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[Drama 2018] I'm a mother too, 나도 엄마야


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SBS Drama

I'm a Mother too


Resultado de imagen para ëë ìë§ì¼

나도 엄마야 / I'm a mother too

Network: SBS

Episodes: 119

Release Date: May 28th - November 23rd, 2018

Runtime: Mon to Fri @ 8:30 KST

Written by: Lee Geun Young

Directed by: Bae Tae Seob



Ji-Young has a bright personality. Due to a difficult situation, she becomes a surrogate mother. With her bright personality, she gets through hardships and struggles to obtain happiness.


Lee In hye as Yoon Ji Young

Resultado de imagen para ì´ì¸í

Woo Hee Jin as Choi Kyung Shin

Resultado de imagen para ì°í¬ì§


Alex Chu as Shin Sang Hyuk

Imagen relacionada


Park Joon Hyuk as Shin Hyun Joon

Park Joon-Hyuk (1975)-p1.jpg



Source: hancinema



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So I have caught up.. So far the drama has been interesting.. The wife is a total witch. Each episode it shows her evil side plotting. Why do I get the feeling that she used the younger brother to cover up the accident that killed JY's husband and baby? Now she has lied to say JY took a drug and it harmed the baby when its her egg that is the problem. All so she can force an abortion and the in laws do not find out that she is the issue. I do not see her keeping anything she has been lying to keep. I know her mother in law is a shrew but I don't see she really loves her husband even though she caught him once cheating. Now what happens if she kills this child? She will try to find another woman to have a baby for her? 


What is up with that doctor? She is way too close to all those people and it seems she is playing each against one another. It should not matter if the MIL said something to the second daughter in law she should not have confirmed anything she knows that the girl does not have a good relationship with her in laws. Just as she should not have told where the younger brother was staying. I get the feeling that she likes the older brother or will end up with him. Of course seeing her with the younger brother gave me a vibe she liked him. Either way I see her liking one of the two. She seems really weird and creepy to me. What I am depending on her to do is since she likes to run her mouth telling everyone's business she ends up telling that the problem with the baby was not due to a drug the surrogate took but with the egg. Once that happens the wife will be in huge trouble. 


I don't expect it to happen until much later in this drama simply because I see JY managing to get away and have that baby safely. I also think that tech who did the test could have messed it up due to his having a personal phone call at the time he was conducting the test. I an already see that JY and the younger brother will most likely end up together or end up friends as he starts a business with her and falls for her. 


Can someone get rid of JY's step brother and leech mother for me? Honestly these are the two most irritating characters for me simply because the mother runs away from the debt , makes no payments but goes to her struggling daughter for money and ends up being more of a burden. The step brother constantly pushes the financial issues off on JY's mom but can we really trust that he is using that money for what it should be or that the debt is related to JY and her mother. HE seems shady and I do not like someone that pushed his step sister to do this and then really says the things he has said to her. I see him getting it later when he learns that woman was the one who caused the accident that killed JY's husband and baby. 

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On 6/6/2018 at 8:59 AM, rolisrntex said:

I was looking for a verdict. I don't think my wife has started to watch this one yet. I still miss the previous one.

@rolisrntex I also miss happy sister but looking forward to seeing you join us here.. The thread will be loney especially for me who always catch the show after 8 pm pst.. Your always around at that time for me to chat with.. So now tonight i'll be catching up on this one

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