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[drama Japan 2006] ある愛の詩 / Poem Of Love

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173



* Title: ある愛の詩

* Title (romaji): Aru ai no uta

* Also Known As: Poem of love

* Episodes: 1

* Genre: Romance

* Air time: Monday 21:00

* Viewership: ?

* Broadcasted by: TBS

* Broadcast period: 2006-03-27

* Theme Song: ?


What happens when young people meet admist the warmth, soft breezes and gentle waves of Okinawa? This is a romantic love story about a young college student on break from Tokyo who meets a handsome dive employee on the beach


* Kuroki Meisa as Kashiwagi Ruka

* Matsuda Shota as Nanase Takumi

* Uchida Asahi as Mamiya Toshiya

* Sano Yasuomi as Eguchi Akira

* Sato Megumi as Shirai Shiami

* Kanda Masaki as Kashiwagi Taizou

* Nakagoshi Noriko as Megumi

* Asano Yuko as Tajima Mitsuko

* Utsui Ken as Nanase Tomekichi

SOURCE : ある愛の詩

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MY GOD I can't wait for watch this drama this guy has play here I mean Matsuda Shota this guy from hana yori dango drama japan this drama has been popular in Japan :wub::wub:

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Guest crazyMuka

^ Uhm, I think it's out already. From the original post:

Broadcast period: 2006-03-27

So yea, I just wonder if this was uploaded on D-addicts. I better go check it out later, for some reason I have never heard of this SP at all. Guess I just wasn't paying much attention to SPs in general XD.

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  • 4 months later...

never heard of this special as well...hmm..i guess because it's not uploaded anywhere that i go...too bad...wonder what the story is about...

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