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[Drama 2018] Your Honor / Dear Judge, 친애하는 판사님께

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[Dear Judge] Eps 29 & 30 Lee Yoo Young reunites with her sister Kwak Sun Young, tearful reunion

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Article: Naver 'Dear Judge' Lee Yoo Young reunites with her sister Kwak Sun Young with Yoon Si Yoon's help 'a tearful reunion' 

1. [+129,-1]
I hope tomorrow comes quickly so they can clear up their misunderstanding and have a happy ending!! 

2. [+89,-3]
Wow. Yoon Si Yoon's and Lee Yoo Young's acting today are amazing. ㅠㅠ Let's go for an acting daesang. 

3. [+125,-2]
But Yoon Si Yoon has a baby face! 

4. [+60,-1]
They have to give Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Yoo Young an award during the year end awards. Really touching, touching, touching. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+37,-1]
Please let it be a happy ending. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I cried so much today. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+28,-0]
Yoon Si Yoon as an actor is like a gem. 

7. [+27,-0]
ㅠㅠ I can't send Yoon Si Yoon off like this~~ Kang Ho-ya, Soo Ho-ya~~~!!!!! 

8. [+25,-0]
I think my Thursdays and Fridays are going to feel so empty from next week onward. Yoon Si Yoon's acting is the best. 

9. [+23,-0]
Feels like a rollercoaster ride!! I cried so much~ I thought my eyes were a water fountain. Yoon Si Yoon's acting when he cries is at a national treasure level!!! So Eun is the cause of my tears too~~~

10. [+21,-0]
Yoon Si Yoon is really handsome. 


Article: Naver 'Dear Judge' Lee Yoo Young tears up because of Yoon Si Yoon, "You're really a bad person." 

1. [+114,-2]
Yoo Young-ssi, I'm your fan. Fighting!! You're pretty. 

2. [+94,-1]
Yoon Si Yoon's acting is good. 

3. [+87,-1]
Yoon Si Yoon is really a good actor. I really like him. The twins really seem like two different people. 

4. [+55,-3]
Wow. Dear Judge is a really good drama. ㅠㅠ It feels sad that it's ending. I cried so much. 

5. [+14,-1]
Lee Yoo Young is exploding in cuteness... Her acting is good too... Dong Gu's acting is really good... This is just fun... 

6. [+12,-0]
The last episode of Dear Judge is tomorrow. I'd like to see more of it though. 

7. [+10,-0]
So the most interesting drama in the whole week is ending tomorrow. 

8. [+10,-1]
ㅠ.ㅠ This is a drama that ranked first amongst the other recent ones for me. But it's ending tomorrow. Both are my favorite actors. ♡



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Just now, dramaninja said:

Ah ok thanks some confusing else where lol

Yeah some sources on the episode numbers are confusing but it will definitely end tomorrow. :)

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Just watched in insta some scenes without sub so maybe my understanding of the scenes would be wrong ... I'm really wandering how SH could be such ungrateful toward KH who for the second time saved his life and even doesn't care to his call or at least  listen what he was trying tell him and reject his call? ... How always our innocent angel should pay for SH's faults and he could be such careless

and inconsiderate? 


SE awfully shocked while finding he as SH is the one who gave the false testimony against her sister in the court ... but how she wasn't curious to ask KH himself why he did that and not just trusting in what SCH had told about him? 

SE had a big role for motivating KH to get a good person but KH as the angel tattoo on his hand was the angel descending in her life to light her eyes again with seeing her sister and delighting  her heart with such a big happiness ... also giving her the courage of defending herself against abusers and making easy her way for getting a judge by giving the best points to her worksheet ... and furthermore her heart gets warm of existing such righteous and responsible authorities in this important field... how after a long time but in a short period she could experience all these hopefulness and happiness as well a  pure and sincere love of him ...


I know after awhile(though it is tonight :D) she will find the truth and maybe they reunited again as a couple in love, or maybe just as a friend who helps and encourages him in his education and work, but both of them were an angel in each other's life ... I hope the first one happen and they get a couple , maybe in this way SH would play his right role and explain to her about his faults towards his brother and the truth gets clarified for her ... 


How heart delighting is his smiley face! :wub:



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“Your Honor” Heads Into Finale At Top Of Time SlotV/FILM

Sep 20, 2018
by eclipse01

SBS’s “Your Honor” continues to dominate its time slot as it gears up for its series finale!

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama’s penultimate broadcast on September 19 achieved the highest viewership ratings in its time slot, scoring average ratings of 6.3 percent nationwide during its first half and 8.3 percent during its second.

KBS 2TV’s “The Ghost Detective” scored average viewership ratings of 3.3 percent and 3.8 percent during the same time slot, while MBC’s “Time” did not air due to special coverage of the inter-Korean summit.


On the latest episode of “Your Honor,” Han Kang Ho (played by Yoon Shi Yoon) attempted to give Song So Eun (played by Lee Yoo Young) a heartfelt letter explaining his side of things. When the heartbroken Song So Eun refused to accept his letter and brushed him off, Han Kang Ho insisted on putting his letter in her bag for her to read later.

After the two said their goodbyes, Song So Eun reunited with her sister Song Ji Yeon (played by Kwak Sun Young), and the episode ended with the two women sharing a tearful embrace as Han Kang Ho looked on from afar.


The finale of “Your Honor” will air on September 20 at 10 p.m. KST





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Preview is out :tears: still so sad...will writer nim really drag out the angst till the end??  Time will tell. :sweatingbullets:  Does KH come back to defend SE against Creeepy Prosecutor's libel accusations against SE? He looks like a man on a mission in that last scene.




EDiT- looks like my prediction is correct. KH to the rescue!



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Just now I finished eps28&29 with sub ... So SE asked KH about his false testimony in her sister trial but KH didn't know how answer to her question caz he had not expectation of such sudden revelation  and SE believed he is such a bad guy and didn't make more questions for knowing the real reason from KH's mouth himself ... Hope after reading his letter she understand how innocent and oppressed he is ... And I think she does and even now that she was registered as a researcher judge she applies all her efforts to restore his reputation and dignity...


And I guess that little girl who was calling her Mom is actually her sister's daughter from that raping , and her hiding was caz of finding out herself pregnant and she didn't want anyone would know about it so she hide herself and then call her friend as her daughter's mother ... and it's the best evidence for convicting of the rapist after DNA test...


I think SCH will help SE with the prosecutor case , first of all he loves SE and secondly he can remove a disturbing dangerous rival from his way ... But I think our angle angel KH does the best hit for convicting of the prosecutor and acquitting of SE...


And now twins' mother knows how much she was wrong and has had prejudicial behavior towards KH and felt a deep regret about that... 


Weibo update of our heart melting actor ... :wub:




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Ep.31: 6.3%

Ep.32: 8.4% (Last episode)


Always number 1.






[Dear Judge] FINALE Ep 31 Yoon Si Yoon ♥ Lee Yoo Young held hands again

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018


Article: Naver 'Dear Judge' Yoon Si Yoon  Lee Yoo Young held hands again 'happy ending'

1. [+724,-6]
The directing, script and actors of Dear Judge are perfect! And it feels like this will leave a deep impression on me. It'd be good if they do a season 2, really. This drama is the best. 

2. [+575,-7] 
Yoon Si Yoon doing 2 different roles on his own is outstanding. I'm giving him an applause. 

3. [+442,-7]
The ending was a pity. The prosecutor who committed sexual harassment and Lawyer Sang Cheol, need punishments by the law... And Soo Ho's relationship needs more progress! And even more for Gravity couple. The ending was really a pity.... but if they are doing a season 2, I'll look forward to it... ♡

4. [+155,-9]
I watched today's episode crying. ㅠㅠ

5. [+147,-6]
Really, Dear Judge is the best drama~^*^~!!?

6. [+104,-1]
Yoon Si Yoon is amazing. He portrayed his characters well from the beginning to the end perfectly. 

7. [+98,-0]
I really like the scene when Kang Ho cried and called Soo Ho, "Hyung" and Soo Ho smiled slightly.

8. [+65,-1]
At least cook up a meal before leaving... 

9. [+60,-2]
One of So Eun's wishes was to be together with Kang Ho. ㅠㅠ This is really the best. 



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