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[Drama 2018] The Guest, 손


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@sushilicious at this rate either we’re getting an extension which is highly unlikely because they would have announced it by now OR we’ll be getting a cliffhanger finale with a see you in the next season of The Guest *facepalm* if it’s none of that, we’ll seriously be getting an anticlimactic ending... *takes out pitchfork*


I’m all for Season 2 IF everyone’s coming back B) and there’s a concrete plot not something repetitive 

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@Dramanoona tks for your recap! i tried too stream to but its so lag :dissapointed_relieved:

totally clueless after ep 14, nothing is clarified that priest Yang is PID... 

and halaboji has waken up??? he sat on the wheel chair in ep 15's review

Kim Jae Wook oppa is back with his Mo Tae Gu vibes hahah in the scene where there were 2 Mateo

still, one week until the 2 last eps can be the longest waiting week of my life...


ps: the scene where HP did not realize that Yuk Gwang hyung is dead... so sad :bawling: he tried to follow YG's ghost and asking YG :bawling: YG really leaves us... with this huge amount of people sacrificed to destroy PID... i hope we'll have a happy ending for the trio

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4 minutes ago, pamperedpanda said:

@sushilicious at this rate either we’re getting an extension which is highly unlikely because they would have announced it by now OR we’ll be getting a cliffhanger finale with a see you in the next season of The Guest *facepalm* if it’s none of that, we’ll seriously be getting an anticlimactic ending... *takes out pitchfork*


I’m all for Season 2 IF everyone’s coming back B) and there’s a concrete plot not something repetitive 

Let’s hope that when they say on EP 16 there is gonna be a bigger twist, that it will not go to any weird and anticlimactic endings. 


I too also don’t mind a season two, but I doubt they will change cast if they want to continue everything, because I bet if they change any cast especially the trio, the crew will get strike down hard. Plus the discontinuity will probably see a drop in ratings if they think that it’s the right thing to change cast! But then again, that means we have to wait again...Gahhh


oh did you notice the man in blood is like directly looking at HP, and HP is like giving a mad dog like face haha (Back off!)

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I think the pacing is just about right.

WE definitely will end with Ep 16...


For once, I don't feel an extension is needed.

I think what GY went through with her partner, Mateo's realisation that F Yang had fooled everyone and HP's determination to put an end to PID especially now that YK is gone and possibly haraboji too - has brought them closer together. Seriously now they have nothing to lose. None of the Trinity has any remaining family members. The closest would be Det Ko, GY's partner.


PS. I think the actors need  a break too. It's all dark material here (no pun intended)

So far everyone I have introduced this drama to have fallen in love with the whole plot and the acting.

Am I Park Il Do?

Hahahahahaha..... *it's late at night here*


OMO ... Mo Tae Gu? Now that was a very good drama and he still gives me the chills when I think about him. But he was somehow insanely (pun intended) attractive?


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1 hour ago, Dramanoona said:



Scene: Church service

Father Yang leading the service.

Congregants singing hymns.

Mateo walks in.

He looks at F Yang. He walks towards him. And goes to a pew.

he is staring at F Yang.


I swear.... after a while.. my mind automatically use a curse word whenever I read "F Yang" :joy:


I have yet to watch since it's midnight soon.

But thank you @Dramanoona for the LIVE recap. 


And so... the evil spirits can possessed a dead people. So we cannot rule out that YK's body has been possessed or just been hidden as a result of FYang's cleaning skill.


I'll post more once I watch it in the morning. 


Edit to say: I've watched the preview for episode 15! The old man in wheelchair don't look like harabeoji. I mean.. he seems to be balding. Hmmm... 

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10 minutes ago, Dramanoona said:

I think the pacing is just about right.

WE definitely will end with Ep 16...


For once, I don't feel an extension is needed.

I think what GY went through with her partner, Mateo's realisation that F Yang had fooled everyone and HP's determination to put an end to PID especially now that YK is gone and possibly haraboji too - has brought them closer together. Seriously now they have nothing to lose. None of the Trinity has any remaining family members. The closest would be Det Ko, GY's partner.


Why do I feel like I’m gonna throw my theories out into the trash soon? Like will HP’s powers be useful? As of now the trailer isn’t saying anything. Now I’m just like worried that it is going to end off with a lousy ending. :mellow:  (At this point no idea how it’s gonna end)


Honestly, I think that HP will need to fight PID 1vs1...we don’t even know why PID wants him so badly..Or like how PY got into PID all that.Still so many questions remain, I think if they doesn’t solve it soon, they are probably gonna bombard us with everything at the end... 

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Actually I am not sure if they can possess dead people.

Possibly a person on the verge of death? I don't know why the woman was possessed. PHJ thought she was dead but apparently she was still alive. As F Yang was about to pull her to the grave, she gasped and he unzipped the bag and it was shown he was going to choke her (perhaps he let her live?)

As for YK, it was his ghost. But we have yet to find his body so I am not sure if he is buried somewhere in the forest or somewhere else.


Definitely will be better with subs ....

I want to find out why F Yang was so passive in the forest as HP hit him and tied him up.


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Okay last post for today! 


I’m not sure about everyone here, but for me I would always wait for the next episode trailer, view it, go to bed and wake up the next day to watch the episode..So now I’m really anticipating EP 16’s episode trailer...Well..I guess this will be my thoughts till next week...Haha




Imma also throw this out here, chances are Haraboji (1) Will Die, killed by PID or (2) He is the actual ACTUAL PID(Cause PY isn’t really confirming it now) just waiting for the right moment to jump ship over to HP.. Cause why still in an old man’s body where you can stay in a five star hotel which is HP? 

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@zenya22  @alekaonu The episode 13 was terrific. I have to say that I have always been expecting YK to die because he had visions, where he saw himself dead. Sure, his visions showed him being dead home.

On another webside, there was this theory that father Yang could be the boy who was in the well and survived the massacre Thumbnail. As you can see, the boy was not dead like the others. Maybe he witnessed PID's death and how he became a superior spirit. Therefore he became the protector and worshipper of PID. Notice that next to HP's house, there must be something belonging to PID: maybe his remains. So let just say that the boy survived and followed PID to the village. Once PID killed himself, he buried the body there. This would explain why YK was attacked by some mysterious and invisible spirit. This would explain why HP's family suffered so much. The demoniac spirit was buried next to their home.  

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Finally I am done binge-watch from episode 8 and just finished watching raw episode 14. I must say kudos to @Dramanoona for the live recaps. It is not easy to watch and typing at the same time. :w00t:  I am currently arranging the pieces together in my head and have the whole fiction to be shared with everyone later. But, before that, I am going to reiterate what @Dramanoona have recapped for episode 14 with more clarity of the dialogues, in order to understand the basis of my theories later. 


6 hours ago, Dramanoona said:


Scene: Church service

Father Yang leading the service.

Congregants singing hymns.

Mateo walks in.

He looks at F Yang. He walks towards him. And goes to a pew.

he is staring at F Yang.


HP in a car going to Gyeyangjn. GY's voiceover saying something about YK.


F Yang begins his sermon. Mateo is saying the exorcism words. F Yang changes a line. Along with Mateo chants. 



It was a passage from Bible for the sermon. Mateo recognized which passage was it (If I am not mistaken it was Psalms 139:10-12) and recite it along with Father Yang (I think he want to test whether Father Yang recite the passage correctly or change it). The front part of the passage was correctly recite by Father Yang, but when it comes to the part where it supposed to say "light", Father Yang changed to "darkness" instead and Mateo realized that. Father Yang changed the next lines too. I did mentioned in my previous post that a much superior demon will likely reverse-chant the Bible passage, and to my expectation, it is indeed  happened in this episode. 


6 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

F YAng is holding the wafer and pours holy water (?) into the goblet.

He holds the wafer and says a blessing (?) [Sorry,  I am not a Catholic so I amguessing]

He breaks the wafer and it looks like he is pretending to eat it. And drinks the water from the goblet. (hm....)

He gives the wafer to the congregants. MAteo walks towards F Yang. He grabs the goblet and pours out the water. He confronts F Yang and says something to him.

The congregants are in shock and Mateo shouts out PID.


Mateo said isn't that just water and not holy water. Mateo also asked why he did what he did (the Bible passage). And then shout out how come he (father Yang) is PID?!


6 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

There are a group of priests icluding F Yang disciplining Mateo. He mentions PID and his suspicions about F Yang. They have the bible. F Yang is denying. Not sure if F Yang is now turning the tables by mentioning what Mateo has been doing. F Yang looks so 'caring' and looks to be 'counselling' Mateo.

Mateo goes to F Yang and outs his cross on F Yangs head. No outward reaction but F Yang grabbed the chair.

F Yang stares at Mateo and Mateo clutches his chest.

[I can safely say even if F Yang is not PID, he is very very strong]


Father Yang play victim and asking if that is Mateo doing (the defaced Bible) and whether he has became like his deceased mentor Priest Han. Father Yang said Mateo  has been dealing with psychological problem because of his family history and obsessed with chasing demons (something like that). Father Yang pretends to give counsel to Mateo that if he keeps obsessing over the demon, he might become like Priest Han who commit suicide. Everyone in there was shocked to hear about the suicide. 

Mateo gets up and went straight to exorcise Father Yang. If not for the other priest grabbing Mateo, everyone could have seen the reaction Father Yang have. The scene showed Father Yang's hand turned blackish when Mateo recites the incantations while holding his head. 


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

HP remembers the last phone call he had with YK when YK mentioned PID.

HP calls GY.

GY calls the police commisioner and asks for help (?) The commisioner who has ties with PHJ. He hangs up on her.

Gy looks to be going somewhere and the partner comes in. He is back to normal.


PHJ is at an event. She is receiving a commendation from some nuns.

GY is there and stares at PHJ. Flashback to when PHJ killed the schoolgirl.

[Sometimes evil is in plain sight]

PHJ sees GY. PHJ asks about GY's seniors.

A woman runs in and screams something about PHJ.

GY runs after her to ask her why she was screaming. She identifies herself as a police officer but the woman thought she was PHJ's person.

But GY says something and the woman is talking to her and saying something PHJ had done. I heard F Yang mentioned.

[I need to understand this conversation!]

She shows GY an envelope and she is mentioning the connection between PHJ and Father Yang.


PHJ cynically asked about the Team Leader and police chief to GY, but GY sarcastically answered that she received the warning well. LOL. That subtle change on PHJ face! 

The woman changed her perception about GY when GY said she want to catch PHJ. That woman talks about the dirty things PHJ did in the name of charity work , which was used by the politicians. GY asked if the woman has evidence, and the woman she has all the evidences.  GY asked why the woman did not report anything to the police. The woman said she doesn't want to bring harm to other people, especially Father Yang. The woman showed GY the tape recorder and said that she always record every time she go find PHJ. The woman showed the envelope but retract it when GY want to take it, and said that the evidences in the envelope are concrete evidences which is like her insurance. The woman said that PHJ is a devil, her heart has evilness in it. GY asked since when did PHJ and Father Yang knew each other. The woman said they knew each other since doing charity works together. The woman mentioned that PHJ always follow Father Yang in Gyeyangjin (something along this line). GY asked since when? The woman said it has been about 20 years. GY asked whether since then the two of them have close relationship. The woman said, rather than saying it was close relationship, they seems to have strange relationship. It's like something that can't be known, and PHJ always follow Father Yang.



5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

PHJ is calling someone.

She takes another phone and calls F Yang.

F Yang is packing up. He is reassuring her about something.


Someone knocks on the door. It's an old priest. F Yang seems to be preparing a story so he can leave and he mentions Mateo.


Mateo is in his residence and he is thinking back to the times F Yang spoke to him and also when he was a child.

[This would mean that F Yang was possessed even when Mateo was a child]

It's a big blow to Mateo. He looks devastated. He calls GY.


Father Yang was making lies that his health is deteriorating, and he need to be admitted into the hospital, so he can't serve in the meantime. LOL! Then he mentioned that he has something to tell the old priest about Mateo (huh, must be another lie to get Mateo a disciplinary action by the priest's committee). 

My heart sank when I saw how heartbroken Mateo when the person he trust most is the big bad guy :tears:



5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

HP is at the hospital looking at his haraboji. He is talking to his haraboji.

Suddenly he clutches his eye.

A friend from the village walks in and HP asks him to look after his haraboji.

HP is back at the fields. He sees YK's ghost (oh noooooo - He is dead!)

YK waves to him and then he disappears. YK is on the road and wves to him again. YK disappears. [HP doesn't realise he is dead yet]

He sees YK waving from another place and pointing to a spot. (where he died)

HP stares at the spot. He looks to be getting flashes of the scene where YK died. But there is no body?

HP is sitting back in his car.

He gets a call from GY. HP tells her that YK is dead. Mateo is on the line too. He says something and now HP is driving back to the city.

The Trinity meet on a roadside.


Mateo shows the defaced bible to HP.

I think they are talking about how to handle F Yang.

Mateo tells HP that maybe YK was in Gyerangjin because of what he said to YK.

HP gives Mateo a punch. GY tells him to stop and HP walks to his car. But GY says something and he stops.


Ad Break


The flashes that HP saw seems like from PID's eyes. Mateo was telling HP that HP was correct about Father Yang is PID, that's why HP rushed back to the city. When Mateo showed the defaced Bible, he told HP that it's a sign of the demon's presence/possession. 

And yeah, HP punched Mateo because Mateo told YK about PID still in the house, which caused YK to go there investigate the meaning of the words.

When HP walks to his car, GY asked him where does he want to go? HP said he want to find Father Yang, but GY told him it is too late. Father Yang has quit the church and disappeared. 


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

HP and GY are at a hospital and looking for something.

They are talking about YK too.

HP now heads out and says he will do this alone. Something about PHJ.

He walks off.

GY is back at the station and talks to her partner.  He mentions someone was looking for her. [I think it is the woman who screamed at PHJ] The woman gives some more information. The woman asks to meet.

She has an envelope in her hand. Someone knocks on her door. [Oh ohhhhh] It's PHJ.


PHJ is talking to the woman and mentions F Yang. [Wow, today we are hearing a lot about F Yang]

The woman doesn't seem to be too accommodating.

She tells PHJ to leave.

PHJ passes her a black bag. [Nooooooooooo]

The woman smacks the black bag away and she screams at PHJ.

PHJ is getting that look. The woman physically pushes her and the woman mentions something about 20 years ago.

PHJ grabs a metal object and bashes the woman's head in and screams at the woman. [I don't kow whether this is possession or she is truly insane - My God]

Arghhhhh!! F Yang is at the hospital staring at haraboji. He walks towards haraboji and says something to him. Gahhhhhh.. He reaches out to choke haraboji but his phone rings. [Phew]

I think it is PHJ calling to tell him what she had done.

GY is calling (I think the woman)



HP and GY was looking for Father Yang at every Catholic Hospital they can find (maybe Mateo told them Father Yang said he is going to the hospital). GY mentioned about YK asking whether HP is mad at Mateo and said that HP must know that it's not Mateo fault. HP was talking about following PHJ because that way they might find out where is Father Yang. 

The woman was asking GY to which division should she goes to if she want to report PHJ. She want toto hand over the evidences in the envelope and GY said she will wait for her. 

Then PHJ came to the woman's house. PHJ said Father Yang asked her to come to talk things out with her (thus, the mentioning of Father Yang), because there seems to be some misunderstanding on the woman side and the woman keeps ignoring her calls. PHJ starts explaining that the sharing hands organization she established was not for doing dirty things and there's no legal problem too. The woman said, that's is what you want to think. PHJ refute that she did not touch the donation money too. The woman smirk and said that PHJ is so shameless and eventually lying like that. She asked PHJ to leave.

The black bag contains some cash, PHJ said the money is the compensation for all the work (the charity thingy) the woman had done all this while and not to live at a place with no security like that alone. But, the woman refused the money and said that she knew that all is just sweet talk and said they are (politicians) a bunch of thieves. The woman seems to know what PHJ did 20 years ago and threatened PHJ. Then, PHJ is getting the "I can't hold my anger anymore" face, and smashed the woman's head with a trophy(?), screaming "Liar?! Thieves?! You dirty being! Bugs-like lowly being!" Phewwww!! :vicx:

Father Yang seems angry with Haraboji for not controlling(?) his grandson well, and said it's such a bother that HP keeps going after him. He then silently asked what he should do now while walking towards Haraboji to choke him. But then his phone rang. 

GY keeps calling the woman, but she could not reach her, and worried that something might have happened to the woman.


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

GY is treating her partner to a meal.

PHJ is sitting in the woman's house and she is dead.

F Yang arrives.

He stares at the dead woman.

She screams at F Yang. Woooow.....he slaps her hard until she fell down.

He mentions something about 20 years ago.

PHJ looks like she is having a mental breakdown and walks out to the street in her bloody clothes.

Her driver is waiting for her. She gets into the car and they drive away.

Father Yang is doing the clean-up. Looks like the clothing of the person who buried Priest Choi....hmmmmm



GY was worried sick about the woman not answering her calls. Her partner asked why she is not going back home, all the works were done. She said her informer not answering her and she has bad feeling about it. She want to go check on her, and asked Det Go to drive (she still wears hand brace). Detective Go complaining is he her driver or something? And then he asked for rice noodle for tomorrow's lunch, and GY nodded. LOL! 

Back to the woman's house. PHJ told Father Yang she that she was doing as what he instructed bu then get angry at what the woman said and that happened. She was not screaming at Father Yang, instead showing tantrums about the woman accusation, PHJ shouted "Am I a thief??!!". And then BAAMMM! Father Yang slapped her hard. Wooowww..! I was shocked at this scene but at the same time feels soooo satisfied that slap serves her right! Father Yang was angry at her for not listening to him to be careful. Father Yang asked her to leave, and he will take care of the rest. Hoho!


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

GY and partner looking for the woman's house. They arrive.

They enter the house.

It looks clean.

Ehhh... Father Yang can be a professional assassin. No signs of the woman.

GY walks out. She walks to the rubbish heap outside the house.

She finds the metal trophy with blood on it.


AD Break with Wanna One.. hahaha...


GY and partner sees the trophy.

F Yang is digging a grave. [The mountains must be littered with bodies!]

He drags the body to the hole. There are sounds in the body bag. The woman was still alive. He unzips the bag. She says something to him and mentions PHJ. [wrong person....]

F Yang says something to her. He starts to choke her. And he is chanting....[I am sure not to Saint Michael]

And so the woman is dead.


PHJ is washing off the blood.

F Yang calls her and he mentions that the police were there but nothing was found.



This scene! I am amazed at how fast Father Yang took care of the crime scene. LOL! Indeed, he can joins the "Assassins Avengers" LOL!

I want to praise the writer for writing GY's character so well. She's so perceptive and have good hunch as a detective. She remembers the woman mentioned that she did not managed to clean her house well because all the charity works, and thus feels weird that the house is so tidy. Following her hunch, she looks into the garbage bags outside. 

Switch to the mountain scene. The woman is still alive and asked for help and telling Father Yang PHJ did that to her. Father Yang said of course he will help and then choked the woman while chanting something (I can't make out what did he said since he said it in whisper). 


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

HP is sitting in his car and he is following someone.

PHJ driver.....

He is picking up F Yang from the forest. Oooh... F Yang is doing the black voodoo on him.

HP finds the car [again too late????]

He walks to the car. Looks like no one is around.

No one in the car. HP sees F Yang staring at him.

He walks to F Yang. F YAng is talking to him and HP has a flashback of his mother and grandmother.

HP asks a lot of why and then he goes to F Yang and punches him. F Yang just lets him punch him...

[HP.... he wants you to give in to your dark side!! Sigh]


I think the black shadow slowly descending and covering behind Father Yang seems like PID materializing himself and that's why the driver looked so shocked while staring at Father Yang. When HP encountered Father Yang, Father Yang asked HP what is he doing there. And HP had all those flashbacks of the death of his mother, father and grandmother and also his Haraboji.  He asked him, Do you know what I think when I search for you for 20 years without resting a day? "How would I kill him (PID)", "Why it must be my family?" "Why even Priest Choi's and Det Kang's family too?" Father Yang just meekly asked him back "What are you talking about?". This really make HP angry and he punched Father Yang. 


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

Mateo's room.

He is woken up by the sight of someone saying the curse. And it's himself! He talks about the third time and death. The illusion MAteo has slashed his writsts and is slashing his wrists while laughing maniacally at MAteo.

Mateo wakes up and he is holding a piece of glass with his wrist cut.


Mateo.... :tears:  Please don't let your mind be conquered anymore. Do not believe the evils, they just want to play with your mind. Do not believe them, fight it in your mind. And you will be okay. :tears:


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

Back at dead woman's house with police officers processing the scene.

No CCTV... (hah)

She finds her recording. It was recording when PHJ started smashing the woman's head in.

Up to the point when she was calling F Yang.

GY's superior is reluctant to proceed even after hearing the recording.


GY walks out in disgust. Her partner chases after her.

GY says she is going after PHJ.

She mentions how she got away with killing the schoolgirl 20 years ago. her partner tries to reason with her.


Hah, I don't even want to reiterate this scene. I am as much as feeling disgust at the superior as GY. He is so afraid of PHJ. Not guts at all! -_-


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

HP has tied F Yang to a tree. [Noo... the other two are not there!]

Flashback to when F Yang and Priest Choi were there at his haraboji home.

[Are humans devils or are devils human - this is going around in my brain now]

HP tapes F Yang's mouth. He receives a call from GY who tells him about what PHJ has done.

He mentions F Yang is with him.

[Why is F Yang being so meek at the moment...suspicious......]

F Yang says something while HP's handphone is still on.

GY calls Mateo.

Mateo says he is coming over.

[I think they are going to try to exorcise Father Yang. This will be the third time that Mateo meets the spirits...]

he remembers what they said.  [my heart is prepared]

Mateo gives from the window. And leaves the church.

[It's only Ep 14!!!]

He turns to look back at the church. And walks away.


Father Yang asked HP why he did this to him (hmmm???). HP asked him to shut up. Father Yang told HP "how many times has he said he is not PID. How would PID stays that long in a person?." HP said, "Complete possession. It's what you've told us. The one who called my father was also you. 20 years ago, it (PID) did not possess Priest Choi, (flash back to when the two priests came to treat HP) instead it went to you, wasn't it?" Priest Yang said PID did not possess other people. He asked HP to think carefully (with that annoying look, huh). He asked HP, "Are you sure you are really yourself? Isn't PID still left inside you?" HP asked him to shut up. Father Yang continues:" You see through the demon's eye, aren't you? You see the murder scene through the demon's eye, aren't you? Can you even prove that you are not PID?" HP replied, "Demons like to scare people isn't it? They hide in human body, and make human go crazy. Did you have fun doing that? Don't you think that is too much?" 


And then the phone call from GY, telling about what PHJ did. HP asked Father Yang where is the body of the woman while the handphone still on. Father Yang still slyly trying to dodge the question asking what body HP asking about. HP said the body of the woman PHJ killed, you must've helped her to get rid of it. Just like that teenage girl 20 years ago. Father Yang told him:"She must've gone back to her home" (OMG!). GY then called someone to trace the location of the number (HP's number I think). 

Mateo talked to GY, and GY told him that HP caught Father Yang. Mateo asked how and where. GY said it's a long story and asked what to do now, as there is no one to do the exorcism. Mateo asked where are they and he will go. GY worrily said:"You are in detention. If you come out.." Mateo cuts "I don't care, I must do it. Park Il Do. You must've known why he hold me in here".  He packed his bag and leaves the church quietly through the window without anyone notice :sweatingbullets:.


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

Mateo calls HP. F Yang is conscious.

Mateo runs to the forests.

The police officer sees a person drinking alot of water. At the dead woman's house.

It's the dead woman..... who is now possessed.

Back to the forest, The whispering voices have appeared. F Yang is now shouting what YK's last words were.

F Yang mentions the sea....

Haraboji has disappeared??? NO longer in hospital and the lights were flickering.

The dead woman grabs a metal pole and walks to the police officer.... LAGGGGGGS!

HP turns and looks....and sees ...

The driver stabs HP! And we had F Yang staring at us yesterday. Today it is the possessed driver.

The dead woman stabs herself in the eye...



Flash back with YK, HP asked how to get rid of PID. YK told him there is one way that should not be done, and HP asked what is it. YK told HP it's by killing (the person he completely possessed I guess). I think HP is considering it. 

Mateo arrives and calls HP asking for his location. HP told him to go to the mountain.


Then it flash to scene where the police officer sees someone gulping the water from the pipe. And it's the possessed supposed-to-be-dead woman.


Then, back to the mountain, the scene shows Father Yang suddenly turn to look at something and said "Looks like it has arrived" (huh? who?). And then whoosshh to exert some kind of dark force at the area, and cause HP to stumble. 


Back to the supposed-to-be-dead woman's house, the police officer asked if she is Kim Shin Ja. At the same time, all the whispering voices can be heard and Father Yang looking up. Dark clouds surround the area. Then suddenly Father Yang shouts YK last words, and HP asked him:"Those words..." then Father Yang with his smirk said:"He screams on top of his lung even to the end of his life (something along this line since FY seems whispering), it was so laughable." HP:"What did you do to YK?" Father Yang:" East Sea..." HP:"Sea?? You throw him into the sea??" Father Yang:"That's why you should have protected him well. You always see through one eye, you can't protect those you should have protected, you can't see those who you should see." And the light flickers in Haraboji room, and he is not there, disappeared. Father Yang:"You can't see the truth". HP:" What do you mean?" 

When someone approaching, HP asked "Choi Yoon?" Father Yang cynically said:"I told you don't look with just one eye". HP asked him:"What do you mean not to look with just one eye?"

And so the woman stabbed her eye. And HP was stabbed by PHJ's driver. 


From the preview, Priest Yang seems to hold someone's hands. It looks like Haraboji to me. And Father Yang said "I need your help. We must give something(?? I did not catch that well). The trio also visit an old man in the wheelchair. The voice-over seems to be Father Yang, saying "I do not believe in God, human can't win over demon/devil."


Okay, I am going to write my full length comment and theories later. :lol: It is going to be a lengthy one based on what have been presented so far until episode 14 and the preview of episode 15 and I will write it according to timeline starting from PID. 


@bebebisous33  That boy who survived in the well also been bugging me. I will include him in my theories too later. Need to get my sleep first after spending my night binge-watch the drama from episode 8 to 14! :joy:





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6 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

You know, once the episode ended, all I could think of was that Mateo is still alive.

He is the one i am most worried about now.

Is it strange I found him most attractive in this episode?

[You must watch the scene where he dreamt that he was slashing his wrists - epic!]

Girl, I am right there with you.

I don't understand why he doesn't try to at least see if can he  break the curse. Ain't no martyrdom in being reckless. Your gonna face the most powerfully spirit when you're all broken down instead of trying fix it and face it when you at you best. 

Anyways writernim best make sure he survives. 


Aww man why they have to take hyungnim, PID really means to break HP core spirit so that he can take over his body. 

Come on trinity, fight fight fight!

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[The Guest] Ep 13 spoilers, Kim Dong Wook x Kim Jae Wook x Jung Eun Chae


Article: Naver 'The Guest' Park Il Do's mystery exposed...a series of shocking impacts and plot twists 

1. [+860,-13]
Yesterday when Detective Go chased her with a knife... It was so scary. He smiled while running toward her, I didn't even realize that I was screaming, "Run, quick!" That acting was great!! But is Park Il Do really Priest Yang... Did Yook Gwang hyung really die... There isn't really anyone left around Hwa Pyung. I think Hwa Pyung's eye pain is because Park Il Do is playing with him. Please let our Hwa Pyung live in peace, leave him alone, Park Il Do!! 

2. [+598,-14]
Totally interesting!!! This is the best drama I've ever seen... Is it because it's too scary? The ratings are a pity.. I really need to see season 2.. 

3. [+394,-6]
Yook Gwang hyung is alive, right? Because he's Yook Gwang. ㅠㅠ Park Ho San-nim completely possessed acting was daebak. When he was in the waters and detective Kang and Hwa Pyung grabbed him, it was so sad. ㅠ

4. [+249,-3]
Yook Gwang hyung ㅠㅠ I can't send him off. 

5. [+170,-6]
Yesterday's episode was the best.. I almost screamed in the middle of the night. 

6. [+102,-1]
Park Ho San-ssi running with a knife in his hand looked like Chucky. Today's episode was scarier... His acting is so cool. 

7. [+84,-6]
I think Priest Yang is a follower of Park Il Do too.. Watching yesterday's episode makes me think that Priest Yang isn't Park Il Do. I kept doubting the grandfather. ㅠㅠ  They said that everyone who stays by Hwa Pyung's side will die, but the grandfather didn't die even after getting stabbed twice. 

8. [+78,-1]
The truth is, the scriptwriter is Park Il Do. All the characters will be killed. 

9. [+74,-2]
The actor who acted as Detective Go was really good~ His gaze changed. It feels like the supporting characters' acting are hard carrying this show more than the leads. 

10. [+67,-0]
When Detective Go chased after her and asked her to open the door while turning the door knob, I was so scared that I nearly wet my pants... ㅠㅠ


Article: Naver 'The Guest' Shocked and plot twist  goosebump inducing ending... Ahn Nae Sang shows the dark side of him 

1. [+446,-4]
If only Yook Gwang hyung survives.. ㅠ

2. [+289,-3]
I had so much goosebumps when the bible was filled with black ink.... 

3. [+237,-3]
Hwa Pyung is so pitiful..  He loses Yook Gwang hyung.. All of the people who are precious to him dies. What's the point of catching Park Il Do now... 

4. [+151,-9]
In the middle of all that, Priest Choi Yoon is so handsome. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+57,-0]
Watching Sohn: The Guest, the actors who acted as possessed characters gave me goosebumps. It's not about the importance of the characters, but the impact they gave was unique. They did it perfectly~~~

6. [+56,-0]
There won't be a season 2 if Yook Gwang hyung dies... So save him... please. 

7. [+56,-1]
I think Priest Choi didn't say things to make Hwa Pyung possessed, but to tell him about Priest Yang. Could it be that Priest Yang killed Priest Choi after possessing him to hide his identity.. 



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You know what keeps me a bit happy? If Yoon lives through this, he might end up getting defrocked by the church. Amen. 

The scariest thing for me is if the PD decides to give us an open ending. 

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So I finally watched episode 14 with subtitles.

It's really a goosebumps moment when HP saw the ghost YG (not sure why i keep calling him YK) at the field.


And the relative who is helping to care for grandpa... is pretty scary looking at the start so I'm pretty worried for grandpa.


@bebebisous33 regarding the little boy in the well. It bugs me as well.

But I also wonder. Why wait for many years later before PID struck again and this time HP's family.

And then another 20 years later for HP to catch him?

Something doesn't add up.


I was thinking... We could have gotten our theories all wrong.

What if PID did not possess anyone at all but is just waiting for the best vessel / host (*cough* HP *cough*) to be available for him?

Which is when HP did commit murder.. His soul would have been damned and hence able to accept PID into him.

Father Yang behaving such manner in the forest does seems to be following orders to me.


Gaaahhhh.  More questions and we can only watch the next episode next week before it's all over!!

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  Thoughts on 14...


HP ties PY to a tree, in a jungle...In my opinion it’s not really a good idea, cause it’s dark and all that. I feel that PY is hiding something from HP, when they had their convo I kind of felt like he was about to say something huge but kept it instead...Like some great reveal!


So if theories goes that PY is PID, so is PID a cleaner? :joy: If PY is PID, wouldn’t PHJ have already known PID? Then why would PHJ be thanking PID and wondering why he is helping her? 


As the trailer goes, CY is like ready to go ALL the way (To his death) just to exorcise PY...Please don’t die...


GY starts to treat Det Ko better now, which is a good thing! Love their teamwork, as for HP...


I feel that he is reckless again, with the punches (CY and PY) and tying PY to a tree...I don’t think PY is the actual ACTUAL PID, maybe he is just a follower that helps PID to cover PHJ’s reckless actions. 


But there are questions in my head:

(1) Where did Haraboji go? Is he possessed?Is he PID? One of the question that I really needed to now quick!

(2) Why did the bloody man(Trailer) help them to find PID? Could it be the bloody man sees HP as if like a leader or something?

(3)  Will they find the thing in the soil of HP’s Haraboji’s home? It’s either PY tells them or HP’s senses inform them.

(4) What will PHJ’s Ending be? Hope that She gets what she deserved! 

(5) How will they exorcise PY? Hope that this will not be CY’s last.

(6) How will HP’s Psychic Power be useful to the trio?Hopefully they can use him wisely (Omg, that sounded wrong, haha)

(7) Where is PID hiding!?Omg, have been waiting for the answer for the longest time!


When I take a look at the trailer, there are shots of HP which to me looks a bit off..Like the shot of his eyes turning to the old man and then the shot where he looks like he is grinding his teeth in anger in the car as the bloody man hits the car...I don’t know, he seems like he is like agitated :joy: I’m thinking too much.


@mrsj3n about committing murder, I think it will be true, because YK did tell HP that this is another way, but never try it. If he really did it, like CY said “What makes you any difference from a demon?!” But if he really kill PY, He will get caught by GY and CY will hate him forever.

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Sometimes I do feel sad that not many people seem to be watching the drama but then I  get such great thoughts and comments from all of you!


I think the Trinity is now closer together and hell (!)- bent on defeating PID.

Whether he is Father Yang or some entity which is waiting for the right time to take control of HP completely, we can't deny his end game is pure evil.

A little part of me is waiting to see the full possession of HP - that will be an epic battle for HP's soul.

[If you watch KDW in Along with the Gods, he can be a pretty badass spirit. ]


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4 minutes ago, Dramanoona said:

Sometimes I do feel sad that not many people seem to be watching the drama but then I  get such great thoughts and comments from all of you!


I think the Trinity is now closer together and hell (!)- bent on defeating PID.

Whether he is Father Yang or some entity which is waiting for the right time to take control of HP completely, we can't deny his end game is pure evil.

A little part of me is waiting to see the full possession of HP - that will be an epic battle for HP's soul.

[If you watch KDW in Along with the Gods, he can be a pretty badass spirit. ]


Yeah! I became a fan of KDW after ALWTG haha he looks cute haha! (Count in KJW too, I found him in Antique)


Me too, I low key wants HP to get possessed :ph34r:


It will also break the stereotypes of main Protagonist, not being able to turn evil in Dramas because they are supposed to be ‘Good’


@mrsj3n haha, I got really TOO in to Guest, that I have so many things that I need to know.

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