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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] L.O.R.D. Critical World 爵迹·临界天下

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source: 爵迹·临界天下Official Weibo Account, iQiyi Official Weibo account


Title: 爵迹·临界天下

English title: No official English title yet

Genre: Ancient, Fantasy, Action, Drama

Directors: Ma Huagan (Lady & Liar,The Whirlwind Girl), Zou Wei (The Journey of Flower 2)

Episodes: 30

Broadcast Date: June 2018 (update)

Produced by: iQiyi, Ciwen Media, Shanghai Vision Film & Television Production Co., Ltd. 

Novel: L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (Jue Ji 爵迹) by Guo Jingming



Zhang Mingen as Qi Ling

Joe Cheng as Yin Chen

Maggie Huang as Shen Yin

Jeffrey Ji

Xiong Naijin



The story mainly takes place in the four states of water, wind, earth and fire in the spiritual world. Seven Degrees Wangjue Silver Dust was tasked with finding his own apostle, but he did not intend to discover the hidden secrets of this land. So they began to collaborate side by side to fight against each other and fight for truth and honor.

source: baidu.com






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Filmed in New Zealand from December 2016 to August 2017.

Character Posters:

006wDZtyly1fhbv5kdx1lj31hc0u01kz.jpg                        Xi La (Duke Three)


                                                                                Lei Ya (Duke Four)


                                                                                  Feng Hun (Duke Five)


                                                                                     You Min (Duke Two)


                                                                                   Lian Quan (Disciple Five)


                                                                                      Yin Chen (Duke Seven)


                                                                                     Ni Hong (Disciple Four)


                                                                                   You Hua (Disciple Six)


                                                                                   Yang Jia (Young Lad)


                                                                                        Shen Yin (Disciple Two)


                                                                                     Qi Lin (Disciple Seven)




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Official poster:



I don't know the original source except for the weibo below on the picture.


"Burning souls, earth is zero.
The two countries have come together
Eyes like the spirit of the torch to help the world.
New Zealand scene shooting, supplemented by CG technology,
Restore the peculiar and gorgeous long novels."


Expected to go online 2nd or 3rd quarter this year!

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Heard info on twitter that this drama will air this May 27.

Here's the character Poster I've seen

Joe Cheng as Yin Chen






Zhang Ming En as Qi Ling






Maggie Huang as Shen Yin







Xiong Nai Jin as Lian Quan




And the rest of the supporting role... sadly I only know Shane xiao yan, so I'm sorry If I can help much about them lols.. I'm sure once everyone watch the drama, we'll have everyone figured out by then :P  










From this site :http://www.chinesedrama.info/2019/05/drama-lord-critical-world.html, I gather that the drama is only 30 episode.. with air Time from Sunday-Thursday,  but the entire series will available for VIP member... (so jealous T_T) 

Synopsis and Plot Summary 



As the 7th duke, Yin Chen has the ability to wield the power of the wind, fire, water and earth. As he tries to protect his disciple Qi Ling, he uncovers an earth-shattering secret.


During the 15th century B.C., the descendants of previous emperors were caught in an endless battle for the rule over Shang. Although Yang Jia succeeds in assuming the throne, the nation has become rife with internal and external turmoil.

According to legends, the one who obtains the help of Chi You's descendant can rule the world. Yin Chen (Joe Cheng) leads the search in hopes of ending the conflict. Qi Ling (Zhang Mingen) is a young man from a small village who becomes Yin Chen's disciple by chance, thus beginning his extraordinary journey.



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Ok I'm definitely going to watch this one .

MY favourite -

❤Joe cheng  (CP5 , Legend of heavenly tears phoenix warrior )

❤Zhang Ming En (Tomb of the sea / Sand sea)

❤Xiao Yan (The legends,  Legend of white snake )


Praying for subs:bawling:


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37 minutes ago, lynne22 said:

@RPM and only 30 episodes :D so less chance of a mess up story..... 




DRAMApanda :


The iQIYI drama L.O.R.D. Critical World 爵迹临界天下 is of course based on the same Guo Jingming 郭敬明 novel. Not sure how this adaptation will differ from the movie, so y'all will just have to wait and see. The 48 episode series chronicles the adventures of a young man and his mentor to protect the nation of Xuan Zang.



Qi Ling is an ordinary man from a small village who by chance becomes a disciple of Yin Chen, one of the seven spiritual lord protectors of Xuan Zang. As Qi Ling delves deeper into the world of magic, he discovers that all is not well, with the nation seething in turmoil underneath its deceivingly peaceful surface. All signs indicate that all hell is about to break loose, and so under the tutelage of his mentor Yin Chen and the help of the other dukes and disciples, Qi Ling begins his extraordinary journey.


The good looking silver haired fox is Joe Cheng who aptly plays Yin Chen (Silver), the duke to the 7th degree. Heh, who would have thought he'd be able to rock long gray/silvery hair a la Legolas?


Zhang Ming En plays Qi Ling, the Disciple to the 7th degree


Maggie Huang plays Shen Yin, Disciple to the 2nd degree

Ji Chen plays Yang Ze

Xiong Naijin plays Lotus, Disciple to the 5th degree

Dean Wang Chuang plays You Ming, duke to the 2nd degree

Zhu Jie as Feng Hun, duke to the 5th degree, brother to Lotus


Shane Xiao Yan is You Hua, Disciple to the 6th degree and daughter of the 6th duke

Zhao Yi as Lei Ya (I'm assuming her role is similar to the movie's Thalia), duke to the 4th degree

He Longlong as Neon, Disciple to the 4th degree

Liu Jianyu as Qi La, duke to the 3rd degree


Release Date: May 27, 2019 iQIYI


(DRAMA panda )

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Bromance :love:


Romance :love: Sorry Maggie I'm going to ship him with my Shane .




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I'm done watching this drama in superfast speed. 

Now waiting for subtitles. 

I love this drama. 

It's more than The Movie story.

Now I need season 2 for drama :bawling:




After watching the ending of 48 episodes I also watched the movie first time for good understanding,  it's good watch overall. I just hope viki or any Fansubbing team pick up the drama. 

I don't know why they release All episodes together. Well it's good for me.

But it matters for popularity of drama. 

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Yup, I’m seeing 48 raw, and want to watch it for Joe Cheng, but oh my gosh, Zhang Ming En’s acting was a turn off and I couldn’t stomach more than half of the first ep. sorry fans, but it felt too childish, and terrible acting.

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I browsed through a few episodes.The show seems to be bromance goldmine but I am controlling myself until subs come out.

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