentative title). She will play Seo Eun Ji in the drama.”

She will be taking on one of the leading roles along with Kim Yoon Jin and Jung Woong In. B1A4’s CNU, Choi Kwang Je, Sung Ji Ru, Hwang Seok Jeong, Yoon Song Ah, Moon Hee Kyung, and Lee Ha Yool are also starring in the drama.

Source (1)





Ko Sung-hee plays a 20-year-old woman who is a niece of Ms Ma.  In front of the detective who pursued Ms Ma, she rescued her from falling into a crisis. She then called Miss Ma aunt and lives with her at home. Young and  with a sensual body, she is popular with young people in the village.


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[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Jung Woong-in and CNU Confirm Appearance in "Miss Ma: The Goddess of Revenge"

By Vasia Orion on 2018/07/31 at 16:57 PST


Actor Jung Woong-in and B1A4 member CNU have joined Kim Yoon-jin in her return after a 19 year Korean drama hiatus for upcoming woman-centric detective drama, "Miss Ma: The Goddess of Revenge". The newly cast actors will be playing characters in law enforcement, adding on to the investigative power of the story.

Both actors have confirmed their apperarance through their agencies, and according to some of the latest news pieces out, Kim Yoon-jin has also confirmed her participation as the drama's lead. Jung Woong-in will play detective Han Tae-gyoo, who was in charge of a case the titular Miss Ma worked on when he was a new recruit. His character will be working closely with Kim Yoon-jin's. CNU will play police officer Bae  Do-hwan.


more https://www.hancinema.net/orion-s-daily-ramblings-jung-woong-in-and-cnu-confirm-appearance-in-miss-ma-the-goddess-of-revenge-120861.html



[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Ko Sung-hee Becomes the Latest Addition to "Miss Ma: The Goddess of Revenge"

By Vasia Orion


ctress Ko Sung-hee follows up her roles in "Mother - Drama" and "Suits" with what appears to be a mysterious assistant character in the upcoming woman-centric mystery series "Miss Ma: The Goddess of Revenge". She will be joining Kim Yoon-jin, Jung Woong-in and others recently confirmed.

Ko Sung-hee will play the role of Seo Eun-ji, a woman in her twenties who calls herself the niece of Miss Ma. Eun-ji lives with her "aunt", who is faced with the crisis of being pursued by the police. The story's protagonist, who was framed for the murder of her daughter, will have to solve cases surrounding her own, and reveal their secrets in order to get to the truth.


more https://www.hancinema.net/orion-s-daily-ramblings-ko-sung-hee-becomes-the-latest-addition-to-miss-ma-the-goddess-of-revenge-120903.html

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Yoon Hae-young, SBS joins new weekly drama 'Miss Ma`



Yoon Hae Young will act as a beautiful actress Lee Jung Hee with a strong ambition for success.

After SBS drama 'Doctors' in 2016, it will be a return after two years for Yoon Hae Young.





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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge 미스 마, 복수의 여신 - Saturdays @ 20:55 KST - Premiers on September 29th

Cast news

Choi Kwang - jae was cast down on SBS 's new weekend special drama' Miss Ma, the Goddess of Revenge ' and signs a new contract with  ELEN Company .


Actor Choi Gwang-jae (33), who plays mainly in theater, musicals, and movies, has been cast as a star in the SBS TV weekend drama "Miss Ma, the Goddess of Revenge"

Choi Kwang - jae plays a long - term retirement in the world of violence in his thirties. His character in the drama is often used for unfair misdemeanors because of his history as a gangster, but he is going to solve an exciting story with his girlfriend/ friend (?), Misa Ma (Kim Yoon-jin), who is a loyal and loyal person.


In addition, the newly contracted agent, Elen Company, said, "I recently signed an exclusive contract with Choi Gwang-jae, and I will continue to do my full management so that Choi Kwang-jae, who is a big actor in various works, can further develop his skills and passion."




Song Young-gyu, 'Miss Ma, the Goddess of Revenge' confirmed



Actor Song Young-gyu joins SBB's new weekend drama 'Miss Ma, a goddess of revenge' ('Miss Ma') as Kim's husband.

Song Young-gyu played the role of "Jang Cheol-min", husband and business representative of Kim Yoon-jin. He has an outstanding business talent, a sophisticated appearance, clean manners, and active charitable endeavors.



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Kim Yoon-jin, the main character of SBS weekend special project <Miss Ma, the Goddess of Revenge>, comforted the staff and performers who were tired of the heat with Samgyetang in the dining room near SBS Ilsan Production Center on the 16th .




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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge 미스 마, 복수의 여신 - Saturdays @ 20:55 KST - Premiers on September 22nd
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