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[Drama 2019] Vagabond, 배가본드

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25 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

@katakwasabi Yes, the action scenes are sometimes ridiculous but I can still enjoy this drama. For me, the whole conspiracy has not been entirely unveiled. See my post from before.


Yes. The ridiculousness is actually making it fun. It's kinda amazing tbh. Hahaha


I want EP to be a good guy. Him being evil mastermind is too obvious, just like how SSR was assumed to be the bad guy in the beginning. Lol. With that said, I don't think anyone else is capable to be evil mastermind other than EP for now. Unless they decide to introduce a new character for season 2. Since it's nearing the end and we are still in 2012, we are nowhere near sniper Dalgun and scarf Haeri in ep 1...I do think there's a high possibility it will be an open ending, teasing for a 2nd season.


I've been following this drama for so long...I remember seeing fanpics for this scene. We'll finally see it in ep 12~




Omo!!!! I just realized the person I thought was Haeri (1:35- 1:41) in the drama teasers is actually Lily! I've been imagining Haeri will do a gun scene like in the teaser at some point, turns out I was watching a different  character all together.  Lol!


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17 hours ago, cherriesblue said:

I wonder who Michael's mistress was? Kim said she was Asian.  Up to now, they only got very little info from Kim. How are they going to make him testidy is going to be interesting.

99.9% sure it's Micky, Edward's minion

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@bebebisous33 i had a good read of your post. Interesting theory. Honestly i'm starting to lose interest in this drama. Too much politics. I was looking for forward for more action via our stuntman CDG but i've been disappointed, we only get to see gun battles since ep9. The bad guys seems to be having loads of fun all smiles since the budget have been approved. While GTW and gang are wrecking their brains trying to bring in one measly witness who isn't even cooperating. 

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I donno but i am starting to lose interest on the drama. From the 1st episode until they came back to Korea, was ok. But, after they came back to Morrocco, it feels like lacking of logic. I dont mind the serious scene if it was done brilliantly, but OMG, we need someone like CIA in this operative. 


The way they operate in Morrocco is the same style they did in Korea.. Err in drama. It was not ur own country to just shooting here and there. Imagine, someone did that in my country where we never seen people fighting with guns and bazooka. If suddenly, it happens, does it going to create tension between two countries? 

Now, I only watch a little bit here and there after read the recap. Maybe I'll comeback when there's a time jump. 

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Starting ep 12.


Lol. Kim Woo Gi is growing on me. I like the way he torments Dalgun and Haeri. He's funny :joy:




Is there really a need to have a >10 minutes recap in the beginning of the episode? Are they out of footage or something. 


Ermmmmm.....ep 12 was something. Mmmmm. It was not as exciting as ep 11. It was so....empty feeling. Felt like a filler ep. With so many slowmos. It really feels like they have not much footage and is just dragging scenes. But awwww.. lily has a heart. So dramatic. Omo! Is that scarface!!!! Is he the other sniper? Poor Lily minion died though. Huhu


@lollyminx HR DG bickering is lighthearted moments when I take the romance aspect out. Imo they bicker like siblings or long time friends and they don't have sparks/tension in their interaction. I personally think it's because their 'romantic' scenes are forced and does not flow nicely. The characters were not given the opportunity to actually bond in a rational manner. Dalgun is high on revenge and grief. Haeri is...well Haeri :sweatingbullets:. They had 12 eps to develop a bond, but unfortunately as of ep 12 I feel their bond is only on the surface. Which is a pity. They could have been a power couple if their storyline was developed better.

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I just finished watching the last 2 episode! Man I don’t have a voice now due to screaming and my palm hurt because I kept on slapping whatever is near me! Gosh the ending minutes, on how they survive going to the court was like watching a basketball game rooting for tour team to win because last second you are tied with the score and it’s seem like only luck that they will shoot the ball! It’s really intensifying! Thank God the judge still have conscience to extend the time and most of all the politics around them is corrupt! Only people power works! 
I love the vagabond team even they are very tiny in number they are deadly as poison! I hope those corrupt officials will go down the drain, and the president should learned from his mistake! 
even though they made it into the court, they still need evidence! And Kim needs to be treated first! For Pete’s sake! I know all they have gone through is pure luck that they are not even dead with that gun shots! 
I applauded the people for helped them just to be in the court, they want justice to prevail, and I hope someone will live stream of what is happening in the court even I know it’s not possible even in my dreams. 
Can’t wait for next week, will the writer will still have someone his/her sleeves that will keep me up to my toes? Will they finish the timeline in 2012? Will there be enough evidence to our Jessica behind the bars? 
Let’s find out soon!

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I just finished watching ep 12 with eng subs. Wow. Wow!  It is certainly way  better than ep 11.  Action all the way. Although  it is ridiculous at times, but it is exciting.  Yesterday I found ep 11 out of sorts.  I was disappointed.  Today is good. No complaints.  Final Scene: They get to the Court.  Will be waiting impatiently for ep 13


My favourite moment is when the Judge in the court lost the "Head" of his hammer.  Makes me burst out laughing.  But he is a good Judge.  Without him, there will be no judgement.  GH & DG's efforts would be in vain. The President called the Chief Commissioner of Police (the title goes something like that) to pull all the stops on GH & DG's team. To stop them from reaching the Court.  When the news station sent out their helicopter to cover the chase, they were ordered to turn back.  Finally the Chief Judge orders the Judge in the Court to immediately pass the judgement before they get the co-pilot to court.


But he is the Man of the Hour.  He refused to follow the Order.  So at least there is one Patriot after all


Another best moment is when all the bereaved family-members crowd around GH, DG & co-pilot to prevent them from being shot by Lily the sniper.  Lily does have a heart after all.  Jessica ordered her shoot. But Lily told her she cannot shoot at the bereaved family members



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23 minutes ago, Lj said:

Wait.... wait.... the final episode is next week? Can someone clarify to me? Will there be season 2? Or it’s totally final? I thought it was ep 16? 

Today, we saw the episode 12!! So they are 4 episodes left, which means the drama ends in two weeks and not next week.:D


Despite the intense action scenes, we got two huge clues today. Jessica is interested in an oil project situated in Kiria and Hong has already a partner. So now, it becomes clear that Hong's partner is Edward Parker but it looks like Jessica has no idea. Then we heard from the Prime Minister about the existence of a slush fund for the president. So when Yun asked Jessica to wire the money to the account in Singapore, it was not for himself but for the president. This episode reveals Yun's real part: he is the right-hand man of the president who does all the dirty jobs and the president is not innocent at all. The slush fund will be used as an evidence against the president and the Prime Minister Hong will use it against the president... Remember the words from KTW about the spy: a colleague will be stabbed in the back and I sense, this will happen to the president.


I have also the impression that the Prime Minister Hong wanted the bill to pass (more money for weapons) because when the president loses his position, the Prime Minister can use the bill in order to buy the weapons from Dynamics. Edward Park wouldn't lose as the bill doesn't specify where the money should go... so the weapon company is not really determined.


Next week, GHR is in a coma at the hospital. I guess, she got wounded, when she ran to the court. It looks like KWM is going to be hurt on his way to jail.



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Ha Jung Woo Revealed To Be Artist Of Painting Featured In Recent “Vagabond” Episode

Oct 26, 2019
by J. Li



Ha Jung Woo made a special appearance on SBS’s “Vagabond” in an unexpected way!

During the episode of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Vagabond” that aired on October 25, a piece of artwork created by Ha Jung Woo was featured in a scene that involved an art auction.

In the drama, the painting was described as having been created by artist Kim Sung Hoon, a fictional character. However, viewers were surprised to learn that the real artist behind the work was none other than actor Ha Jung Woo. The actor made his debut as an artist in 2010 and has opened many art exhibits since then. He is said to be influenced by pop art and German expressionism, and his artwork has been given high praise by both art critics and enthusiasts alike.


The artwork in the drama was first featured in a gallery in July 2018 and he signed it with “2018 HAJUNGWOO” on the bottom right corner, which is what viewers spotted in the scene. Ha Jung Woo is said to have lent the artwork to the drama at the request of screenwriters Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon as they’re acquaintances.

A source from the drama explained, “Many viewers who watched the scene were curious about the artwork and people who had gone to the exhibit that featured the artwork recognized it. We wish to thank Ha Jung Woo for allowing us to showcase his artwork.”



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If my theory is true that Edward Park is involved in the plane crash, then this means that the co-pilot has to die after testifying. Because he told in the presence of Edward Park's secretary that he had seen Michael's mistress. This could be the explanation why the co-pilot Kim is targeted on his way to jail.

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