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Would you like to start your own business?

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I will start a small online store first like on etsy. I will learn more about business. Currently I want to target the younger kids demographic. I want to earn lots of money in order to get ready for my future. I want to eventually get married to the man I love, have a child to hold and have a house. I want my future child to go to a private school to get the best education.

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I have 2 ways and i don't know which one is better for me ( So I hope you'll help me choose 

1.Work as a secretary at father's company. I think it's boring but the salary is not bad and I don't wanna hurt dad's feelings :( 

2. Work as a freelance writer. It would be great for me 'cause writing is my passion ( in past i wrote fanfics about ShinHwa :wub: )   and I could travel 'cause it's freelance 

What do you think, guys? 

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1. the rent in my city keeps increasing so I thought that it would be great if I could own a high class apartment building here. 

2. I always wanted to have a cute theme restaurant like the ones in Japan. My ideal ones would be chocolate store, bakery or a cafe.


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Sure I dream about it. I'd love to start own business that's why I decided to get MBA. My point here is having MBA would provide you a generic business theory but you need to understand your startup practically to plan and execute well. That's why I am going to take my ......tests soon. Essentially, a piece of paper is creating a lot for your life. The same piece of paper helps you get social reorganization.

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