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[Drama 2018] Tomorrow Is Sunny as Well / Sunny Again Tomorrow, 내일도 맑음


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Hi, I just finished watching this drama & I have a question, what happened to Granny’s puppy? He seems to be missing half way through 


On 11/5/2018 at 3:59 PM, mamanijared said:


I agree with you @angelwingssf i was hoping that SIN and JJH date in real life. Can't imagine the actress playing JE with JJH. Oh well, they are still young who knows maybe in the future will still keep my hopes up lol

Sorry..it was very late of me joining this fun & excitement but I cannot help but respond to this...I see this was posted in November 2018, so KBS Drama Awaird 2018 has not yet happened, but if anyone watched it, when SIA was announced as an award winner, JJH stood up & hug her, which was very rare for young screen couple to do. Even when SIA won an award in 2019, her current partner at the time just stood there in his seat, just clapping his hands....so even if there’s nothing going on with JJH & SIA, there still hope yet... and I especially like they both used stage names as well as English names & theirs are Justin & Seorina. Its a rhyme just like Justin & Selena:)

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