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[Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Hello Dear Ancestors 亲爱的活祖宗

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Cr avirtualvoyage


Chinese title:  亲爱的活祖宗 / Qin Ai De Huo Zu Zong
English title: Hello Dear Ancestors

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 24


Broadcast Period: 6/13/2018



Dong Qing

Chen Zhe Yuan

Tao Si Yuan

Wang Ting

Dai Xiang Yu


During the Han Dynasty, Zhen Jun is driven off a cliff in a struggle for leadership of his family. Saved from plummeting to his death by a being from outer space, Zhen Jun is placed in a healing, deep sleep. In the year 2020, Zhen Jun wakes to find his prolonged sleep has granted him superhuman abilities. A time travel adventure now begins...
(Source: ChineseDrama.info)

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Raw Episodes


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Read that some reviews aren't too bad. Time-travel story theme abit typical (my guess from trailer is she time-traveled back to past and when she return, she brought a guy from the past with her).


Some find the female lead look abit old compared to the younger male lead....maybe meant to be older-sister-younger-brother romance? But her acting is quite natural and the guy Chen Zhe Yuan is cute.


Episodes are avail on iqiyi and youtube. But so far, no eng subs.


Quite a few sweet moments and kisses. Click the 4th bottom right icon to switch off onscreen comments.



End credit song (eng sub) :



Theme song sang by female lead Dong Qing (no eng sub) :




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I watched the first 12 episodes of this drama, it seemed light hearted and sweet.



But in ep 13 it gets angsy so I skipped to the end and it’s got a sad ending!


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It's now licensed by Viki, since they upload all the 24 episodes at the same time, it's gonna take them a while to make all the subs though...

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Having a hard time getting into this drama. Sadly, he look better with the long hair--short hair just made him look like a little puffy cheek boy.  Also, not sure how I feel about a guy falling in love with a girl that, to him, looks exactly like his older brother....something about that is off-putting. 

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