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[Drama 2018] Tomorrow Is Sunny as Well / Sunny Again Tomorrow, 내일도 맑음


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Halmoni eats breakfast with her Son In Law and Grandson.  She is still in a snit re yesterday’s argument between Yoon and her Sister.  Later Halmoni talks with Yoon as she drags herself out the door to work.


At the police Station, Kang tries to call Park but his phone is on mute.


Kang’s Mother receives a call from the Police.  First she tells the caller that the joke isn’t very funny.  Then she heads for the station.


A detective questions Kang at the Police Station.  She is like, WTF?  We learn that the merchandise is not stolen but cheaper versions of Yoon’s designs, perhaps even manufactured by the same factories Yoon uses.


Yoon and her Sister arrive at the PF.  Kang and Yoon immediately recognize each other from the incident at the restaurant.  Yoon and her Sister pile on and the fur begins to fly.  Kang’s Mother arrives and more fur flies as she and Yoon’s Sister recognize each other.  Throughout it all, Yoon retires the World Series Trophy for Resting Mother Dog Face.


Hwang persuades Lee to have dinner with her.


Back at the PD, the detective interviews Yoon and her Sister.  As they depart, Yoon demands Law and Order.  Kang’s Mother pleads but that just makes Yoon nastier.  Yoon is now full-on Active Mother Dog Face as she flounces out of the station.


Yoon orders her Sister to Get to the Bottom of the counterfeit dress ring.


Yoon’s Sister cheerfully chats with the Faithless Employee and Lee’s Sister.  The Faithless Employee receives a call from Kang but she pretends the call is a wrong number.


Kang’s Sister finds the Sidedish Store empty and tries to find out where her mother is.


Park arrives at the PD and talks with Kang, who is Behind Bars.  He asks for the phone number of her “boss.”  Kang pours out her frustration at her misadventures in the job market.


Hwang receives a call from her Mother.  Then she tells Lee that she won’t be joining him for dinner.


Hwang visits Yoon in her office and volunteers her services as a detective.


Kang’s Mother and Sister discuss her predicament.  Park arrives and tells them that he has secured a lawyer.  He tells them Not to worry.  Too much.


Park arrives home and gives his Father the news.


Park sits in her jail cell and recalls her Mothers pleas and Yoon’s curdled face.


Lee’s Mother tries to encourage her daughter to show more enthusiasm for her Blind Date.  Her daughters mind is consumed with thoughts of the Fey Caballero.


What could be worse than a Blind Date?  Your Mother accompanying you on the Blind Date.  Lee’s Sister tells her Mother:  No Way!


Park’s Father gives Kang’s Mother $20,000 for the deposit for the lease on her shop.


Kang’s Mother stops by Yoon’s dress shop and pleads with her again.  Kang’s Mother attempts to give Yoon the lease money she just received from Park’s Father, but fortunately Yoon is too nasty to accept it.


Yoon returns to her office and glowers into space.


Lee’s Mother receives a call from her Daughter’s Blind Date.  He’s wondering where his Blind Date is.  She tries to raise her Daughter but her phone is turned off.


Lee’s Father is pigging out on delivery food in his bachelor pad.  The doorbell rings, must be a deliveryman with another order.  Nope:  It’s his Daughter.  She berates him:  “You said that My Brother and I were the Fruits of Love.  Were we the fruits of delusion?”  The doorbell rings again – his order has finally arrived.


Yoon’s Sister arrives at the dress shop in a pouring rain.  She finds Kang’s Mother kneeling outside.


Yoon’s Sister’s Sherlocking has paid off.  When Yoon learns that her salesgirl is at the center of the knockoff plot, she lights into her Sister for not supervising the staff properly.  They agree that no further action is possible until the clerk turns on her phone again.  Then Yoon’s Sister is like, By the way . . .


Yoon, carrying an umbrella, stands in front of her shop as Kang’s Mother, on her knees, continues to soak.  Does she share her umbrella? 


To be continued . . .


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What a boring episode! :rolleyes: The worst part about every daily drama are always the comic relief characters and how much screen time they get. I couldn't care less about the main guy's sister and their parents. They're just annoying and a waste of time. 

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I've been following this show for a while now, and I have come to the conclusion the main couple are going to end up together because there will be no more eligible single people before they have any real development.

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When her Sister tells her that Kang’s Mother is outside kneeling in the rain Yoon snarls, Call the police!


Yoon goes outside and shouts that Kang desecrated her “Art” when she sold her dresses at a discount.  So J. C. Penny is now the Louvre?  Finally Ms. Van Gogh relents and Kang’s Mother weeps.


The detective opens Kang’s cell door and tells her that she is free to go..


Kang’s Sister and Park meet Kang in front of the PD.


Kang’s Mother walks into Park’s Father’s shop soaked and shivering.  He tells her that Kang has been released.


Park’s Father wants to know if Park called his boss to tell him his whereabouts while he was helping Pang.  Park evades his question.


Kang and her Mother fall asleep, after her Mother cautions her to be more careful in the future.


Lee’s Sister tries to teach her Father how to operate his crock pot.  But she can’t get it to work either.  Then she tells him that he and his clothes smell like they haven’t been washed.  He asks her to wash his clothes but she doesn’t know how to use a washing machine either.  She decides to Get Going.


At home, Lee’s Mother complains that she can’t reach her Daughter because her phone is off.  Then she walks in the door.  While her Mother berates her for optioning the blind date, Lee’s Sister pines away for the Fey Caballero.  Her Mother is angrier when she learns she visited her Father instead of going on the blind date.


When Lee’s Sister leaves the room, his Mother turns on him with the blind date talk.  He leaves the room.


Yoon reviews the day’s events with her household.  When Halmoni learns that Yoon agreed to Kang’s release from jail, Halmoni tells Yoon that she needs to Toughen Up and stop being so Soft Hearted.  Clearly, Yoon owes her grace and charm to Halmoni.


Hwang’s Brother looks at images of comic book heroines on the internet.  In his bind, they keep turning into images of Kang’s Sister.  Then his Mother walks in and scolds him for not studying.


Kang’s Sister scolds her for being too trusting, “Like our Father.”  So we learn that there is a Back Story to the death of their Father.


What is that beer in the blue can that Kang is drinking with Park?  Yes, it is OB   He tells her that her misfortune with the dress shop was actually a good thing, because eventually she’ll run out of wrong alternatives to choose and will have to choose the right one.  Or something like that.. . .




We learn that Kang was acquitted of all charges.


Yoon’s Sister hires Lee’s Mother to take the place of the Felonious Clerk.  Lee’s Mother is a little nonplussed when she learns that the job starts Right This Minute.


Kang’s Mother awakens and is sick with a fever.  She and Kang share sentimental memories.


Kang opens a wooden box containing keepsakes from her late Father.  She runs across a contract pertaining to her Father and begins to read it.


Lee arrives at his office wearing his suit and backpack.


At noon, Park is drinking wine at an outdoor café.  Then Hwang sits down at the next table.  He wonders why she looks familiar.


Park’s Father arrives at Yoon’s store to deliver a pair of shoes to Yoon’s Sister.  Yoon’s Sister is not  there.  The only person in the store is Yoon, so he assumes that she must be a sales clerk.  As he commiserates with her for having to work for such a “nasty boss,” Yoon is startled to realize that he is talking about her.

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Lee’s Sister arrives at Yoon’s fashion house  for her designer job and is furious to learn that her Mother has taken a job as a saleswoman in the firm’s dress shop.


Outside the store Lee’s Mother explains the Facts of Life:  If I don’t work, you and your brother need to start contributing to household expenses.  Suddenly, Lee’s Sister doesn’t feel so humiliated anymore.


Yoon is momentarily alone in the showroom, so when Park’s Father arrives to deliver Yoon’s Sister’s shoes, he thinks she is one of the clerks.  He commiserates with her for having to work for someone as nasty as Yoon.  She sputters as he departs.


Lee’s Mother returns to her duties and Yoon scolds her for leaving the shop unattended.  She reflects that working for Yoon will be a trial.


As he drinks wine in an outdoor café, Hwang sits down at the next table.  Park has a vague sense that they’ve met before but he can’t place her.  Then he realizes that she is the woman who paid his bar tab.


Hwang recognizes Park immediately but is not pleased to see him again.  Nevertheless he ignores her Death Ray Eyes and invites himself to join her.  After some bickering, he hands her the money he owes her and returns to his table.


Lee’s Father returns to his family’s house but finds no one home.  He finds some food on the stove and helps himself.


It is dark but Park and Hwang are still sitting at their respective tables in the outdoor café.  Park calls potential investors without success.  Lee calls and tells Hwang that he is caught in a meeting and can’t join her.  When all of the tables are full, a waitress strongly suggests that she join her “friend” Park at his table.  After the waitress moves Hwang’s stuff, she sees that she has no other choice.  Hwang barely tolerates Park’s presence as she finishes her soju.


Lee’s Mother returns home to find her estranged husband sleeping off his impromptu meal on the couch.  She beats him about the head and shoulders and he awakens.  For starters, he learns that she has sold his golf clubs and fishing gear.  As they are screaming at each other, Lee’s Sister arrives home and shames them into silence.


Lee’s Sister goes to her bedroom.  She checks her phone but there is no message from the Fey Caballero.


Kang sits in her bedroom and studies the legal document pertaining to her deceased Father.


Back at the outdoor café, Hwang is in full Drunken Pout Mode.  When the waitress brings the bill, he owes $18 but Hwang owes $48.  This time it is Hwang who is financially embarrassed and Park pays her tab.  As Park starts to walk away, her $48 Soju Goggles are in full effect and she grabs his arm.


Lee returns to his office.  He calls Hwang but her phone has been turned off.


Lee arrive at the outdoor café but the only person who remains is the waitress, and she is wiping tables.  He learns that Hwang gave up on waiting for him and left with another man.  He’s like, Win some, lose some . . .


When Park returns home, Kang asks him to review her Father’s contract and tell her what it means.  She tells him that it has something to do with a Clothing Business.   He promises to look at it after he sobers up.


Kang’s Mother stares wistfully at the Problematic Dress.  Kang enters and asks her Mother about the contract.  We learn that Kang’s Father attempted to enter the clothing business but “got scammed.”


In their separate abodes, Park’s Father ad Lee’s Father listen to the same news report about middle aged Korean men who die malnourished and alone.  They are saddened and a little apprehensive.


Lee’s Father awakens with a start.  He isn’t sure whether he saw an actual newscast or just had a bad dream.


At breakfast, Lee looks on as his Sister and Mother bicker about his Mother’s new job.


When Hwang awakens, she is hung over and still fully dressed.


The Yoon household, minus Hwang, eats breakfast.  Halmoni manages to insult every family member but Yoon and her grandson.


Yoon’s Brother In Law receives a telephone call.  A “Mister Park” is calling with a business proposal.  Later his wife is like, Don’t even think about it . . .


Park tells Kang that her Father’s contract is a trademark and licensing agreement.  He tells her that whatever it is, the contract is still in effect.


Kang opens the box of her late Father’s things and locates his address book.  She finds the name of the man mentioned in the contract and gives him a call.  But she needs to find a guy named Kim.


Park’s Father is exercising in a park.  Yoon passes by, walking the Family Dog.  She sits down and the dog wanders off.  As Yoon hunts for the dog, Park’s Father ad the Beast face off on the other side of a hedge.

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1 hour ago, UnniSarah said:

@jimb.... thanks for the recap. It seems that they are going to set up Jin Hee and Jin Guk. This is how they are going to reunite Jin Hee with her daughter. 

Yeah, I was thinking about that.


We have five love lines emerging.


Neither Kang now Hwang are having any luck with the most likely males in their vicinity.


Park has been living under the same roof as Kang for so long that the Incest Taboo has kicked in.  She keeps showing obvious interest but he's like, Forgeddaboutit, you're my sister . . .


Hwang, on the other hand, thinks she should be making some progress toward marriage so she makes half-hearted gestures toward her office mate.  Lee thinks he should be polite so he keeps half-heartedly accepting her lunch and dinner invitations.  But since each is half hearted, they never actually meet up.


So the writer takes two cold fish, Lee and Hwang, and places them on the stove next to two empty frying pans, Kang and Park.  Voila, our four romantic leads and two love lines.


Then we have our Korean Drama staple, the Romeo and Juliet  couple whose love must overcome the irrational hostility of their Warring Clans.  In this case it is Hwang's Brother and Kang's Sister who must convince their families that They Can All Just Get Along.


Then we have our totally random pairing:  the Fey Caballero, who seems to have stepped from the cover of a romance novel into Lee's Sister's lonely arms.  Since his eyes seem to emit more steam than fire, her Mother will probably conclude that he is a safe enough dalliance.  But can her Father, who marticulated in the Old School when men were assumed to be clueless about the operation of washing machines and crockpots, fathom an Eye-talian Metrosexual?  Stay tuned.


Finally, we have Park's Father and Kang's Mother.  Anything could happen, but most likely they'll just smile indulgently while the young 'uns do their thing.


To be continued . . .







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7 minutes ago, jimb said:

Yeah, I was thinking about that.


We have five love lines emerging.


Neither Kang now Hwang are having any luck with the most likely males in their vicinity.


Park has been living under the same roof as Kang for so long that the Incest Taboo has kicked in.  She keeps showing obvious interest but he's like, Forgeddaboutit, you're my sister . . .

Hwang, on the other hand, thinks she should be making some progress toward marriage so she makes half-hearted gestures toward her office mate.  Lee thinks he should be polite so he keeps half-heartedly accepting her lunch and dinner invitations.  But since each is half hearted, they never actually meet up.


So the writer takes two cold fish, Lee and Hwang, and places them on the stove next to two empty frying pans, Kang and Park.  Voila, our four romantic leads and two love lines.


Then we have our Korean Drama staple, the Romeo and Juliet  couple whose love must overcget Along.rational hostility of their Warring Clans.  In this case, families that they can all Just ang's Sisters to convince 




So funny @jimb and I was thinking the same thing. I too felt Ha Nee and Do Ku are in family zone. The writer sure is trying real hard to put them together. Always bumping into each other when they are alone and having to keep each other company. 

Ha Nee and Han Kyul are always misunderstanding each other and fighting. Eventually they will fall madly in love with each other. 

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I guess the aunt not saying that Ha Nee is just a part-timer at the shop will somehow affect the future events? Ji Eun's appa acts like someone will steal his food away. He always acts like a beggar.


And I can't believe that Yoon ahjumma! She knows that her old employee did all the stealing but she still blamed Ha Nee (though I know that she didn't know that Ha Nee is just a part-timer) but still. She sure has a nasty personality. I laughed so hard when Jin Guk ahjussi thought she was a sales representative and told her that the owner has a nasty personality.

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Yoon and her Brother In Law search in the park for their lost dog.


Hwang scolds Lee for standing her up the night before.


Hwang answers the phone.  It is Park.  She learns that she owes him for last night’s drings.  And for getting her home unharmed.  She promises to call him tomorrow.


A writer arrives at Park’s office for a meeting.


Park’s Father arrives home from exercising in the park and encounters Kang’s Mother.  He tells her he was frightened into exercising by the news story about middle aged men dying alone.  She notices that a white dog has followed him into the courtyard.


Kang makes several calls in search of the elusive Kim mentioned in her Father’s contract/


Yoon and her Brother In Law arrive home and confess to Halmoni that they have lost the dog.  Halmoni faints.


Kang searches an open air market for Kim.  She finally finds someone who can tell her that Kim left the area the preceding week. 


Yoon’s Sister teaches Lee’s Mother how to bow deeply to customers.  Lee’s Mother’s back hurts.  Also, Yoon’s Sister informs her that from now on she is to be addressed as “Manager Yoon.”


Yoon’s Sister is alone in the show room.  She is non-plussed by the arrival of the Fey Caballero.


Lee’s Sister walks down the street in her sweats.  She sees the Fey Caballero searching for her on the street and feels a sudden need to change her clothes and Freshen Up


Lee’s Sister is on her way out again when she encounters the  Fey Caballero on her doorstep.


As they sit on a park bench, the Fey Caballero announces his intention to move to Korea so he can live with Lee’s Sister.  She is touched.


Halmoni is inconsolable.  Her Son In Law assures her that there is an All Points Bulletin out on the missing dog.  Nevertheless, she lapses into Irritable Old Lady mode.  Her Grandson tells her not to worry.  Too much.


Meanwhile, Kang’s Sister is making friends with Yoon’s Dog.


As Hwang is directing a jeans commercial, she learns that the scheduled actor has been detained.  She presses Lee into service..  He is embarrassed when he is made to turn around and show the television audience how nicely the jeans fit his richardsimmons.


Kang and her Sister tease their Mother for being hooked on a Korean Drama.  Then Kang is surprised to see Lee in the Jeans commercial.


Lee’s Father returns to his empty, messy apartment and is sad.


Lee’s Mother returns home from work and is tired.   She’s had enough of this Manager Yoon guano.  She vows to make sure that her Daughter marries a reliable breadwinner.


At the Yoon residence, their dog is still at large.


Alone in her bedroom, Hwang recalls her previous night’s encounter with Park.  The more she recalls, the more she is embarrassed.




As Lee enters the lobby of his office building and heads for his office, he is waylaid by Park.  He exhales loudly in exasperation.

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Kang tells Lee that she enjoyed seeing his “Apple” richardsimmons  in the Jeans commercial the night before.  He’s like, WTF?


Kang asks for the job she refused when he offered it the other day.  He’s like, WTF?


Kang and Lee bicker.  Each walks away.Korean Hard Person Style.


Lee carries away a drink Kang gave him.  A careless passerby runs into him and the drink explodes on his shirt.  Something for Lee to remember Kang by.


Lee arrives at his office.  Hwang and a female colleague observe that he is wearing a cup of iced coffee.  They tell him that all of the women in the firm are agog over jos apple richardsimmons.  Taking this objectification in stride, he sits at his desk and begins to work.


Park’s Father gives his Son a glass of Yam Juice.  Yum!  When his Father notes that he is carrying a book on how to manage a publishing business, Park mumbles something and heads out the door.


Park’s Father feeds the dog that followed him home.


Halmoni pines for her lost dog as she mopes in bed.


Yoon’s Sister wonders whether she should invest her secret savings in her Husband’s scheme to purchase and manage an Academy.


Kang recalls her encounter with Lee and is rueful.


Lee’s Father is awakened from hung-over slumber by a robocall.


Park’s Father calls Yoon’s Sister and tells her he dropped off her shoes with a “sales associate.”  Then he apologizes for something he said to the “sales associate.”  She thinks he is referring to Lee’s Mother.


An imperious customer walks in and treats Lee’s Mother like trash.


Yoon’s Sister tells Lee’s Sister that a guy wearing mascara was looking for her the day before.


Yoon’s Sister tries to interest Yoon in investing in her husband’s scheme to purchase the Academy.


Park tells an author that he wants to publish his manuscript.


Park tries to call Hwang but she lets the call go to voicemail.


Another customer treats Lee’s Mother like trash.


Lee’s Father has the flu but Lee’s Mother ignores his calls.


Kang’s Mother steps out and asks Park’s Father to watch her Side Dish Store.


Yoon arrives at the Side Dish Store but finds it unattended.  Park’s Father sees her enter the store and rushes to help her.  When each recognizes the other from their previous encounter, their greetings are awkward.  They bicker before she buys some kimche and leaves.


It’s dinner time but Halmoni is still moping in her bed.  Yoon persuades her to sample the kimche she just bought.



Lee’s Mother sits in her bedroom at the end of the day and recalls the procession of rude customers.  Lee’s Sister enters and offers to do a number of favors, hoping to butter her Mother up before she introduces him to the Fey Caballero.


Lee’s Mother tries to interest his Sister in another blind date but she complains that Korean men are too “patriarchal.”  Her Mother, however, is not up for a foreign son in law.


Lee’s Father has managed to dress himself and order some delivery food.  His daughter calls but he tells her he is angry she didn’t call sooner and rings off.


Kang receives a phone call.  Someone has spotted the Kim she is looking for.


Kang enters a sweatshop and asks for Kim.  Kim turns out to be someone who previously told her he doesn’t know where Kim is.  He immediately hauls richardsimmons out the door.


Kim trips and Kang confronts him.


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Just as the Fey Caballero shows up on Lee's Sister's doorstep, ardent but jobless, her Mother declares herself re future sons in law:  No furriners, no Luftmenschen.


Between his mascara and lack of Korean language skills, he's guano-out-of-luck when it comes to economic survival unless one of Seoul's saunas has an opening for a towel boy, or Lee's Mother allows his Sister to make him House Husband -- which she won't.


And if you think the Fey Caballero will launch Lee's Mother into space, wait until Lee himself brings the Poor but Worthy Kang home to Mother.


These children, these days . . .

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Wow! Halmoni's rotten personality is in full view! And ahjussi looks like he's so done with these"rich people". He had me cracking when he hit the nail on halmoni about wearing fancy clothing = classy people. It is so true that the family is hiding their rotter personalities with their fancy clothing.


And Ji Eun thinks she's so important. Basically sunbae is saying that she's not that important. I think she was oh so ready to b*atch about whoever is ruining her plans with sunbae. :lol:

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