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[Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

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I haven't posted anything ever since Moon Lovers ending and I'm still not satisfied on how it ended. The endings to all those characters was a knife to the heart, I cried while watching their final moments. I started watching this drama a week ago and now I'm all caught up with the latest episode. All I'm going to say is that I would personally go up to Do Jin or Na Moo and Jae Yi or Nak Won ( I don't know which names to refer them by) and TIGHTLY GIVE THEM A HUG AND COMFORT WORDS ALL DAY LONG. I would totally be by their side and listen as they let all grief, sadness, and tears out. I wouldn't even say a word, just letting them know that there is someone out there for them is a great support to them, especially Do Jin since he's the one getting all the blame and hate. I honestly can't watch while people throw food at him, slap him or just yell at him. IT IS NOT HIS FAULT THAT HIS FATHER IS PSYCHOPATH KILLER, DNA DOES NOT MAKE WHO YOU ARE.


I really want to knock couple of teeth out of that reporter and the other reporter who gets interviews from the psychopath killer. I don't understand how a human being would want to associate themselves with a killer, all that just to get ratings. It is morally wrong. This drama reminded me of Tunnel, another good drama worth to watch. 


I wonder if there is a chance of the father or the other son escaping and going after our couple. If they come face to face, all the trauma coming to the surface. Seeing the face of the monster in front of you, not just watching him onscreen, but actually encountering him. It would be a nice closure if our couple ends him and through justice process, maybe that will be by Do Jin's hands, since he is a policeman. 


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9 hours ago, stargazer187 said:



@supergal99 is that for photo graduation?? Those are his step-mom and teen SJ. Okay.. I guess I forget to ask this and seems like I am not sure either even I have rewatched it. Is SJ isn't his half-brother? I mean.. during the run away scene, mom said that it's okay for NM since he is his father


Uh oh @stargazer187 i cant focus on the plot - hahaa.. erhm.. yess.. have to check back the drama:grimace:


Enjoy the Latest BTS:


(Oh me wan to 'play' too...heee)



Letz think of it as Not melo but juz a strong love story between 2 lovers strongly bonded by simple true first love since teenage. 

Heeee....the rest are juz obstacles waiting to be removed *dum dum dum*

Stay strong for our OTP everyone!





Oh and talking about *cough* "obstacle":




** Ps chingus -pls credit me when u repost my gifs else i will be super melo hahaaa.. (ok chill juz kidding... juz that itz weird to see my gifs in another post) **

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9 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

Thats a really pretty obstacle :wub:


Hahaaa  pretty n strong (judo hee) too.. u ninja ya? We leave her to u ya.. heeee:tongue:

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6 minutes ago, supergal99 said:


Hahaaa  pretty n strong (judo hee) too.. u ninja ya? We leave her to u ya.. heeee:tongue:

Yeah great combo . :heart:


She can protect me since I cant fight thats pretty romantic.

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@supergal99 thanks for the BTS.  Waah!!!! they r so cute!!!!! esp. JKJ.  She says she did not have food (means to say she will be light to lift)  But i think her manager says she did  eat (cake).   He exposed her lie.  So JKY keep on teasing her saying that she told me she did not eat.   And during the lifting scene practise with the PD, at the end, JKJ says she will give a jump up for him to lift.  He teases her after the practise why is his hands shaking so much?????? whats wrong with his hand?? kekekeke, so cute.   while conversing also he talks in banmal to her.  She is noona by 4 years, is it not?  He is 25 and she is 29.  How come he is casual talking with her?  Thats good to see.


I watched yesterdays episode with sub.  NDR, superb acting as well as that young girl(Kim so hyun look-alike) I would say, a good transition between the young and the adult actors.  JKY's acting is really good.  JKJ is cute coz her character  itself is cute and dont find bad in her acting.   Now that we are all big fans of the hottie, in drama also i think there are three girls who have fallen for him.  One our female lead,  hoobae and step sister.  Too much competition for him.  All the cherry blossoms scene are so good to see.


The ratings are rising and i hope so for the coming weeks also.  fighting!!!!!






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Oh.. this is not good. Feeling very sad from last night episode. Nak Won and Nam Moo deserve happy ending writer. It's a must! 


I can't hold my tears any longer during the scene of NW and NM on the side of the street. The part when NW assured him to keep on living no matter how hard it would be for him, insists him to promise to stay alive. That's very sad. 


For NW, I think she is really like her mom, pretty inside out. I love this girl after NM. Very strong if I can say. Despite of the horrible past she experienced, she tries to bear with the trauma and live with it. She give strength to others even she herself is in pain. Such a pretty kinda-hearted person. 


And for NM, he is very heartbroken and hurt. Seeing him crying while thinking of his NW. My tear's rolling down even more. @stroppyse I just read your added comments about the title. Yes, agreed on that and it feels even sadder after seeing him here. Now remember to what will happen in next week episode. That reunion of them will be so heartbreaking. 


Now, I'm wondering about GMW. Where was he when the accident happened. I mean, only NW who was being captured. Was he at school back then? 


NDR is not a doubt that his acting and expression are superb!  I love the part when he barged in to rescue NW. Grab NW's hand right and willing to take some hit instead of NW. I love how his vocal changed for that scene.


@loveandpeace09 I think he has that secret door to teleport him like superman right there. Hahahaha.  Thanks for reminding us this. This lighten up my mood now. 



Oh gosh.. after seeing newest bts makes my heart flutters. They revive my shipper heart to ship them! They're so playful and cheerful in there. I'm grinning like a fool watching the video. Patiently waiting for subs @stroppyse

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:) some updates from mbc:

Anyone like this scene ? The grownup NM talking to teen NW :grimace:




Hahaa.. @stargazer187 @pad-hari the BTS is the most funny one so far... we need more BTS heeee to last till next wed haahaaa... oh tks to pad-hari, at least we have some idea what the cuties are talking about.:blush:

*whisper* @dramaninja uh oh u r juz a fictional drama ninja ya? Haahaaaa

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Hi everyone,


just finished the first 2 episode  this  morning, ti'm in love with this drama. usually this kind of story either in TVN or OCN. 

love all the casts & character so far. i haven't backtrack yet because it will spoil the story to me lol.


anyway, i saw familiar name here.. hi @stargazer187 :)



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@stargazer187, here is the reward for your patience, though I only do translations, not subs. Here is a translation of the BTS. Not sure if there is anyone on this thread that wants to try subbing it. But, hope you enjoy it anyway. In the spoiler.



Video Title: That girl who is as light as a cake to me.



JY: Did he say that he ate a big breakfast before he came? (captioned)
JY: Did he say that he could lift me up easily today? (captioned)
caption: Today’s shooting is, Do Jin suddenly lifting up Jae Yi shot!
JY: He needed to have eaten a lot of breakfast before he came today. (captioned)

caption: With the Director, rehearsing Do Jin & Jae Yi
Director: So, you’re going to firmly hold her again. And then…
JY: Lift me up! (captioned)
Director: Try lifting her. But, as you lift her, hide her face slightly. But, I don’t know if the face is going to be easy to move.
DJ: Heavy!
JY: Oh, I’m so sorry.
JY: Hey, you can’t make any noises! (captioned)
Director: Try it. Try it. But, her face…
caption: This time, Do Jin is able to lift her easily.
Director: Try flopping over.
DJ: Not like that. (captioned)
Director: No, no. Flop this way.
caption: Without any hesitation, quickly answering Do Jin.
JY: Oh, him.
Director: Oh, that’s uncomfortable. This one is -
JY: How about like this. This much. Yes, like this. This much.
Director: Yes, try that pose.
Director: Is it hard? (captioned)
DJ: No, no, no.
caption: Saying that it wasn’t very hard at all, Do Jin!
JY: I’ll make it up to you.
DJ: No, no.

JY caption: Jae Yi’s manner hands (me: meaning she’s covering her ears so that DJ can talk freely with the VJ)
VJ: You have to pick Jae Yi up, so how do you feel? (captioned)
VJ: She said that she wasn’t going to eat today.
DJ: She’s very light. (captioned)
DJ hand caption: shake shake shake
JY: Wow. Really. There’s not even 1 bit of soul. (me: Meaning that there was no sincerity in DJ’s answer.)
DJ: Oh. Oh why?
DJ: Why is this being like this? (captioned)
JY: Oh, this. This is…
JY: This is just hand tremors. (captioned)  (me: She means a medical condition such as for Parkinson’s sufferers.)
DJ: Why is this being like this?
DJ: Oh, she was really light. (captioned)
DJ: She was really light, but… (captioned)
JY: Your arm. Your arm didn’t disappear, did it? Your arm is gone.
caption: Even their joking around completely matches well.
JY: Where did it go?
JY: I didn’t eat lunch. (captioned)
JY: I didn’t eat lunch… (captioned)
JY: I really didn’t eat lunch.
DJ: You really didn’t eat lunch?
caption: Saying that she hadn’t eaten lunch, asking the manager’s help for confirmation, Jae Yi.
JY: Ask him.
Manager: Yes, yes. She ate cake. (captioned)
DJ: Really. She ate cake? She ate cake?
DJ: Apparently, you ate cake.
JY caption: Crouched down (in embarrassment), Jae Yi
DJ caption: poke poke
DJ: Excuse me.
DJ: Apparently, you ate cake?
Caption: (Just to let it go…too cute. cry cry) (me: This caption is saying that DJ finds JY too cute to just let it go.)
DJ: Your manager says you ate.
DJ: But you said you didn’t eat to me. You told me that you didn’t eat anything.
caption: Interrogating Jae Yi about having eaten the cake
DJ: But, you ate cake?
DJ: No wonder, there was some cake weight. (captioned)
DJ: For some reason, I thought you had eaten it.
Manager: But really, she only ate a little. (captioned)
JY: One forkful. (captioned)
JY: One forkful.
DJ: I think there is the smell of cake near me. (captioned)
DJ: I wonder who ate that? (captioned)
DJ caption: (peeking around)

zooming caption: Action!
Man: Was the camera on right?
Man: What is this?
caption: Unable to lift her up in one try and drops her instead…!
DJ: The gloves were too slipper. (captioned)
JY: A little while ago when I was being dropped on the ground, I think it was all filmed, right? (captioned)
JY: It was filmed, right? (captioned)
VJ caption: nod nod
Staff1: Get ready now.
Staff2: Yes.
Staff: We’ll go again.

caption: Not having stopped, the cake war!
JY: I had a half of a piece.
Manager: One piece about the size of that wedge. (captioned)
JY: Just this much.
caption: Saying that she had only eaten a little bit, Jae Yi.
JY: Just this much.
JY: I only at this much. (captioned)
DJ: You ate a lot, more than I had thought. (captioned)




Leaving in a few hours, so won't be around much for the next two weeks or so. See you then.

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I honestly though the actress playing the rude actress was Choi Jung Woo, who played the leading lady in the drama (Stars falling from the sky 2008) but it's another actress by the name of Jung Da Hye. They look so alike, so the whole time I was thinking .... wow I haven't seen her in years. 


I haven't seen the latest two episodes, since my mother is hogging the TV watching  re-runs of My husband is Oh Jak Doo" haha! Sure I can watch it on the phone/lap top but it's so much more sublime in the living room :glasses: . 

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:heart:story continues behind the scenes:




Sexy long legs NM/DJ



Super cute NW/JY




*With love from MBC*



***Ops ! @stroppyse juz read yr post - enjoy yr looooong break!!!***

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:glasses: pardon me chingus... y3s itz me again.:grimace:


I need to post these:

Cto mbc website














17 hours ago, itgirl said:

Translation of character descriptions from the official MBC website. (Part 4)



People around Jae Yi


Pyo Taek: 46 years old / Han Jae Yi’s manager

Instead of saying "I made Han Jae Yi what she is today!" he says "Jay Yi carried me on her back to make me who I am today!". As the head of Han Jae Yi’s management agency, he gives her his full trust and support from beginning to end. Since he was never good at studying, he’s bad at grammar and the contract he draws up is a mess. He uses the wrong terminology in use of proverbs. But his heart towards Jae Yi is clear and sincere, a so called “Jae Yi’s Mom” and a overzealous manager.  


Chun Se Kyung: 33 years old / Top actress in Korea

She is a star who has both the looks and the acting ability. Even though people thinks she’s innocent and gentle, but people around her knows that her smile is actually her mocking you. Even though she looks gentle, she is prickly as a cactus.  But if you remove that layer, there is a warmth hiding that even people around her may not be aware of.  She doesn’t forget the kindness and consideration Actress Ji Hye Won showed her when Se Kyung was a rookie actress ten years ago. So she returns the kind gestures to Jae Yi, Ji Hye Won’s daughter. From then, she becomes like a real sister to Jae Yi, giving her haughty advice yet sincerely embracing her whenever Jae Yi faces troubles and isolation in the harsh entertainment world. 


Gil Sung Shik

Father of Nakwon and Moowon, Human rights lawyer


Ji Hye Won

Mother of Nakwon and Moowon, Top actress



Wow.. tks for all these trans.  JY's manager is soo cute too hahaa.. oh and that "rude" actress is actually a good character here ? Oh caught me by surprise:grimace:





Ok chill and have a great weekend all!!:)

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4 hours ago, aegyoppa said:

Hi everyone,


just finished the first 2 episode  this  morning, ti'm in love with this drama. usually this kind of story either in TVN or OCN. 

love all the casts & character so far. i haven't backtrack yet because it will spoil the story to me lol.


anyway, i saw familiar name here.. hi @stargazer187 :)



Holaaa @aegyoppa how's life??? Oh.. nice! you watched this too? Go, finish all eps soon. This is my most fave drama now. Haha


@stroppyse opps.. I mean translation. I wrote it subs ya? Error vocabulary there :lol: It's okay stroppyse. It's more than enough for me. :thumbsup: 

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Wow.. uri uniform hottie posted this:glasses: 

** poke @stargazer187 

 And this IG clip on the special powers of him stopping the car hahaaa... maybe PDnim did visit this thread .. nay juz kidding:tongue:

Eng trans (IG)



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I just finished watching a new episode. It was so deep and emotional. I was struck by how both of them still keep their feelings, feel each other, protect from everything around. And the main thing is that they really meet exactly in those moments when they need each other the most. But I hope Nak Won will heal his heart from this guilt, because it's not his fault, and he should not cripple himself through it. And reporters are just beasts, they are ready to tear anyone off for a sensation, this is more disgusting than a killer.I am really waiting for new episodes, hoping that he will not push her back, they need each other to be strong and to withstand it.


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:blush:stills from MBC Hug News 26 may:




(Hahahaa.. those nasty reporters)






Oh this one for @Lmangla n @zagigirl






Wow.. another BTS (uniform yum...)


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