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[Drama 2018] Tomorrow Is Sunny as Well / Sunny Again Tomorrow, 내일도 맑음


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11 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

Halmoni is holding SH's hands, they made up.

JE enters the house, she is forgiven by the family.

DG is smiling too, they made up :) 


All the family are gathering, they are celebrating, I think Halmoni's birthday :) 


now chingus off to the next daily :) 




Its good to see a male lead perspective this time, for some reason it seem rare for 120 episode dramas?

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OK, in kdrama people go to prison for just one year no matter what! The list is too long but the ones that the police could get involved are

SH attempted to murder EA, she hired kidnappers to kidnap YR, she embezzled money from JH,  she hired a thieves to steal from HN house and she and her daughter also broke in and also tapes from the TV station they have rights too, she caused a disturbance of business by hiring that woman who was fake assaulted by HG mom, she lied to the police about SJ being dead by hiring a man to pretend to be SJ father (I know it is not important but is he living freely?)and she only gets one year?on the other hand, YR mother committed just fraud and she is still in prison I think if YR still with HN family.

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1 hour ago, selen4ever said:

EA goes to the police station and meets SH who is sitting in a prison cell. They talk. HN sounds very sad and disappointed. SH  tells her not to lie (?) HN turns to leave and SH calls her SJ and with tears streaming down her cheek says something about JE. 

(stream keeps freezing ... :()


This was a nice scene.  HN went and said she had always imagined meeting her family but never imagined that it would be like this.  She said how JH had told her about how much help SH was when she had lost her daughter and husband and had to go through hard times.  SH says she doesn't have to say all this.  It is better if she just took SH to not even exist.  HN said that it is not because she wants to feel good about it.  Rather it is just that she wants no regrets later in her own life.  She also said her "mom" came to the station but couldn't make herself come in and see SH.  I think she did not say which mom...  So HN did not say anything about forgiving or anything.  Just a talk to convey that she is fine moving on with her own life than look back.   Then she turned to leave, and SH had tears streaming down her cheeks as she called her "SuJeong" and thanked her for rescuing JE.

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13 minutes ago, sava2sava said:


Come on in Ladies and Gent The water is mighty fine. Yea no birth secrets

Are we absolutely sure about this? No birth secrets? :crazy:



@jayakris i did say PROBABLY, so I can have an excuse when I do go back to watching dailies! :phew::lol:




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