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[Drama 2018] Hundred Million Stars From the Sky / The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, 하늘에서 내리는 1억 개의 별

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@April Twilights That scene with MY and JG at the police station was heartbreaking. Imagine how hard it was for MY to swallow his pride and try to be friends with JG only to be insulted and degraded. MY might have deserved those words for the things that he had done but still...

Knowing MY's past, I understand why Jin Kang fights for Moo Young because she understands why is MY the way he is. She knows that he is not really a bad person. He is not what people branded him to be. She knows him deeply more than others. 

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Despite all the beautiful moments between MooKang in ep11, the one scene that gripped me the most was the fight between JK & JG at the beginning. You could tell that was the brutal crack that would unleash JG's downfall and the subsequent breakdown between the siblings. Even though on the outside from day one it appeared that JK & JG had the most infallible familial relationship, it was in that scene where JK  finally unleashed her pent up frustrations that she had been harboring since adolescence and exposed the guilt and shame she felt towards the one person she was the closest with. And no matter what an unreasonable prick JG can be, when he crumbled to the floor clutching his heart, my heart slowly cracked with his. If people want to know what real, raw acting is, then they should look no further than what Jung So-min and Park Sung-woong just did.


I absolutely adored the scene when MooKang and made up and MY carried JK all the way to the top of the fridge. It melted my heart to see him actively pursue someone else and to clutch onto her with all his might. But if I had to pick out my favorite MooKang moment of the night, it would probably be the short scene where JK is laying down outside of MY's house and MooYoung sneaks up on her and joins her at her side. I felt happy for them knowing they could find respite with one another after being rejected by others in the outside world....in the end, they still have one another.




And runner up goes to this scene where they just looked so calm and peaceful within one another's arms. I don't want to wake them, I don't want to disturb them, I just want MY & JK to enjoy these quiet moments of happiness together forever....



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i dont want this to end like the jdorama, unfortunately, i think someone will have to die to trump or at the very least rival with the japanese ending. 


kook is like a ticking time bomb. i dont even understand how he keeps getting away with his abusive stunts. i think something must've snapped within him when he wasnt accounted for the killing years ago. he either has to be convicted for his crimes then or possibly turn suicidal or get killed by the end of this drama. having them follow the originally ending will just turn him too unstable in the end. he's a little different from the brother in the original drama as far as i remember. that guy wasnt as hateful towards Ryo.. the male mc. he was suspicious yes.. but not as violent or out of control. 


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If the psychiatrist's misgiving is correct in that his action had affected Moo Young to lead an uncontrolled life, then those two men, Jin Gook and the psychiatrists, were the adults responsible for shaping young Moo Young into a person who followed the rough justice rule of 'an eye for an eye'.


Jin Gook's inability to tell Jin Kang the truth about how his action had shaped her life and that there is her brother that they should be searching for, in spite of him verbalizing his regrets about not being punished for his sin, makes him a chief manipulator in the story too. He comes across as just being obsessive about not loosing Jin Kang's love as his sister. His will to live after his shooting and kill the man hinged on Jin Kang. It is very difficult to feel sympathy for him cause whilst he tore down Moo Young as almost worthless and inhuman, he put away his own falsehood and lies and compulsive behaviour.

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*flails and wails in happiness**


by the way, can someone translate the phrase below? it seems like the lyrics was changed. i'm not really sure if this is much of a big deal lol but I'm just really curious about this.


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Raitings went up for yesterday episode: 2.9 % 

let’s hope for today episode! 

Anyway, what do you guys think about the psychiatrist? Cause I don’t have a clue. 

I’m also curious about where MY went after the stabbing, cause in the preview it seems like a fancy place. I really hope he doesn’t get any help from crazy rich sister.

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36 minutes ago, piekeboeboe said:

What is the titles of 2nd and 7th chapter?

This is the book ..


By Yang Kyung-mo

Prologue : Living with trauma

Chapter 1: son of a murderer – living as a murderers family member

Chapter 2: the boy who lost his memory – he had to imagine his past

Chapter 3 the kid that does not get hurt – What is left after two foster homes

Chapter 4 His reason for hitting the dog – cycle of abuse

Chapter 5: the kid survivor – After surviving that big incident

Chapter 6: the dark 52 hours – The dark 52 hours after experiencing an abduction

Chapter 7: The invisible girl – The ugly duckling of that rich family

Epilogue: Love, Sympathy, and Time


Cr: Dramamilk.com.

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I find it a bit suspicious the way they’re  promoting our onscreen couple so hard... 

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