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Top 5 Korean Male Celebrity That You Would Go Out With

Guest snoopy

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female from different parts of the world opinions

Female from different parts of the world [ecuador, UK, canada, USA, china, japan, Russia, etc.] were asked who they would want to have as a boyfriend among the male korean celebrities.

hope this wasn't posted...


강동원 (Kang Dong Won)



비 (Bi/Rain)



원빈 (Wonbin)



장동건 (Jang Dong Gun)


and the #1 male celebrity is...



i actually agree with this list. when the girls saw that the #1 guy was daniel henney they all made that "OMG, he's beautiful" expressions. LOL. he's a work of art. :)

credits to naver.com & snoopy for uploading.

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Guest makemyday

haha like a month ago..

i made a top 10 list.. of my top 10 favorite male celebrities..

and kangdongwon, jangdonggun and daniel henney were all on the list.

haha (although i put them in the opposite order)

ps. and do you mean females from different parts of the WORLD? cause if its different parts of the country.. its still korea's opinion

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Guest dbsgforever101

ummm i think i filled out something like this [?] .. but it never hurts to do it again xD

1. JO IN SONG!!!!

2. yunho [tvxq]

3. soh ji sob

4. kang dong won

5. song seong hoon

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Guest disfunktional.

hahaz, this thread is interesting!

1. Jaejoong - Hero

2. Changmin - Max

3. Yunho - U-know

4. Yoochun - Micky

5. Xiah - Junsu

lol woot! ALL 5 DBSK members ^^

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Guest RainFan4ever

tell u the truth i would like to go like a friend date with them not like a lovers kinda date.....b/c they are celebrities.....if I had the chance i would pick rain(bi) i think he would be such a good friend....daniel is a piece of art....he has everything perfect.....from head to toe

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Guest koolangel297


..ahaha yeah this thread is interesting. :)

Hahahha... TVXQ for me too....

Daniel Henney is hot, so i'm not suprised he is on the list... but IMO Hyun Bin is more attractive compared to him and Rain/Bi shouldn't be on the list....

Sorry ppl... just that i never found rain/bi attractive and i even think he is ugly... no offence

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Guest miss ambrosia x3

T_T wheres hyun bin!? where. is. hyun bin!? haha. XD

i think that minwoo should be up there too since his debut in wontak angel.

but daniel henney has more universal appeal. in my opinion.

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Wow............ I have so many names in mind :sweatingbullets: .....................I choose 5 names :

1. Lee Dong Wook

2. Jo Han Su

3. Daniel Henney

4. Jang Dong Gun

5. So Ji Sub

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I'm nto surprised... but.. Bi?

I don't know why- I just don't like him ><;;

But I agree with Daniel Henney rofl <3 he's just so charming!

Jaejoong should be up there somewhere ><;; But then again, his beauty is intimidating to us female persuasions.

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