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[Drama 2018] Secret Mother 시크릿마더

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Kim Jae-hwa attended the awards ceremony of '2018 SBS Acting Awards' held at SBS in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 31st December.




She had 2 supporting roles for SBS this year, in Secret Mother and My Strange Hero.

I hope she gets an award for Secret Mother.


Kim So yeon at SBS Drama Award 2018









Song Yoona at SBS 2018 Drama Award









Shin Dong Yup said that the actresses of "Secret Mother" are looking like goddesses today.

I agree. Yes, they are!!!!!:wub:

Song Yoon Ah said "Secret Mother" is her first SBS drama in 10 years and she's grateful to be here with great people tonight.

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Congratulations Kim So Yeon on winning Excellence in Acting (Daily and Weekend Drama) for her performance in "Secret Mother"!









Translation of her speech

2018 SBS Drama Awards - Kim So Yeon gets Excellence Award (Best Acting Award) with the role in weekend drama "Secet Mother". She said, "When I was first cast in 'Secret Mother', I recalled that I was given such a great role and got a great cheer. Thank you for giving me such a great prize. Thank the staff and actors of 'Secret Mother'. And finally, thank my husband Sang Woo, who has supported me so much when I received 'Secret Mother'.... (translation KSY FB Fan page)

Kim So Yeon said when she is reminded of cheering when she was first cast for her character in "Secret Mother." The actress thanked her staff members, agency, fans, and her husband Lee Sang Woo!

Top Excellence in Acting (Daily and Weekend Drama)
Congratulations Song Yoon Ah on winning Top Excellence in Acting (Daily and Weekend Drama) for her performance in "Secret Mother"!




Song Yoon Ah says that she felt how much she was lacking while appearing in "Secret Mother" and at times, that it was difficult and burdensome. But during those times, her staff members and co-stars were with her and helped her overcome her difficult times. She ended her speech by thanking her fans and wishing everyone a happy new year.



Congratulations, beautiful and talented ladies!


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