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[Drama 2018] Your Honor / Dear Judge, 친애하는 판사님께

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Yoon Shi Yoon Is A 5-Time Convicted Criminal In “Your Honor”


The first stills have been released for the new drama “Your Honor”!


“Your Honor” tells the story of a delinquent judge who starts to pass satisfying judgements not found in the law. The drama is already gathering interest for having a serious, heavy message at the same time as being thrillingly fun.


In the center of the interest gathered for “Your Honor” is actor Yoon Shi Yoon. With each project he participates in, he brings in much praise for showcasing his own color and charms in the works. Yoon Shi Yoon will take a complete 180° turn from his current image and show his greatest acting transformation in “Your Honor.”


In the photos, Yoon Shi Yoon is in a dark place, intensely writing something on a piece of paper. He displays a transformed image with a tattoo of an angel lined up his right arm and “ANGLE” written underneath. Both the look in his eyes and his expression are sharp and full of attitude.Yoon-Shi-Yoon-1.jpgYoon Shi Yoon will take on the role of Han Kang Ho, a low-life criminal who has been convicted five times. Han Kang Ho lives life with the motto of “life is just living through today, and whether you live well or live life on the edge, there’s no tomorrow.” A figure perceived lowly by others, Han Kang Ho comes to becomes a judge through a chain of events.


Many are anticipating Yoon Shi Yoon’s acting transformation and how he will portray this new, gritty role.

SBS’ “Your Honor” will bring together screenwriter Chun Sung Il and producing director (PD) Boo Sung Chul. It is scheduled to air its first episode on July 25 following the conclusion of “The Undateables” and will be available on Viki.


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Character synopsis of Good twin


Han SuHo
“Computer” (Genius) Judge gone missing.


I was first born into the world, and I am used to always coming first in everything.  I strive at the expense of everything else in order not to miss out on being first.

I was admitted to law school due to my endeavors and being the top of my class becoming youngest ever to pass the judiciary examination.


I was driven to succeed because of my younger brother KangHo.
KangHo was good at sports and was charismatic, and everywhere he went he attracted more attention than me. So whenever we were together, I was a wall flower and he was the life of the party.  The only thing that I could consistently better him at was study.
I was able to better him in the life stakes because I studied well and it drove me.


As I climbed the social ladder, the accolades and recognition followed, I gained as much love from everyone else as he did.  The distance and difference between my brother and I grew wider as we grew up until eventually KangHo ended up on the wrong side of the law and went to jail and I went to law school.


When I finally became a judge, the gap between Kangho and I was as wide as heaven was to hell.


On the day when I was victorious, I was kidnapped by a suspicious man.


Character synopsis for LYY.


Song SooEun 
judicial trainee student who once wanted to be a killer


I thought it would be easier for a judge to “kill” by delivering the death sentence than to be a real “killer”.

I passed the bar exam thereby giving me the license to “kill”.  Whilst crime is clear, the law is not. In particular, Korean law cannot deliver a verdict of 100 years in prison or 1,000 years in prison.


My older sister made me feel like I wanted to be a “killer”.
She was raped by a medical student in her freshman year of college, but the law ruled in the hands of the medical student.


I decided then to become a “killer” to punish bad people without delay. The path to becoming a real killer was closed to me, but the path to becoming a judge was open.  So I took it.  I passed the bar exam for the sole purpose of determining how to pass death sentences to those who deserved it.


I am nearly finished at the Judicial Research and Training Institute and am about to begin my life as a trainee judge in the Hansu criminal department.


It is there that I, SooEun, a would-be judge who dreamed of becoming a killer, and Judge KangHo, an ex-con with 5 previous criminal offences, meet.


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Nara's character


A former (?) lover of SuHo. TV News Anchor.


I am a beautiful young woman and an announcer for SBC broadcasting station. Whilst I am not the main news anchor, I have a hidden desire to become the main news anchor.


I was introduced by a senior to SuHo. We were in a relationship for two years.


Then one day out of the blue, SuHo tells me that he wants to part ways. He said he wanted to call it quits and go on a long trip on his own.


My pride would not allow me to believe that he would do that to me.  Even after that ultimatum, I keep bumping into him (presumably KangHo masquerading as SuHo). I don't want to be the first to make contact with him to break the ice.


Bak ByeongEun's character


O SangCheol
An heir to the law firm


I am SooEun’s senior in the Institute (?).  SooEun and I are close.  In fact I want to move beyond being just friends with her.
Actually, I have already made a confession of love to her but she has refused me.


I was motivated to study law. I was SuHo’s rival in the Training Institute.  We were always competing for first and second place there.  SuHo acted cold towards me and as a result we are not close friends.


I am in a crisis due to the fact that two major cases that I was in charge of did not produce the results I expected.  This was all due to SuHo who was the presiding judge.  I feel wronged and persecuted as a result.


The failure of these 2 cases weighs heavily on the minds of the shareholders of the law firm I am heir to (?).  I would do anything to smooth things over with them so that I can get back into their good books again.


Kim HyeOk's character


Im GeumMi

Mother of SuHo and KangHo


My husband passed away when the twins were young. I had a difficult time raising two sons on my own.  My eldest son was highly intelligent and had top grades, while my younger son was always getting into trouble in the neighborhood.

Due to my difficult circumstances, I could not bring up both my sons well.  It was easier to love SuHo so I favoured him over KangHo.  SuHo grew up and became a well recognized first class judge.

I feel like I have neglected KangHo and left him feeling resentful of me as a result. I am sorry that I have made him feel less loved.  I have no excuses.


Seong DongIl's character


Sa MaRyong

KangHo's senior(mentor) in prison


I am also referred to as the DangJin mantis (??) - not sure about this one...:lol:  I have been in and out of (?) prison since I was a kid.  There is no crime that I haven't committed - from fraud to blackmail.


I am an "expert" in prison life.  I am a charming man. (Then this bit the translation gets all weird so I am taking a wild guess here).  I may look innocent but I am potentially fatal?  I could prove to be KangHo's stumbling block.


There are other side characters but I think Imma gonna stop now...after getting stumped over the "DangJin Mantis":P... It will probably start to get too confusing to add any more to the list...seems like the ones above are the main players anyway.  Waiting expectantly for the Posters to come out.  And then Press Conference and answers to the questions posed on SBS catch!!


Look what just popped up on my Insta feed?  DJ filming video :o










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6 hours ago, rocher22 said:

I think this role perfectly suits him.


And you would be absolutely right there!!  Underground translation of interview has confirmed that he is having the time of his life filming this (unlike his last project).  He has even paid a compliment to costar LYY saying that her acting is so good that he feels like time flies when they do scenes together (she's not just "kind" :huh:)...high praise coming from him... And she has returned the favour by saying she is impressed with his ability to do the 2 contrasting roles and it spurs her on to work harder. :wub:.  Bring on 25July!!  Lots of angsty heart tugging scenes between the 2 of them please writer-nim ... DJ/YH fighting!! 

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Cr- http://tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/read.php3?aid=15308504771371230002


This is my rather crude attempt to make sense of the article after plugging it into Naver dictionary and trying to work out in plain English and decipher what it is trying to say (could be wrong so don't quote me on it)


Dear Judge has given us hope for the birth of a new hot topic


SBS's new drama " Dear Judge " released teaser images on Tuesday ahead of the first broadcast.


Dear Judge ' explores the journey of a judge who radically challenges the premise of " real law. " by making unprecedented rulings.  Colorful actors such as Yoon Si-yoon, Lee Yoo-young, Park Byung-eun, Nara, Sung Dong-il, Hur Sung-tae, and Kim Hye-ok are in the cast. 


One of the reasons this drama is special is that it is a drama that will attempt to use real events as a basis for the stories. The events we expect to see on the news and in the newspapers will be varied and dramatized in ' Dear Judge. '  A combination of heavy messages, real life issues and comedy as actual cases will be dealt with in " Dear Judge. "


With that in mind, the first teaser for ' Dear Judge ' was released seeming to highlight issues so intense and heavy that we can not take our eyes off them because they are there to shock us.

The first teaser begins with a black and white screen, which illuminates the knife and balance, the two symbols of justice. Yoon Si-yoon, who is trying to play two roles, wears a robe and holds a knife and a balance, and stands at the apex of thousands of books. A black red light is blazing down below as if it is threatening him with the full force of the law.  Then certain events and figures that we have seen in the news are reflected in the blade of Yoon Si-yoon's sword.  And then looms former Supreme Court Chief Justice Yang Seung-tae’s voice echoing the words, " To protect the rights of minorities or social underdogs from the shadow of the oppressors. "


In addition, the black water (blood??) flowing from the hands of the main character Yoon Si-yoon dribbles down the blade and drops on the written oath of justice. Yoon Si-yoon’s eyes well up with tears from her eyes like the “black water” (blood??). And with that the controversial message is revealed, " Is it law or is it you? "


It is only a short time of 30 seconds. However, the message and the issues alluded to are shocking and heavy. Yoon Si-yoon, the main actor in the film powerfully conveyed that message in stark black and white.  And with that brief 30 second teaser, " Dear Judge, " leaves such a strong impact that we are left intrigued as to what the story will be.


" Dear Judge " is written by Cheon Sung-il, who wrote the dramas " 7th Grade Public Officials, " " Pirates, " " Chuno, " and " The Package, " and " Jang Ok-jeong, ".


New stills credit siyoon_inyeon Instagram


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