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27 minutes ago, philosophie said:

Did episode 16 already air? I can’t find it anywhere....


Yes, it did.  And it was really good.  I had to do some searching to find the episode and ended up watching it on a site that I wouldn't recommend.  In any case, it's out there; if one site has it, others will soon.

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Its over...such a beautiful drama..with a great meaning of life...im glad that i stayed till the end...everything is perfect..from the cast, ost, beautiful scenery...great team...congratulations everyone

To my girl seohyun..you did amazing and its true, work hard never betrayed us


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i just finished watching and i cried soooooooo much 

i loved the drama so so much it's been a while i saw a drama like that 

i want to thank all the actors out they really did an oustanding job here i believe they all have a bright future waiting for them: 

  • kjh is such a real goood actor he was already there's no doubt about it hope he's recovering now taking rest and hope to see him a drama soon please don't take a long break we'll miss you 
  • seohyun everybody doubted her or preffered other actresses to take her role, but knowing that this is her first lini scery and she did so good i need to applaud her she improved alot since her last drama she was so good as seol ji hyun i can't of another one playing this role as they said hard work never betray you can't wait to see what kind of drama she'll do next
  • hwang seung eun and kim juhan they are good i loved them they did really good especially by the end of the drama 

maybe the ending is not what we all wanted but it was the most realistic sincere and heartwarming ending i ever saw the tribute they gave to suho, ji hyun narration it reallu made cry it was so beautiful we learned a lot from this drama 

let's live our life to the fullest time is limited :tears:

about suho death i feel like it was already planned from the beggining he was going to die but maybe in the end of ep 12 maybe a bit longer after our lead confess their feelings to eachother kiss and hug but well it didn't go as planned but yeah he needed to die to bring chae ah to her senses since she loved suho so much so she could understand jihyun feelings and help her reveal the truth 

at the end the drama is so good hope more people will watch it and get the meaning of it it's important and don't forget that one life can change a real small action like minseok


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In a post I wrote on another drama, I mentioned that I keep a notebook with quotes I've saved from the list of dramas that I have watched because sometimes they are really good lessons for me.  My old notebook was full so I've just started a new one, and my first quote in it will be this:

One choice turns you into a completely different person.


That's such an important "take away" from Time because our drama essentially began and ended with the Justice pen that JH gave MS--a small and seemingly insignificant thing that set the scene for tragedy.  The choices that MS made because of that pen ultimately resulted in life/death for others; it was easy for him to make a single wrong choice.  But one bad decision resulted in making a worse one and then another and another; each one escalating until he had reached the road of no return.  At any point, he had the option of stopping but he never did and he chose corruption.


CA also made bad decisions but she was able to choose to turn things around when she paid attention to a wake-up call:  the death of SH and her realization that she loved him truly.  Before that she was indifferent, just didn't care.  This seems to be the sad case for the very wealthy who get too much too easily when they have too much money.  It is the powerless, as JH remarks, who feel pain.  When SH died, CA also realized her own powerlessness and the fact that she had to change.


 JH was tempted, too, to do wrong (especially so when she took her anger out on SH) but managed to avoid becoming like those who harmed her.  I liked a quote from JH, too, when she said that a person who plots revenge digs two graves.  It reminded me of something I've kept deep in my heart when I have been harmed by people in my life:  Unforgiveness is like taking poison yourself and then waiting for the other person to die.  JH was ultimately able to offer forgiveness to CA in a beautiful way.


SH changed the most and did so early on.  He lived through the stages of grief as he had to come to terms with his looming mortality.  Like CA, he was also dulled and deadened by the burden of wealth.  But he still had a heart, especially so as he recalled the death of his mother, and he became desperate to help JH.  It was her need that opened the way for him to change, to love, and to reach the end of his life in a meaningful way.


We can each choose to change.

Love one another.  

Time is short.


I am so grateful that I watched Time and that I stayed true through to the end.  Thanks to everyone who kept the candles burning!


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This drama had it's real struggles and darkness yet it's the words and the characters that lived through them shed light, hope and truth into that darkness.  Giving us all thoughts & moments that filled our minds and hearts with so many things to think about and linger still within us.  I loved the ending the most maybe because those who needed punished received it and were made known finally...


That one life, one choice can and does affect not only yourself but all those around you.  Yet bad choices don't have to define you forever there is always hope and forgiveness that can be found if you are willing to seek it and change.  That it's not always the quantity of time but often the quality that matters most in life. That those whom we love and lose are never really forgotten for their lives are imprinted upon our hearts.  The essence of who they were becomes a part of us and lives on within each of us.  Like a voice always there speaking in our memories...


Enjoyed being a part of this thread and loved the meaning and message of this story. 

Although it was no fairy tale ending still the fact that TRUTH & JUSTICE marches on and that is a happy ending...


The idea that TRUTH in itself can never really be covered up for in TIME all things are revealed...


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