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@AyuW but do casino workers wear hats and these kind of outfits it looks more like a date than a casino worker they are also filming outside for a me a casino scene will be shot indoor and not outside

from the second pic i think you're right it must include cars maybe they are in a car in a date and something will happen after the problems in secret and mask both had happened while in cars mm a coincidence?? :ph34r:

and for the script reading of ep 5-6 i think it's the start of the adult story and so all actors will be present since i think the first eps are just like an introduction of what happened while they were kids and in the college phrase

ah i read that it could be that seol jihyun is working in a paking lot they said the clothes look like that

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On 4/27/2018 at 9:36 PM, Go Seung Ji said:



'Time' tells the story of a man on his last days dedicating himself to a woman whose life has been ruined by him. The drama is scheduled to air this summer after the end of 'Come Here and Hug Me'.

That's uncontrollably fond..

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7 minutes ago, AyuW said:

@joonminfan @mimiseo i'm not really a modern sageuk watcher and truth is, i don't watch Rebel either. LMAO. now let's just be glad that Come & Hug Me's 2nd week is over which means 2 more weeks for it to reach half so maybe we could see officials about Time


Maybe I should watch Rebel to pass the time while waiting. I read reviews which said that KJH acted very well in it. Anyway, there isn’t any news about KJH filming right? The pics posted here didn’t include him. 

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2 hours ago, AyuW said:

@joonminfan posted some! i'm afraid we couldn't double post pictures due to policies but @mimiseo and I've posted some bts with KJH if you'd scroll up a lil bit (pic with black sedan and a man in a coat).

Ooh yes! Haha maybe coz I’m using my phone so I couldn’t really see who was sitting in the black sedan. I follow his IG but he has not posted anything new recently.

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@joonminfan well no one of the cast posted anything in their instagram which is a little weird or maybe just me 

anyway the last pics that we posted yesterday were all posted by someone in dc gall of seohyun other than that there's no pics                                                                                                                                                                                                                          let's wait for the 27th when they have their script reading maybe we'll get clear pics of all the cast 

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oooohhhhh i do not expect this!! usually they did this only days before premiere, ceremonial or something, but now?? OMG


i believe that's a set behind them. waahhh!!! SJH & KJH looks very very good together. there's something in KJH that we didn't get to see before. he dressed in manner and all black? his in the last picture with a black sedan is also an all black



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they really look so good together i can't wait for july 


DeGJG0mUwAAskmY.jpg i also like their outfit so neet and classy hope the wardrobe will be like the one in mask

anyway for suho i'm sure he'll be dressed like that most of the time he's a chaebol son but for seol juhyun not sure

and from the pics here Additional casts for Shigan so far :

- Choi Jonghwan

- Lee Bongwon

- Kim Heejung

- Yoon Jiwon

- Ahn Jihyun

they are having a dinner party and sheering for the filming 

they had script reading, praying ceremony and dinner party today it's like if tomorrow is the real beggining of drama filming lool




i was surfing in the drama hashtag i found this post 


he is an mc and he's talking and describing the drama 

i don't know what his rleation to the drama though or which program he host and he's nota n actor either so i don't think he'll have a role in it 

anyway can someone please tell us what he's saying?? 

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