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[Drama 2018] Fluttering Warning / Love Watch, 설렘주의보


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8 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

Arranged marriage has always been one of the many kdramas trope/cliche... There were many that I heard of in my parents generation too... but for this current time, I can never ever understand how two modern people could marry someone they barely know for the sake of expanding business empires. For example like that 2nd female lead say, "you're the right man for me"... I really just cannot imagine sharing a room, a bed, with a man that has no interest in me, or that I have no interest in. No, thank you...

Its seem like force marriage to me she didn’t find him attractive on her own terms . I think she been brainwashed because who in their right mind choose to couple with a man she knew had deep personal issues and carrying all this resentment toward his father.she is coming cross strong but she desperate to love and attention .:D  



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12 hours ago, lonetwilight said:


I think she did all that not just because of money alone but more for her dignity and recognition as a part of the family. It's something she's missing dearly when she grown up as an outcast all of her life. So to some extent I understand why she does that. 



She always thought by everyone as a damage good so she is not right mind to think to start relationship she need to deal with her childhood trauma alone not to throw herself into relationship .:P





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The last scene of EP 3 really got my heart fluttering.. :wub: YEH's outfit and hair really worked.. As for some other scenes.... Her makeup is realllllllllly working against her.. Seems as though her makeup artist is an anti fan, trying to screw her over;maybe that might be the reason why people mistake her for having got her face fixed.... Really hope it get betttterrrrrrr. 

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@ktcjdrama  Loving the avitar SJS mom and kids.. Love that drama :love:


Well I'm beginning to like this drama more and more.. It has a mild side so far as they setting up each player in there roles.. But the outcast rich girl isn't going to go away easly.. I'm sure she has a boyfriend she really loves but he don't fit the family criteria at all.. I;m thinking step mom is against marriage to him being that it may up her standards in the family above her own daughter if she has one she may not have been known to society and such but uping her status this marriage can.. She could have caught his attention if she went about things differently but she tried to use how it would benefit the both of them and thats a no no for him.. Moy knowing anything that has to do with his father is just as well saying all of them can go take a hike..


2 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

Its seem like force marriage to me she didn’t find him attractive on her own terms . I think she been brainwashed because who in their right mind choose to couple with a man she knew had deep personal issues and carrying all this resentment toward his father.she is coming cross strong but she desperate to love and attention .:D  


@Ameera Ali  This is something I don't get it's more likde a marriage of convience for them.. Only ones benefitting from it is the parents..  In the mean while you get two total strangers that has setup house and need to play house.. Whoa I find that creepy not knowing if ones a serial killer or not.. Next it woulfd have children makes it even more scary arrange marriages like living in the Joseon era..


I like the flashback they shown when he was walking out of the hotel lobby and she was standing there with that big ball on her head he paid no attention kept walking right past her.. It would have been better if she woud have fell in front of him to get his attention.. She should have seen already it's going to take more to get his attention and yet she went in telling him marry her and be greedy which explain she needs this marriage for some revenge.. 



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OMG!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait for the sub to come out.  I'll try to ignore VIKI for the next two days and just camp here.  LOL.

The story is picking up since all the characters have been introduced. I'm so curious what's going on, but i have to be patient.  

Thank you, everyone, for all the updates.


I saw a post regarding arrange marriage.  My family loves this.  Especially when they find out we're still single.  They will say something about they know someone with a good personality and have money and such and such...I used to get upset, but then I realized, why get upset? I should just play along.  hehehehe... I scare them away!!! They don't like stubborn and 'Americanized' person whatever that means.  I just say what's on my mind. 


Well, i can't wait for episode 4 too! I want to know why he agreed with the arrangement! and I love that the reporter is on YEH's side. hehehe

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I'm not sure what to do ... The beginning of "Showtime Love"

First entry 2018.11.08 08:26:02 
Last modified 2018.11.08 08:31:36

[Daily Economic Star Today Jinyonghyun reporter] 

Cheon Jeong Myung and Yoon Eun Hye start to camouflage love. Cheon Jeong Myeong accepted the proposal of Yoon Eun-hye. 

In the MBN drama series 'Suleim remarks' broadcasted on the 7th, the camouflage romance of Chae Woo-hyun (with Cheon Jeong-myun) and Yun Yoo-jung (with Yoon Eun-hye), which have different purposes, was concluded. 

Yun Yoo-jeong, who was betrayed by her boyfriend, proposed to Cha-hyun three months of love to defend her life as an actor, but she was rejected. It is to a situation where Yoo Jeong's company is embarrassed because it spreads to the CEO of the other companies. 

On the other hand, Woo Hyun heard shocking news that his biological father, Cha Tae-soo (Kim Byung-ki), held a general meeting of management and announced his birth story at the hotel, which he found when he went for a meal with his mother. He also noticed that his father plans to announce his official couple with Kang Hui-joo (Kang Seo-yeon), making him aware to take action. 

Woo Hyun, who appeared in good timing on the scene of the meeting with Yun Yu-joo, decided to do something. "I am now using the mileage I have accumulated. I'll pay you all at once. Camouflage love, couples in the show, let me do it with you."


On the third episode of 'Soremen', the dynamic narrative from Chow Hyun and Yoon Yung Jung to start romantic romance was depicted, making it impossible to not keep an eye on the attempt. An unpredictable couple of a man who does not believe in love and a woman who is a dating fool, Chemi is getting more and more curious. 

On the other hand, Cheol Jeong-myeong and Yoon Eun-hye's cheeky secret romance "Sureum Watch" will be broadcasted today (8th) at 11 o'clock 4 times. 




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15 hours ago, lunchbox manila said:

@vegaspink another idea came to my mind. how about they do a video tutorial of what they're good at like YEH can teach CJM to cook while CJM can teach YEH some jujitsu moves.


I like that idea....!!  


Will comment that!

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I keep on re-watching episode 1 and 2...waiting for English sub for episode 3.  Almost done on Viki! I finally subscribed to Viki just to watch YEH's new drama.  hahahaha.  

I was watching ep 2 so much that I noticed a few things...when she woke up after being drunk...that part she started cleaning up...there was a part that her face was already nice and clean, then the next scene her face went back to being disheveled.  :)

I just love YEH's acting.  Love it when she switched from being playful to being serious.  You can feel in the atmosphere the way she acts.

So thankful for this new drama!  Oh and the guy is growing at me now.  hehehe

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