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[Drama 2018] Fluttering Warning / Love Watch, 설렘주의보


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@ktcjdrama I have started watching this drama and so far, I like it. Kang Hye Joo has turned into a real monster. It is interesting how two illegitimate children deal with their situation. Both have a similar past but they react totally differently, in fact the opposite. While CWH rejects his father and adoptive family, KHJ is more determined than ever to become recognized as a part of the Kang family. Striking is that we can see through KHJ's life that although she is following her father's orders, she is not really accepted. Actually she is unhappy, yet she is not showing it. She believes that once she gets power through her marriage, she will get accepted. What she doesn't realize is that her own family will never really accept her, no matter how much power she gets. She will never be loved. She is just a tool for the dad's company. So in the end CWH is right: distancing himself from that powerful family is the best because he can live a normal life and is not used. CWH is keeping people at a certain distance as he sees what people can do others due to "love": his mother had a relationship with the CEO Cha, she got divorced a lot of times, YYJ's boyfriend JM double timing aso. 

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Glad you're joining us here @bebebisous33 Always love reading your insights and speculations.

I am surprised though that for someone like KHJ, she was able to do so many things behind the scene to create problems for YJ. It means she already has the power and connections even before marrying. I'd like to know more about her current status/position in the family/company, but not at the expense of our OTP moments, please...

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I don’t read the webtoon. I Just read the sypnosis somewhere. I’m not  even sure if it is right. I don’t even know the age of YJY and CWH. I guess the production is adapting faithfully the original because I read the author of the webtoon is working with the screenwriter. 

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1 hour ago, packmule3 said:

The apple is a trope specific to Kdramas. I thought it was cute that the apple came wrapped up like that.


And oh! Here's a little bit of trivia because you and I like this kinda thing. Do you know that stores here mostly sell perfectly-shaped apples, pears, lemons, and other produce? lol. If Korea has this problem with cosmetically enhanced faces, then America has a problem too with ugly fruits. I've always wondered what happened to them. They probably became feeds for animals or something. Well, I discovered that there's start-up company that buys these deformed fruits and sells them. It's an interesting concept. And now when I go to farmer's markets,  I pick the imperfect fruits, too. The only time I see fruits here individually wrapped like YJ's is when I go Korean stores.

LOL... ugly fruit? :lol:  well, no perfect looking fruits or vegetables in my grocery store. kekeke... and we get individually wrapped apples if they are removed just out of the box and the store hasn't had time to unwrap them. I was surprised that you could buy one. we buy in weight and so technically, we can pick as little or as much as we want but it just seemed absurd to gift one apple.....


like @angelangie said, I got that red crab emoticon from that site...


am wondering what happened to the doctor hyung in the other hospital. he is actually well-known actor -- seen him in plenty of dramas. was it a cameo? seemed weird that he just disappeared...


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1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

chingus, just a little OT: need suggestions for november birthday post. any drama (completed) or kpop suggestions with the following qualities -- calming/soothing, warmth and fortune.

'30 Still 17' or 'Your House Helper' are the main two that come to mind for me from what I've watched recently.

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I finally finished watching all 4 episodes and I have to say I'm loving it so far.


I'm intrigued by the two of them having had a traumatic experience when they were 8 years old. I bet they are somehow tied together. My guess is that YYJ's father probably saved CWH in a fire and failed to be there to help his own family when they were in a fire themselves which led to YYJ losing her mom. But let's see how the story unfolds.



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Hello My Beautiful People:smiley:


Oh My God finally the wait is over, thank god she is back, I'm so happy:lol:    


Congratulations to Our yoon eun hye, for her come back kdrama after a very very long 5years:heart: :heart: i would also like to congratulate to all yoon eun hye fans who has been waiting for her and always support her no matter what :love:

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[DAY cut] 'Suremen Caution' Cheon Jeong Myeong ♥ Yoon Eun-Hye, first kiss 1 sec ago ... "Is it not directing?"

Article revised 2018-11-14 13:47:36

The first kiss of Cheon Jeong-myeon and Yoon Eun-hye was captured a second ago.


On the 5th, MBN drama series 'Suleim Commentary' which is broadcasted today (14th), a sweet bloody episode of Star Doctor Cha Woo Hyun (Chun Jung Myun) and top star Yoon Yoo Jung (Yoon Eun Hye) will be unfolded. 


On their last broadcast, they went on their first date as an official lover. I felt like a real couple because I looked at them. 

In the photo, it contains the nervous moments of two people who seem to have paused time. In particular, the appearance of Chow Hyun and Yun Yu just before reaching the lips issued a 'cautionary note', raising the heart rate and seeing those who see it in pink imagination. 

This is the first time that Chow Hyun and Yun Yoo Jung have developed into a real lover in the romantic atmosphere of the unexpected quick skinship of 'milk couple', expectations are rising forever. 

In the last broadcast ending, a fire accident in the tent caused Yun Yoojung to lose consciousness and collapse, but in the photo, Chow Hyun, not her, who wears a patient uniform, which is not yet disclosed. 

The MBN drama 'Soremempo' 5 times will be broadcast today (14th) at 11 pm. 

Photo courtesy: (Yes) SureMemo Donga dot com Junhajeun reporterjhj@donga.com



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1 hour ago, angelangie said:


oh u mean the reporters calling 'CUT' :D 


or the brother barging in and asked 'WHAT DO YOU THINK  YOU ARE DOING?'

24 minutes ago, rina04 said:

or manager shout out :lol: “i know it!!”  


Or The second lead guy coming in putting his hand between there lips:(

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