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[Drama 2018] My ID is Gangnam Beauty, 내 ID는 강남미인


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40 minutes ago, maniac1 said:


I've not been a fan of watching the behind the scenes of this show but of course I can't stop myself from seeing the images posted on this thread. I'm sad that Im Soo Hyang has already changed her hairstyle. She's giving herself distance from her character and while I 100% understand that, I really didn't want to see that picture before the airing of the final episode. I've never been part of Soompi before for a series and I think in the future if I like a series as much as I liked this one, I probably won't join a forum. I'm just going to pray it gets aired on viki so I can fangirl the actual scenes vs the actors. It disappoints me that the characters are not "real". I mean, I don't care about the actors/actresses but the drama is important to me. Seeing these images changed my feelings about the show so I'm not happy about it :( But I do really enjoy reading everyone's perspectives A LOT!!!  To all those who wrote such detailed analyses or insights into different scenes-- THANK YOU. And thank you for giving me a place to express my feelings - positive and negative - as well.  Love to all my MIIGB chingus!!! 


In the webtoon MR cut her bangs so probably ISH did it for the character

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Now sleeping on a couch at his apartment! Why is Wooyoung waking him up? He looks handsome sleeping too!!







I'm worried for Sooah today which I have never been!



This actor who looks like a boy is really good I think. He is scaring me!

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