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[Drama 2018] Your Honor / Dear Judge, 친애하는 판사님께

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Finally some movement...SBS catch (cr- sbscatch Instagram) - I think you're supposed to ask your questions in the comments section and the cute leads (YSY and LYY) will answer them...maybe in a VLive session?? TBA.



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YES!!!  Let the promotional campaign begin in earnest!  :D.  Posters soon please...teasers wouldn't go astray either.  Press conference and interviews to come surely... DJ Fighting! 

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Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Yoo Young, And More Attend First Script Reading For Upcoming SBS Drama


Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Yoo Young, Park Byung Eun, Hello Venus’s Nara and more recently gathered for the first script reading of SBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Dear Judge” (working title).


“Dear Judge” will tell the story of an unconventional judge and the way he goes about serving justice in unexpected ways. The drama will bring together screenwriter Chun Sung Il, who has been recognized for his work in both dramas and films, and producing director (PD) Boo Sung Chul.


The cast gathered recently to partake in their first script reading, with the screenwriter and PD joined by cast members Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Yoo Young, Park Byung Eun, Nara, Sung Dong Il, Heo Sung Tae, Kwak Sun Young, Hwang Seok Jeong, Kim Hye Ok, and others. Each actor brought passion and energy to their characters, making it a successful script reading despite it being their first.




Yoon Shi Yoon led the team as the main character. He will be taking on two completely different roles of Han Kang Ho and Han Su Ho. His ability to switch between the two, using his years of acting experience to alter his expressions and movements, had the staff in awe. He worked well with Lee Yoo Young, who is a hard-working legal student Song So Eun, whose deep understanding of her character and expression of that knowledge brought her character to life.


They were joined by Park Byung Eun, who plays Oh Sang Chul, a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The actor portrayed a soft but cold man and added a heightened level of tension to the production. Nara will be playing an anchorwoman who is cold and chic, showing how much she has grown as an actress.

The script reading was full of tears, passion, and heart as the actors put their all into their characters. SBS’s “Dear Judge” will be the follow-up production to “The Undateables” and will begin airing in July.


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[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "Dear Judge" Cast Brings Smiles to the Drama's Script Reading

miniminiphoto961627.jpgBy Vasia Orion
on 2018/06/26 at 17:30 PST


Big names bring big smiles to the table of "Dear Judge", as the main and supporting cast have gathered in person and in character, slowly bringing the drama to life and giving us the first promotional goodies from the event in the form of stills. I'm really loving most of the actors I see here, and I hope that the experienced creators use them well.

"Dear Judge" is the growth story of a judge who makes decisions on the basis of "practical law". This is in keeping with the originally released premise about exploring the differences between justice in the courtroom, and the justice citizens experience on a daily basis. At the same time, I expect this to include punching people, like a certain "Lawless Lawyer".

Attending the script reading were PD Boo Seong-cheol, writer Cheon Seong-il, actors Yoon Si-yoon, Lee Yoo-young, Park Byung-eun, Nara, Sung Dong-il, Heo Sung-tae, Kwak Sun-young, Hwang Suk-jung, Kim Hye-ok and more. I'm excited to see so many beloved names and faces here, so I might give this a tiny look-see when it starts airing in July, following "Handsome Guy and Jung-eum" on SBS.


Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'


Sources (1)

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8 hours ago, dtan said:

@nrllee..sad..I can't read it, can you  give the summary? or should I ask from underground?B)


I'd be infringing on copyright of the translations from the underground if I post it here (you will need to ask personally).  But here's my take on it from the rather crude Google Translate from the various characters...I will begin with Bad Twin (I have put it in first person - and these are subject to misinterpretations and I have added my own thoughts as well -waiver) :). I will do the other main characters as I find time later today.


Han KangHo
Became a judge (by stepping into his brother's place). Had 5 previous convictions.

Which includes injury, fraud, intimidation/blackmail, assault, damage to property, a flamboyant character with a colorful past.


I accumulated practical legal knowledge as a result of prison life, thereby developing a unique take on the judicial system.  Only the strong survive in life.  You need to live a day at a time and take what you can from each day.  Tomorrow may never come.


I was not originally a mischievous child.  I was born a mere 2 minutes later than SuHo and all my life I have tried to play catch up to him and have never succeeded no matter how hard I tried.  My growing jealousy of him developed into hate.  And my frustrations developed into anger.


In the past, I was trapped in an unexpected incident and was sent to prison.
On the same day, my brother was admitted to law school.  My brother became the youngest judge to get through the judicial examination and I served out my sentence in prison


When I was finally released, I find that my brother SuHo has disappeared without a trace.  People mistakenly believe me to be him.  From a criminal with 5 previous convictions, I am now elevated to be one of the top 1% of judges in Korea.

Previously convicted of 5 misdemeanors, what will Judge KangHo do with his new life now? 




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