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[Drama 2018] The Player, 플레이어


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The Player



Network: OCN

Episodes: 14

Release Date: September 29th, 2018 - November 11th, 2018

Runtime: Sat. & Sun. @ 22:20 KST

Director: Ko Jae Hyun 

Writer: Shin Jae Hyung


A crime proceeds redemption team consists of a smart swindler, a fighter, a hacker and a driver. The crime proceeds redemption team attempts to take back property hidden away by criminals. Kang Ha-Ri and Cha A-Ryeong are members of the crime proceeds redemption team. Cha A-Ryeong was abandoned by her parents when she was little and she is skilled at driving.


Song Seung-Heon - Kang Ha-Ri


Krystal - Cha A-Ryeong


Lee Si-Un - Im Byung-Min


Tae Won-Seock - Do Jin-Woong


Min Joon-Hyun - Sim Dal-Soo

Kim Hyung-Mook - Na Won-Hak

Ahn Se-Ho - Investigator Maeng


source: asianwiki





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 Every time I see  Song Seung Heon I click.  He was excellent in Black, got good reviews for it. I hope this drama is as well received too. But I would have clicked on this anyway.evil-smile-onion-head-emoticon.gif


@sava2sava Hello, I will be joining ya here in September.


@Sehun KingThanks for the heads up on the airing date


 @0ly40 Thanks for creating this thread:wub:

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1 minute ago, dotonly said:

Anyone knows the genre of this drama?


Sorry for the bad English.

Sounds like a crime/action drama. Typical for OCN.

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On 6/14/2018 at 1:28 PM, Jillia said:

Sounds like a crime/action drama. Typical for OCN.


Thank you. So OCN mostly focus on crime/action drama.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming drama 2018] Player, 플레이어 - Krystal & Song Seung Heon - Premiers in second half 2018
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29 minutes ago, Song Heony said:

Ah no lol. I just read some people doesn't like it. They are saying Song Seung Heon is too old for Krystal. 


Again, another age gap thingy. But he is a fine ahjussi. There's nothing wrong with ahjussi. And the pair looks okay to me.

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11 minutes ago, Song Heony said:

It seems Korean public doesn't like it. Some staff said it's bc most oppas are in the military. That's why older oppas are making comebacks. But it does happens in real so...


I dont against noona-dongsaeng...wait, I'll just call it ahjumma-young man relationship just to be fair, (I didnt mean to offended anyone) sorry.


So, are they going to replace him or her?

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OCN drama series “The Player” to air from September 29, 2018


OCN drama series “The Player,” starring Song Seung-Heon and Krystal (‘f(x)‘), is now scheduled to first air September 29, 2018 in South Korea. The drama series will takeover OCN’s Saturday and Sunday 10:20 PM time slot after “Voice 2” and will consist of 14 episodes. Story for the drama series will follow a team consisting of a swindler (Song Seung-Heon), driver (Krystal), hacker (Lee Si-Un) and fighter (Tae Won-Seock) as they go after stolen property hidden away by criminals.

Credits to: asianwiki.


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming drama 2018] Player, 플레이어 - Krystal & Song Seung Heon - Premiers on September 29th


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