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[Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2


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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTk4QFjL_y-YhwiUodben2  presents

Voice 2 보이스2






Director :  Lee Seung Young

Writer : Ma Jin Won

Broadcast : 11  August 2018

No of episodes : 12

Official website http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice2


Relationship chart :






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Lee Jin Wook And Lee Ha Na Confirmed As Leads For 2nd Season Of OCN’s “Voice”

OCN’s “Voice” will be returning with a second season, led by Lee Jin Wook, Lee Ha Na, and director Lee Seung Young!


“Voice 2” will be thriller drama following the lives of 112 emergency call center employees as they fight against crimes using the sounds that they hear.


The first season that aired in 2017 was a hit, recording average viewership ratings of 5.7 percent and peaking at 6.3 percent in real-time ratings, an unprecedented feat for its genre. Not only did “Voice” succeed in ratings, but it also received positive feedback from viewers for raising awareness of the hard work that emergency call center workers do to keep civilians safe.


It was confirmed on April 17 that in the new season, Lee Jin Wook will play the lead role of Do Kang Woo, who is able to tap into the minds of criminals to solve his cases. Alongside him will be Lee Ha Na, who will return from season one as Kang Kwon Joo, the gentle but charismatic heroine who commands the other call center employees with her skills and determination.


The production staff stated, “We believed that Lee Jin Wook would be perfect for the role of Do Kang Woo. He is an actor with a lot of talent and depth, and we believe that he will be able to perfectly portray his character, who is skilled at his work but also hides a painful secret that no one knows about. We will also see the return of Lee Ha Na, who successfully led the first season as Kang Kwon Joo. We hope viewers will anticipate the perfect teamwork that will form between Lee Jin Wook and Lee Ha Na.”


The project will be directed by Lee Seung Young, who has worked on productions like “Chosun C.S.I Byul Soon Gum,” “TEN,” and “Missing Noir M.” The script will be written by Ma Jin Won, who also wrote the script for the first season.


“Voice 2” is set to air in the second half of 2018.



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Cast Of “Voice 2” Meets Up For First Script Reading


OCN’s upcoming drama “Voice 2” recently held its first script reading.

“Voice 2” is set around an emergency call center where the team chase down criminals, including a serial killer. The first season aired in 2017 with Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha Na, and this time, Lee Ha Na is returning with Lee Jin Wook.

The cast and crew gathered at a studio in the neighborhood of Sangam for their first script reading, bringing together director Lee Seung Young, screenwriter Ma Jin Won, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Ha Na, Son Eun Seo, Ahn Se Ha, Yoo Seung Mok, So Hee Jung, Hong Kyung In, and more.

When the script reading officially started, all of the actors immersed into their characters’ stories, and tension filled the room. Just by reading the script, they were able to get the impression of a fierce chase between the call center agents and brutal criminals.

Lee Jin Wook showed perfect acting as he acted as detective Do Kang Woo who looks at the crime scene with the mind of the criminal. Lee Ha Na, who returned for the second season, showed a calm yet firm charisma.

Once the script reading was over, director Lee Seung Young showed his satisfaction of their acting, praising, “Today was amazing. All of you said you’ll do better on set, but this is enough.”

In the following interview, Lee Jin Wook said, “I was able to join this new season. I didn’t want to lose the charming character Do Kang Woo who has special abilities.” Lee Ha Na commented, “They wrote us a script that allows us to think carefully about organized events, stories, risks to crimes that happen around us, and awareness of prevention. You can look forward it.”









“Voice 2” will air in August on OCN.



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while I'm disappointed that Jang Hyuk is not returning in Season Two, i hope for the best for Voice 2 to be as good / better than Voice 1 :) will be sitting tight to watch how Lee Jin Wook and Kang Ha Na act out their roles in Voice 2!! :)

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My kdrama fix. Because I'm not  into rom-com (unless written well) so  I'm in need of a real good action crime thriller mystery drama. Hopefully this Voice 2 delivers. I'm waiting 11 August. I always watch OCN crime thrillers :thumbsup:


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On 6/24/2018 at 7:56 PM, jongski said:

My kdrama fix. Because I'm not  into rom-com (unless written well) so  I'm in need of a real good action crime thriller mystery drama. Hopefully this Voice 2 delivers. I'm waiting 11 August. I always watch OCN crime thrillers :thumbsup:


I knew I’d see you here. Voice was great .i hope this second instalment lives up to the first one . I was slightly disappointed that  jang Hyuk did not reprise his role ( but we can’t be greedy & have him do 4 dramas this year eh :D  ) . 

My colleague said she read on some Chinese forums that they are promising to have an even better ( more psycho ) antagonist. I hope they deliver on that as it is really hard to beat Kim Jae Wook . 

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