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[Drama 2018] Hundred Million Stars From the Sky / The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, 하늘에서 내리는 1억 개의 별


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Article: Naver 'Smile Has Left Your Eyes' Seo In Guk aims his gun at Park Sung Woong who shot his father 'shocking ending' 

1. [+509,-40]
Ha... Because everyone's acting is so good, I got really immersed in it. Everyone's so pitiful. ㅠㅠ

2. [+336,-37]
Seo In Guk's acting... Wow.. Daebak.

3. [+299,-26]
So there's a reason to why Seo In Guk acts.

4. [+185,-10]
This is really insane. This drama. Time just flew by.

5. [+178,-15]
Wow, the immersion is amazing..

6. [+115,-12]
I know why Seo In Guk keeps getting casted even though he has so many controversies. His eyes are really good. His acting is top quality.

7. [+101,-5]
Personally, I like our country's version more than the original version.

8. [+97,-5]
But they kept comparing this with the army. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is this comparable to that..? Excessive training will be given every day in the army. Of course they will collapse if they can't take it. It's not like there are action scenes in this drama.. No, he couldn't even go before the filming began because he was sick. Is this something to be receiving flak for? If you guys were in his shoes, the same thing would be done too. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Article: Naver 'Smile Has Left Your Eyes' Seo In Guk reveals to Jung So Min, "My father passed away" 

1. [+96,-6]
Looks like Moo Young's life itself isn't easy at all.

2. [+93,-7]
Seo In Guk's acting always fits the role so well... A scary actor.

3. [+51,-8]
Jung So Min is pretty, her acting is good too.

4. [+43,-5]
Will Jin Kang's consolations help with Moo Young's sadness? 

5. [+42,-6]
Seo In Guk and Jung So Min kind of match each other well.

6. [+26,-5]
Seo In Guk is so cool.

7. [+25,-4]
Moo Young's eyes looked so sad.

8. [+24,-4]
What's with Seo In Guk's acting skills? It's my first time realizing that he's this good. Wow.


(source: http://melohwa.blogspot.com/2018/11/smile-has-left-your-eyes-ep-13-spoilers.html)

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Haha! Haalloo @jujuls :) I'm quite touched when you mentioned my name. Thank you!


As to my thoughts about the "possible incestuous ending", I do not know, maybe I am just weird but this episode almost makes me feel certain that they are not siblings. I do not know why and it's difficult to explain but as I have been commenting, that is the vibe that I've been getting and with the way the story is structured as I perceive it. I do not really know but my thoughts haven't changed that, that young child is actually Jin Kang. Perhaps, these are the clues that I'm getting at least from this episode: 1.) The short hair which still fits Jin Kang up to this day. The flashbacks and the picture of JK in short hair with Jin Gook keep on simultaneously recurring. 2.) When Jin Kang was able to repair Moo Young's toy to MY's surprise. I felt that she has done or has learned it in the past already when they were still young. Or maybe, I'm just imagining things. 3.) Since episode 1, the drama has already this vibe that they know each other since a long long time ago and thus, explains their easy but deep connection from the start. For me, the flashbacks signify the strength of their relationship since the beginning and that explains why they keep on returning back to each other.


But again, as I have been saying, although they are the children shown in the flashbacks, I feel like they are not actually siblings. However, after watching this episode, my second theory that Jin Gook's opposition is merely based on bad blood (that MY's father killed JK's father and that JK was taken into the household and was possibly abducted) now stands out more than my other theory that Jin Gook's opposition is based on a false presumption of an incestuous relationship. Perhaps, it will change again tomorrow (HAHA) but as of the moment, these are my insights why: 1.) When Jin Gook recalled his conversation with Jin Kang as he was talking to Tak that Moo Young has been hurt by people like him who will do their best to protect their children even to the detriment of other children not their own. 2.) When he mentioned to Tak that he had to protect JK from MY since he compares MY to a car with no brakes and thus, might run over and hurt JK in the process. 3.) When he wrote that passcode to his lifetime bank account for Jin Kang. I do not know but based on these, what I am perceiving is the fact that Jin Gook has just such an enormous brotherly love for Jin Kang (although it also hurts her and MY in the process). As previously shown, it was JK who kept him going despite of his sin and it was her who saved him from the brink of death. Perhaps, he  just really fear so much about his perception of MY's "dangerousness"  and his "possible criminal propensity" just like his father (as his father was said to be a notorious criminal in a previous episode) and thus, his determined opposition to their relationship. It's just like what Jin Kang has said that, Jin Gook is like those parents who are more than ready to hurt "other children" (MY)  just for "their own" (JK). From JG and Tak's conversations, I cannot get a glimpse of  an opposition from them based on a possible incestuous relationship (again based from this episode)   But again, I cannot still be absolutely certain as to the basis of his opposition since he does not know that the two are secretly dating. 


Perhaps,  I'm wrong with my perceptions. I'll see it when we get there. By the way, the ending was quite unexpected. He was finally able to use the pass code twice as expected. Also, I like the way Moo Young is portrayed as someone who is caught between his anger and disbelief that Jin Gook actually did it (as he views him as someone whose act of killing doesn't suit him). Plus, Jin Gook's portrayal who is also a good person but who likewise have to agonize and rectify for his sins is also well portrayed. I do not also think that Moo Young has the heart to really kill him. Perhaps, he just can't believe what he has discovered. It hurts him so badly and thus, he wants to know the truth straight from him. Many may disagree with me but just like Moo Young, I can also still see the goodness in Jin Gook. But of course, I am not saying that he did not commit such wrongdoings. He definitely must pay for it especially for what he has done to MY.


 And finally, honestly, I have not been anxious anymore about the ending. What I am actually worrying about these days is the fact that we're now down to the last 3 episodes and I can't let go of this drama. I can't!!! It's just so so good. Wednesdays and Thursdays will never be the same again. I really need... A HUNDRED MILLION EPISODES. XD

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"I think I come home"





spoiler, im writing how jversion ending.


The story is going this way?
He lost childhood/family/home/memory.
He finally met his love and he want to be happy and it turn out "NO! its wrong!".
Then story end his life because of misunderstood by his love hand. Really??



I thought I was positive with guess of kversion ending.
I thought I was prepare ....
I cry a river....

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okay i just watched the subbed vid and the sub says "yoon". but it can go either way still- it can be "yoona" (clearly a girl's name) or "yoon-ah" (could be a boy's name with the usual "ah" added as a suffix to indicate that they are familiars). plus the kid with little sun ho looks more like a boy, but like what @aisling pointed out, it could still be jk sporting a shorter haircut.


i only had 2 hours of sleep. this drama's messing with my head. and if the bunny ears scene is tonight, then what an emotional rollercoaster this is turning out to be. good morning y'all from my side of the world.

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1 hour ago, phi3nk said:


not good. not good. the jap version had the exact same scene and



afterwards, the last piece of the puzzle in Ryo's memory is revealed- that Yuko's the other kid his memory

ALTHOUGH, I agree with @April Twilights that they are NOT siblings even if they are the kids in the memory. there's just no hint at all of a possible incestuous relationship between the two every time Tak and JG talk about them. i just don't know how tvn will pull this one off.

I'm worried big time about what JSR would/ could do to JK. MY's decision to ask for her help is a wrong move.

I think that tonight's episode will be the last we will see them have skinship of any sort. right, @aisling?

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After watching episode 13 with subs little MY called the other sibling “Yoon-ah” (like “Hey, Yoon!”, so it still doesn’t give us the answer whether it was a girl or a boy. 


The way the scene in his old house was shot was magnificent, the whole scene was just amazing!


Tak and JG’s conversation still didn’t reveal anything that would imply the incest which is confusing...


I got chills when SR said she wanted MY. OMG, the woman is so creepy.

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And may I just add that in last night's episode, I had the same question as Se Ra when she asked MY as to why he would like to look for his "brother" instead of his mother. It reminds me of my previous guess that the female figure in the drawing is actually JK for he did not grow up with a mother for he does not even have a subconscious memory of a mother. But again, maybe I'm just wrong. XD


PLUS the photos posted by @phi3nkmake my heart beat faster. Haha! I haven't watched the Japanese version but I've seen a few clips and I think that scene was quite a defining moment. So maybe they really are... Omo! I am not sure but based on google translate, they will reveal their connection tonight. But I'm just thinking.. What if it's not the full revelation? Maybe they'll make some twist again in Ep. 15 or in the last episode? Ohh my! But if I am the writer, I would be sorry to the audience but I would also love to do that.. Just to keep the thrill going up to the last minute just like a rollercoaster ride. BUT.. it's hard when you're an audience. XD


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may i add that inasmuch as i love their grand gestures of love- it's the little things which really tug at my heartstrings. for example, i just love how Moo-young always, ALWAYS looks at their intertwined hands; from their first date when he first took her hand in his, to the first time they made love when he took her hand and gently cupped his cheek with it, to last night's episode when they were seated on a park bench and he looked at their clasped hands with so much love in his eyes. im actually smiling while typing this. oh, them feels.

i've said this over and over again, but im not so sure if my heart can take any more of the suspense. i still don't think they are sibs- coz if they are, there would have been some hints dropped during JG and Tak's convos, but there are none of it so far. also, MY's "house" (or was that a cabin), doesn't really look like a house. it looks more like a chapel or a shelter of sorts.

BUT, tbh, i don't care anymore sibs or not, i just want them to be together. these two lovebirds have been through so much in life already, they more than deserve to be together. is that even too much to ask?

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7 hours ago, phi3nk said:



The article say that today we will discover the secret of the burning scars of MY & JK.

I remember this scene from the J-Drama Version, I was so happy for Ryo and Yuko. But then, the real tragedy started to happen.


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