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Lee Jung Hyun (이정현) Is Back!

Guest jahye

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i love how she gained weight!

she used to be too skinny and I didn't like that.

she looks much healthier than before! :)

i can't wait till she releases her MV, it looks good ;)

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Guest NotFromThisPlanet

oh my gosh, really?! i love her music. i listen to her albums all the time. it will be nice to add some new music for my ears to listen to.

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she's so COOL.

she's so different from everybody else, and i respect her for that.

did you know that whole microphone-on-the-pinky thing was made up by HER? she wanted to find a creative/new way for her performances, and she came up with that.

i remember she was MAJORLY popular back when i lived in korea.

lke 1998/9? around that time..

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Guest gfngfgf

i LOVE how she can pull of so many different styles. i love her and her music. i'm so glad she's back.

Exactly what I was thinking. Amazing that she can always find a new style, and make it look good.

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Guest koreanCHICA

woah. totally different concept. haha change is good i guess.

she seems more... full? like now she looks like a person ^^ before she used to be a twig.

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wow those fantasy girl pictures are really nice..

she really matches that style..

the pictures of her mv arent... xP

she looks like she gained some weight...

and she doesnt looks so well with that style..

but im excited that she's back (:

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