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Ai Yori Aoshi ; Bluer than Indigo

Do you remember your 1st love

i don't know.. but i recently got into this anime... i think its old-ish... but i think this anime is so adorable, funny, heart warming... and so i wanted to share... so here is alittle info about Ai Yori Aoshi




Aoi Sakuraba

Aoi was brought up to be the fiancée to the son of the Hanabishi family. She is a daughter of the Sakurabas, a family that traditionally made Kimonos and has become a large conglomerate. Since Aoi is the heir, her husband would traditionally take over the family business. She has been training herself to be a good wife ever since she met Kaoru when she was little. Because of it, she is good at any house keeping job even though she was raised in a rich family. She truly loves Kaoru.


Kaoru Hanabishi

Kaoru is a student at Meiritsu University. He was raised to be the next president of Hanabishi group and received a very strict education, but he left the Hanabishi clan, and now lives alone in a cheap apartment with no money. He belongs to a photo club at the university. He is very honest and gentle.


Miyabi Kagurazaki

Miyabi is Aoi's caretaker. She knows Aoi very well, and that Aoi has loved Kaoru ever since she was a little girl. Miyabi takes care of Aoi and watches Aoi and Kaoru. She seems to be a little bit cold, but she really has a good heart.

other characters

Tina Foster

Tina goes to the same university as Kaoru, and she also belongs to the photo club. She is an American who grew up in Hakata and is bright and outgoing. Still, she can't seem to express her feelings toward Kaoru honestly.

Taeko Minazuki

Taeko is a sophomore and also a member of the photo club, to which Kaoru and Tina belong. Though she is awkward and makes a lot of mistakes, she is always positive and tries her best.

Mayu Miyuki

Mayu was born in the family of Miyuki Silk Company. She enters Meiritsu University after coming back from abroad. She has been in love with Kaoru ever since she was a child, and pursues Kaoru aggressively.

Chika Minazuki

Chika is a cousin of Taeko. She is a bright, active and very outgoing junior high school student.

Summary of the Story

Kaoru Hanabishi appears to be an average university student; in actuality he is the eldest son of Yuji Hanabishi, the head of Hanabishi Zaibatsu, and was set to take over the zaibatsu after his father retired. His mother, Kumi Honjo, and his father never married, and this had made life difficult for both him and his mother. Kaoru's father died when he was five years old. Since then, Yuji's father, grandfather to Kaoru, took Kaoru under his wing and began educating him for the eventual succession. Yet Kaoru never was at home in the Hanabishi family and left to live by himself after his mother died.

There is, however, someone who loved Kaoru so much that she would do whatever was necessary to be with him.

Her name is Aoi Sakuraba. Aoi is the only daughter of the owner of Sakuraba Kimono Store (later renamed to Sakuraba Department Store). Kaoru's family and Sakuraba's family had agreed for Kaoru to wed Aoi but after Kaoru walked out, the marriage was cancelled. Both families had a friendly relationship and Aoi had been in love with Kaoru from the start, which Kaoru was unaware of. The Sakuraba family had already been searching for someone suitable but Aoi was unwilling to marry someone else and walked out, chasing Kaoru.

Both were freed from their families' affairs but did not know how to make their living. Miyabi Kagurazaki, who had been looking out for Aoi, offered the two a way. Aoi and Miyabi would live together in a grand western style summer house of Sakuraba family and Kaoru would live in a house for servants next to it. This would prevent a scandal, much like the one that had made Kaoru's life difficult, as the two would be living separately. But soon, Kaoru's friends, who just happen to be attractive females, took residence in the house, and it quickly became a dormitory. Very soon, Aoi became a landlady of the dormitory.

Credits : wikipedia and google

Volumes: 17 (Complete)
Published by: Tokyopop
Anime Episodes: 1st season: 24 + 2nd season: 12 + TV film



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Guest starrysmile

haha i read like the first 2 books of this manga. it was pretty cute but i got too lazy to finish it. :P maybe i'll continue now.

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Guest Take Five

it's not as annoying as other harem anime but it's not that great either. i couldn't stand hearing aoi saying "kaoru-sama!" after awhile.

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