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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Royal Nirvana 鹤唳华亭


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photo royal 6.jpg

Cr avirtualvoyage


Chinese title: 鹤唳华亭
English title: Royal Nirvana

Genre: Ancient, 

Episodes: 12

Director: Yang Wenjun

Broadcast Period: 9/22/2020



Li Yi Tong

Luo Jin


A story that follows a crown prince who faces enemies from all sides and falls in love with a maidservant who wants to kill him.

Cr wiki


Alternate Synopsis by @bluehibiscus


Crown Prince Xiao Ding Quan lost his mother and sister at a young age and his father, the Emperor, is distant towards him because he is backed by his maternal uncle General Gu and the army the latter controls. He lives on tenterhooks, fearful of losing the handful of people who are close to him. His father is a formidable figure whom he both respects and fears. Even as he strives to receive his love and approval, he is also afraid of the inevitable crushing disappointment if he fails.

Firstborn Prince Qi has designs on the throne and conspires against Ding Quan with the help of his father-in-law, the powerful Chancellor Li Bai Zhou. They cause harm to befall the people he cherishes and widen the rift between the Emperor and Ding Quan.
Teacher Lu Shi Yu who is strongly influenced by Confucian values is a fatherly figure to Ding Quan. He summons his student Lu Ying back to the capital with the intention of recommending the latter’s daughter Wen Xi to be the Crown Princess so as to help Ding Quan gain an upright and trustworthy ally in court. Ding Quan and Wen Xi meet by chance when her brother gets into trouble and they develop mutual admiration although Ding Quan has never seen what she looks like.

When Wen Xi’s father and brother are thrown into jail, Wen Xi goes undercover as a maid in the Crown Prince’s residence to help them. In the process, she quietly supports Ding Quan to resolve two cases. Together, the couple manages to redress Wen Xi’s father and brother’s case and bring the villains to justice. They are each other’s pillar of support as they brave dangers and make sacrifices to bring peace to the country. 


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Huhu...Luo Jin is super hardworking this year and I am just so excited to see him non stop cause though i discovered him this late i am truly glad to have known him now (hey better late than never right?) as Luo Jin is one fantastic and talented man and actor!!


Heres the Royal Nirvana booting ceremony pics and LJ as usual looks super fit and handsome:


photo royal 1.jpg


photo royal 7.jpg


photo royal 4.jpg


photo royal 2.jpg


photo royal 8.jpg


Source: https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2018/05/luo-jin-and-li-yi-tong-begin-filming-royal-nirvana.html

credit as tagged


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19 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:

Just watched the first episode and found it gripping. The cinematography has a cinematic feel and so far, the acting has been great. I am interested to continue watching.

Thanks for your thoughts.  I haven't watched a good serious costume C-drama in a while so I might give this a watch. Not sure about 72 episodes though...:o

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9 minutes ago, caranita said:


Nah, it will be a bit shorter at 60 episodes. I know, still damn long. But I like the first 5 episodes and find them addicting!

That's better but 60 episodes is still a lot too!  I might wait until it ends and see all your reactions first ha ha:lol: I've been burned too many times so I'm very cautious now. Don't want to invest all that time and end up disappointed especially with the editing issues so many C-dramas have:ph34r:

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I love the beautiful cinematography and the acting of this drama, 2 reasons to draw me in when it comes to a show that's mostly about 'polictical corruptions'. The first 5 epis were very intriguing and the crown prince (Luo Jin) is a very, very smart man who seemed to know how to 'read between the lines' and planned ahead.


I have to give credit to Jin Han's acting for giving me different reactions toward any roles he played, he really got me to 'hate his guts' when he's acting as an antagonist but 'love him to pieces' when he's playing the good guy..bravo on his very good acting and not being typecast as just a 'villain' all the time.


With 60 epis., i know this show will give me some heartbreak but i will continue to watch even if it ends sadly.

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Please enlighten me,

I am still confused on the switching of the scrolls. So, did Prince Qi actually write anything on the scroll with invisible ink (since I've seen this method used multiple times in historical dramas)? Or was the Crown Prince just smart enough to make all the evidences point at Prince Wang that he actually did write a scroll? I am questioning this because the scene where the emperor and Prince Qi confronted Crown Prince and Jia Yibao, Prince Qi saw that the scroll that they had was also a blank canvas (and if he really did use invisible ink to write he would've panicked and made faces), but instead he seemed nonchalant about it as if he never really did write any scrolls. And I dont get the part of what's the point of throwing that handkerchief over the gate, when just the scroll is enough to implicate the crown prince? And plus, if Maid Wu really did throw the scroll over the gate with Prince Qi's original scroll (and since we see that the scroll is just a blank canvas), how would they have read it? And then how did Crown Prince knew that Maid Wu was Lady Zhang's daughter? The only thing that I got from his explanation was that he was her friend, so he was able to read her......???? I'm sorry if these sounds like dumb question because maybe they are, and I might just be too slow of a thinker to understand it. 

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Just finished Episode 6 and my heart is so full of emotions! This is the show I’ve been waiting for to pull me out of my drama viewing slump since the Untamed and based on what I’ve seen so far, it has the potential to beat all the Chinese dramas I’ve watched before. The way the plot unfolded for Episode 1-6 was simply masterful, revealing the complexities of the characters and their relationships without letting up on the suspenseful pace. This is a meticulous production where the viewer has to pay attention to every detail.


Not once did I feel like any actor was acting; they were living and breathing their roles. I am mightily impressed by Luo Jin’s nuanced performance. His portrayal of the deeply compassionate, just, highly intelligent yet emotionally vulnerable crown prince was simply exquisite. I’m looking forward to the progression of the romance of the OTP.

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This is a very good production! The male lead acting is very good, as well as other actors. The female lead is adorable too. The story gets intense already the first 6 episode, I don’t know how they will keep it up with 60, but the lead couple barely meet so I assume it’ll get more interesting as the plot unfold. I’ll definitely follow through the whole production since it’s hard to find a good drama now a day! 

The crown prince has a complex personality! He seems weak in the beginning, but after 6 episodes, you can see how smart he is to have foreseen events! Just not sure how long he’ll hold it up since being compassionate and smart will make him suffer throughout the whole story! 

Anyone in here like the crown prince cousin, he’s cute! I can’t wait for more screen time with our main couple!  

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On 11/12/2019 at 7:30 AM, rosierosie said:

this looks good!! Hope there is Eng sub soon :)


Good News!

Royal Nirvana is currently being subbed at Youtube and Amazon Prime Video! Both Youtube and Amazon Prime Video are uploading episodes each week.


Official YT Channel: Huashi Idol & Romance Youtube Channel. To turn on Eng subs, Click on Settings at the bottom of the screen, click on Subtitles, and select English.
Link to Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRBClVey5BqyJJG829MYTk6sikL0gxVAm


Link to Amazon Prime Video: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081HVXBN1/ref=atv_feed_catalog&tag=iw_prime_tv-20&ref_=asc_homepage



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Bad news, the drama apparently got reported to the Chinese authorities so it is uncertain when further episodes are going to be released. On Youku platform, it is stated the release schedule will be adjusted so hopefully it can still be screened and not suffer the fate of Investiture of the Gods. Not sure if the release schedules on overseas platforms are affected.

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