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[Drama 2018] Fluttering Warning / Love Watch, 설렘주의보


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I’ve finally watch the ending. I conclude that I love this drama as much as YEH other drama and to me this drama was a bit different from any other rom-com I had watched with a straight forward ending. I will watch this drama a few more times just as I had watch Goong and Coffee Prince. What surprise me, how come I’ve never come across CJM? Lol.....his expressive face is priceless.....


Merry Christmas for those who celebrate. For me, I will just chill out at home coz I do not celebrate Christmas. See ya in another drama thread....

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I finally watched the ending and I can honestly say I enjoyed this drama. I think the OTP had great chemistry and I do hope to see them again in another drama in the future.


I am a sucker for happy endings and I really liked how the family came together in the end. I thought it was really sweet how the relationship between family members evolved and I really liked that the drama was so much more than just the love story between WH and YJ. It was also a story about family. They not only found love with each other but also helped each other to mend their families. 


I was a little perturbed by the fact that they were rushing to get married and the reasons for wanting to get married quickly was unsettling to me so it was actually good that it got delayed and they ultimately had the wedding a year later. To me, them getting married a year later proved that they were getting married for the right reasons. Not just bec YJ was trying to fulfil her mother's wishes and feeling insecure about being apart for so long. It showed the love and commitment between them and that despite the distance and their careers, they still made time for each other (with the mention of texting and calling each other everyday). It was evident that nothing changed within the year they were apart by how comfortable they were upon seeing each other again. The fact that YJ surprised CWH with a wedding and he didn't even blink and happily went with it. 


Although in the beginning, the drama may have seemed simple, I actually thought there was so much more in it. I liked how the Chairman evolved from being this cold and seemingly calculating man who later on was revealed to actually have affection for his sons and had wanted what he thought was best for them all along. He meant well but the methods he was using were wrong. I also liked how YJ helped CWH heal and be forgiving with his family. 



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I found a song for our couple, WooHyun and YooJung.


"Text Me Merry Christmas" by Straight No Chaser



This holiday
You’ll be far away
And I’ll be all alone
So please remember
This December
To fully charge your phone
Text me Merry Christmas
Let me know you care
Just a word or two
Of text from you
Will remind me you’re still there
You don’t have to add much to it
One smiley face will do
Baby text me Merry Christmas
Cause I’m missing kissing you

Text me Merry Christmas
Make my holiday complete
Though you’re far from me
Say you’ll brb (packmule3's note: Be Right Back)
That’s a text I’ll never delete
Choose just the right emoji
One that makes me lol
And if you text me something naughty I promise I won’t tell

[Kristen and Mike:]
I don’t care if you spell things right
I just want to hear from you tonight
Stroke those keys with your delicate touch
And type those little words that mean so much!

How are you
Miss u
Miss u too
Xmas sucks without you
I know lol
Love u
Love u 2
K thx bye

[Kristen and Mike:]
A facebook message isn’t quite as sweet

A need more from @you than just a tweet

A snap on snapchat doesn’t last

[Kristen and Mike:]
And voicemail? That’s from Christmas past
Text me Merry Christmas
Send a selfie too 





If you do, I’ll go
‘Neath the mistletoe
And pretend my screen is you (meaning, she'll kiss the screen and pretend that she's kissing him) 
Show me that you love me
Text xo to kiss and hug me
I’ll be right here waiting
For my pants to start vibrating
Baby text me Merry Christmas
And I will text you too This Christmas
It’s the least that we can do Merry Christmas!

source: https://genius.com/Straight-no-chaser-text-me-merry-christmas-lyrics

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K-Drama Review: “Love Alert” Concludes With Satisfaction Despite Plain Story & Predictable Ending

By Emylyn Castalla | December 29, 2018


Viewers have known all along that the Milk Couple will end up together, however, it is still exciting to witness how the drama pushed to achieve that conclusion.


BROADCAST DATE: 31 OCT 2018 – 20 DEC 2018
OVERALL RATING: 3.5.gif?zoom=3&resize=80%2C16&ssl=1
REWATCH VALUE: 3.5.gif?zoom=3&resize=80%2C16&ssl=1

It would not be the story of Yoon Yoo Jung and Cha Woo Hyun if a mishap doesn’t occur. In this case, it happened on the day that is supposedly the happiest day of their lives – their wedding day! As they are about to read their vows, Woo Hyun’s father passes out which dampen the joyous mood. Since, Yoo Jung is about to leave, the couple promise to hold another wedding.

Love Alert2 (3)

Images from MBN

One year later, in the garden and in front of their families and closest friends, the wedding finally takes place – smoothly, this time.

Keeping its promise of giving heart-flutters, Love Alert sails through and somehow manages to keep viewers hooked. The story of an actress struggling to find the “One” and a dermatologist who did not believe in love sounds trite, but it also helps in watching the drama without too much expectation.


Excellent Leads’ Chemistry

Because of its basic plot, it could have been a boring drama if the characters lack synergy. Fortunately for Love Alert, Chun Jung Myung and Yoon Eun Hye have sizzling chemistry. From their very first up to the last interactions, that connection is palpable. I find it easy to believe the progression of their relationship, from simple acquaintances to lovers, because both act naturally and are comfortable with each other. Every scene with these two never fails to put a smile on my face.

Love Alert1

Photo retrieved from MBN

Simple Story Line

Some may find Love Alert’s story too plain and cliche. It is true, but I love its simplicity. The simple narrative is easy to follow, and you can just sit and watch the story unfolds. With several dramas this year that have heavy and complicated plots, this one serves as a breather despite its weak conflict.



Insipid Villain

As much as I love the simple story, it would not hurt to have an interesting antagonist. The daughter of the Kanghan Group is the character in this drama that did not resonate well with me. For someone trying to gain the favor of both fathers (hers and Woo Hyun’s), the things she did are over the top. She was a person wanting to have some influence and get acknowledgement but all she did was bark orders and use dirty tactics. I just could not understand the motivations behind her actions. Her continued meddling with the couple and their families has become tiresome that I see no redemption for her. Despite of the vile things she did, I still find her character lacking.


It was a good finale for this sweet romantic comedy top-billed by Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung. People who needs to be reprimanded got what they deserved, and our couple finally got their happy ending after all they went through.


Love Alert is an enjoyable drama if you are in the mood for something light and breezy. I watched it without expecting too much and it did not disappoint. Looking beyond the simple story and clichés, you will find that love is not without complication. Relationships may not start ideally, but the things you shared and the battles you went through together can only strengthen that bond, eventually earning that happy ending.



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 I'm on the mood of re-watching this drama.I remembered, someone said why YYJ did not bother to ask the name of CWH.  She  only knew his name when he introduced himself to CEO Han Jae Kyung. After revisiting episode 2, YYJ asked his name and his line of work but CWH told the reason why he refused to eat with a stranger because the stranger kept on asking questions.


Re-watching the drama made me appreciate and I realized that writer opted to convey her messages through dialogues (I think very uncommon  to other romcom. 

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Happy New Year everyone! Thank you very much to all the recappers here in the forum, We really appreciated  it, especially me..due to slow internet connection and couln’t watch it in LIve Streaming. I really love their chemistry!:blush: the first half of the drama is really fluttering between our OTP, yes, and half of it is about family but i still love FW because, some says it was different from other drama/s and yes the plot was simple and refreshing. The last 2 episodes touches my heart, the forgiveness between each member of the families. FW is not only about the love between our OTP, but the love between their respective families. 


 Based on a movie i watched after airing the last episode of FW, i told to myself, that We can still enjoy watching RomCom/RomDrama without kissing,especially at the end :relieved: ( Because we are used to the anticipated kiss at the end, in most of drama/s we watched) And yes, it is really better to watch it in subtitle. 

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i told to myself, that We can still enjoy watching RomCom/RomDrama without kissing,especially at the end :relieved: 


Hang on , Did it work :D , I keep telling myself but it didn’t work - should I be worried :sweatingbullets:


For me I like the two lead together too much , that I was slightly disappointed their scene was too short and with no kisses at the end . I feel like my addiction for romance hasn’t been sufficiently fed , that I needed to rewatch the fluttering scene they had repeatedly until I feel satisfied with the end . 



Eng Sub make difference to the final  :D 

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On 1/2/2019 at 10:13 AM, Ameera Ali said:



Hang on , Did it work :D , I keep telling myself but it didn’t work - should I be worried :sweatingbullets:

Hahaha, because it is YEH and we really anticipate a remarkable kissing scene/s :D just like her previous dramas.

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Reading her several articles about Love Alert re-affirmed my conviction that the comeback project of YEH has  still its moments & substance. Thank you pacmule for the time & effort to write about the drama. Kudos to the ladies who shared their remarkable insights.

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