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[Drama 2018] Today’s Detective/The Ghost Detective, 오늘의 탐정


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On 6/25/2018 at 11:56 AM, alekaonu said:

Annyeong everyone :)


Oh I like ghostly type of drama. Very interesting and furthermore its Daniel Choi so I will be on board for this drama.


Would like to call out to my chingu deul :-

@moodypie @Ahpheng @onnififi @Sarang21 @maplekist@ohoheli @jeonghyang @plappi @rain719 @nonski @bebebisous33 @Mau_Cherry

Omo! I like ghost dramas! Thanks for tagging me noona. I have just read this in the news just today. Very timely. :) 

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Recently finished watching AOY 1&2 and couldn't get over Park Eun Bin! The premise here sounds really interesting; like a really serious, mystery-centric drama with a very strong "voice" vibe. Lee Ji Ah's character also reminds me of Ada Wong in resident evil game. Can't wait!!


PS: "The Legend" was one of the first K-drama I watched and both Eun Bin and Lee Ji Ah were in it! So fun to see them together again! 

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Thank you @feelbora chingu for those IG posts.... Woah!!!! :wub: Choi Daniel is super cute & the little actress is just.... cuteness overloaded :wub: I don't know if they two share the same screen space in the drama, but the behind the scenes are just enough to make me curious over the plot!!!! It seems like a totally different experience :huh: waiting eagerly for this drama......!!

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4 hours ago, gm4queen said:

So much love for the IG updates @larus chingu!! Woah, they are already filming..!!?? Isn't there any script reading or something?? Just curious... :)


Hope we`ll have pictures from the script reading also. Who knows when they will release them? I think we`ll have more and more informations/ pictures/ bts as the time for the first broadcast is approaching.


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Lee Jae-Kyoon was cast in drama Today`s Detective/ The Ghost Detective



Lee Jae-gyun's role is a police detective 'Park Jung Dae'. It is a smart and vigorous character. Lee Jae-gyun will take on a character different from the roles she has played so far and will show her acting again.



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15 hours ago, gm4queen said:

Thank you @larus for the news update...

YEAH!! So much excitement is going on..!! :lol:. Hope to hear more about..

And by the way.., is this going to be a lot scary..?? b'cause I am scared of the scare.. hah hah haaaa. :D

Same here ! Let it not be too scary. I really just want to watch Daniel 

New posters 



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Thank you @triplem for the update on the posters..!!

WOW..!! Now , I am super excited for the drama..!!:D. As you said, Me too want to see Daniel on the screen again.. Yeah... He is so lovely :wub:. There won't be any romance since it's a thriller... But who cares..?? I am totally in..!! :).

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August 1 2018

3 teaser posters for KBS2 drama series “The Ghost Detective”


Here’s 3 teaser posters for upcoming KBS2 drama series “The Ghost Detective” starring Daniel Choi, Park Eun-Bin and Lee Ji-Ah. The teaser posters all feature Daniel Choi. The drama series follows Detective Lee Da-Il (Daniel Choi) and his assistant Jung Yeo-Wool (Park Eun-Bin) as they meet a mysterious woman (Lee Ji-Ah). As you may surmise from the teaser posters, the genre for the drama series is horror-thriller.

“The Ghost Detective” first airs August 29, 2018 in South Korea.




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