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[Drama 2018] Bad Papa, 배드파파 - 2018 Grimae Awards for Best Actor & Best Drama

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Bad Papa Korean Drama Review
Posted on December 12, 2018 by Kay



Bad Papa is about a struggling man (Jang Hyuk) that has financial and family problems who discovers a miracle drug that allows him to gain a career fighting mixed martial arts by enhancing his physical abilities.


I went into Bad Papa pretty blind having only been aware of the basic plot and seen a couple teasers. There wasn’t much buzz around the drama, so it was easy to avoid any fan reaction. And I have to say, Bad Papa is such an underrated drama! It’s pretty different from most of the dramas out there, and it was just an all around pleasant surprise in the most amazing kind of way.


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I finally had the strength (and the time) to watch the last four episodes. Well, I expected either the route of the death or imprisonment for JC. Death is more fitting for the storyline he has with his daughter, as if only by sacrificing himself he can save his daughter. In the end the drama was about dads doing what they can to protect their daughters and everyone got punished differently. Almost all the storylines were closed but I wonder why they kept president Jeong at large...? I mean, he is one of the cruelest ones and he could only get worse with time and history would repat itself with a different doctor and staff. They could have done that thanks to the evidence the dead detective collected, they could arrest him. But what can we do now.


As for JC's match with MW, I think it also fits that MW is the winner. JC fought until the end, and MW was the winner because he was declared winner, so he knew he won because of his abilities and not because of what he believed a fixed match like 11 years before. Somehow, I'm sad JC didn't win the title but since he was going to die and MW was going to survive, it's more logical in terms of storyline to make the champion who's gonna keep fighting, win. It's more realistic this way. We cannot always win in life and JC knew it but he was still happy that he got to fight with his junior.


One of the things that maybe got me angry is that until the end the females of this drama acted but not really. I mean, the writer used the female characters but not in an empovering way, because it seemed like in the end it were always the men's (or the dads) words or actions to have more impact. I also found it that the part of the drama involving women was written as if the women needed to  be protected and that's it. They rarely acted as a vivid part of the story, as if only the men controlled the situation. Look at SJ for example. She used to have character, but in the end she accepted to "rest" and be a housewife. I don't find this improving, but degrading. I hated that JC (as well as the other male characters) didn't communicate with his wife and she accepted silently. OK that she loved him and like she said, she wouldn't leave someone just because things are tough. But I think at some point she should have questioned her husband and her husband should had opened up (even a bit) to her. The drama is called "Bad Papa" for a reason, but this doesn't mean the mothers or the daughters need to be casted aside and only endure whatever the men did.


To me this drama was enjoyable despite some predictable plots and the lack of female agency. I think with more balance between the characters, and if women had as much resonance as the bad papas, this could have been more appreciated. I've read many comments say that this was bad, and bla bla bla. It wasn't that bad. It was different. I think in terms of story and filming it wasn't like the usual drama viewers expect to watch. It had its k-drama cliques, but it was also original somehow. Maybe this won't be in my TOP dramas, but I don't feel like I've wasted my time watching it. I also liked the OST a lot.

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On 11/17/2018 at 10:11 AM, Prettysup said:


Sudden Doping Test


  Reveal hidden contents


In Episode 17, Yoo Ji Chul fought a fierce match in which his shoulder was dislocated and ended up using the power of the drug to win the match. Even as he took home the trophy, he was accosted by a sudden drug test as soon as he returned backstage. This scene made viewers’ hearts race with the possibility that the truth behind Yoo Ji Chul’s mysterious drug would be discovered.


Critical Failure


  Reveal hidden contents


In Episode 19, Yoo Ji Chul uses his dwindling supply of the drug to rescue a child hanging on for dear life to a balcony railing. But in the middle of his rescue operation, the time of the drug’s operation (3 minutes) ran out and he almost ended up dropping the child. Once again, the drug put him in a position where he was risking more than just his own life.



The story is quite tragic, though I would add that there's no worries about drug tests anymore. Any drug test van be passed quite easily. I've seen the guide on it quite recently payspi.org/how-to-pass-a-drug-test/.

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