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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 - William Chan, Gulnazar

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Dancing in the Storm





Chinese title:风暴舞/ Feng Bao Wu
English title: Dancing in the Storm

Genre: Action, Crime


Director: Liu Xin

Broadcast Period: 2019



William Chan as Li Jun Jie
Gulnazar as Maggie Zhou
Guo Jia Hao as Shi Yun Hao
Song Yan Fei as Chen Jing Wen
Dong Yan Lei as Gu
Wang Tong Hui as Meng Liang
Chen Chu Han as Jia Lai
Zhao Qian as Lin Jin
Gao Li Wen as Hasan
Qin Ming Rui as Ma Ya
Zhang Song as Ma Xiao Jun
Zhang Bo Zhi as Zheng
Ji Dong Ran as Deng Zhi Cheng



Li Jun Jie works in an information security company. In a series of events, he uncovered the company's complicated dealings with external parties. During the investigation, he was framed and becomes a wanted man, while in the process of uncovering the greatest hidden secret.





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Characters descriptions:


Li Jun Jie (William Chan)

Male, 28

Birthday : 21 Nov 1991

Horoscope : Scorpio

Traits : Impulsive, Brave, Superb memory




Maggie Zhou (Gulnazar)

Female, 25

Birthday : 18 June 1994

Horoscope : Gemini

Traits : High IQ and EQ




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Shi Yun Hao (Guo JIa Hao)

Traits : Gentle and controlled nice guy



Chen Jing Wen (Cecilia Song Yan Fei)

Traits : Kind and sincere, Hacker



Gu (Dong Yan Lei)

Traits : Agile, innocent and aggressive




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Meng Liang (Wang Tong Hui)

Traits : Cunning, both good and evil



Jia Lai (Chen Chu Han)

Traits : Heartless and cold



Lin Jin (Candice Zhao Qian)

Traits: Beautiful secretary, Spy


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Hasan (Angela Gao Li Wen)

Traits : Multiple-face, Unpredictable



Ma Ya (Qin Ming Yue)

Traits: Warm hearted, Stick to the rules



Ma Xiao Jun (Zhang Song)

Traits : Friendly and sincere



Zheng (Zhang Bo Zhi)
Traits : Lively, Self-sacrificing



Deng Zhi Cheng (Ji Dong Ran)

Traits: Covers his tracks well




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Pop idols feature cybersecurity-themed TV series


Hong Kong singer-actor William Chan and Uygur actress Guli Nazha are starring in the forthcoming TV series, Dancing in the Storm.


Filming has just begun for the series jointly produced by Ciwen Media, iQiyi and Manmei Film & Television.


The story is about Li Junjie, a cybersecurity company employee -- played by Chan -- who discovers his company's links with foreign criminals.


The series, directed by Liu Xin, known for the 2017 hit period series The King’s Woman, also features Guo Jiahao, Song Yanfei, Dong Yanlei, Wang Tonghui and Chen Chuhai.


The series will have scenes shot in China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.







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"Dancing in the Storm" debuts at Shanghai TV Festival

At the fiercely competitive Shanghai TV Festival, "Dancing in the Storm" has become a hot topic for discussion among the market players and media with its novel theme, solid production and strong line-up. Many markets experts and media personnel predict that “Dancing in the Storm” is expected to be a dark horse at Shanghai TV Festival and become the most anticipated Chinese drama to lead the screen in 19 years!


In the age of information technology, cyber confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity  are closely related to real-life. With the emergence of new high-tech methods, the war against information leakages is extremely difficult. The production team follows the creative principles of theme innovation and created vivid three-dimensional characters. It uses "mind-invigorating" story-line to captivate the viewers, making it an exciting and thrilling experience, which is rarely seen in the domestic film and television drama market.


As disclosed by the production team, being 'out of the norm' and 'expanding beyond the theme' are the unique features of “Dancing in the Storm”. Not only does the theme of this drama expand beyond typical Chinese TV drama, it also offers a new interpretation of information security.  Being 'out of the norm', it strives to be different from previous spy or suspense dramas, making it hard for viewers to guess and anticipate its concept.


It is also reported that Wei Ning, the art director of 'Dancing in the Storm', spent half a year meticulously designing,  more than 40 million, and took 3 months to construct an exclusive 4,000 scenes from scratch. They are 95% accurate to the original manuscripts, focusing on the details with great care. 


The series stars William Chan, Gulnazar, Simon Yam, Jiang Wen Li, Wang Ji and other cast members. Coinciding with the 60th anniversary of Chinese TV dramas, "Dancing in the Storm " has attracted attention with its new theme and strong lineup. It has emerged as a dark horse at the Shanghai TV Festival to become the most anticipated drama of the year!









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Some filming snippets posted by official weibo:


William is very serious towards every scene in the drama. Once during a discussion with the director on the possible scenarios happening, he squatted on the ground to arrange the props in order to make the story more logical and realistic. Kudos to his meticulousness and dedication !


Gulnazar kept practising and discussing with the director in order to portray the role of Maggie Zhou well. Gulnazar says, "Is this action not accurate enough? Let's do it again". She is full of vigour, all the best ~ looking forward to a suave Maggie Zhou !







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