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[Drama 2018] Thirty But Seventeen, 서른이지만열일곱입니다

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Looks like I am unable to catch the drama tonight as I have a dinner to attend.

So......leaving you with this.


He actually said it! On hindsight, it would have been good if he had discussed the whole thing with SR. However, Mr Gong is Mr Gong - he still has a way to go at putting his thoughts and intention across. The scene above was a spontaneous confession.

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On 8/30/2018 at 4:14 PM, aisling said:


I’m pretty sure she had a crush on him too but we’re not supposed to know yet. We were given two hints - flashback to young SR drawing a crescendo and when she ran after that kid and saw his Pororo case. I think when she got on the same bus as WJ she actually followed him. I don’t think SR will blame him for her lost 13 years but WJ will feel guilty nonetheless.


Well, didn’t we predict this? She definitely noticed him in the past and I think we can conclude now that she followed him on that bus. 



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Officially on Ep 11 so it would mean an escalation of emotions, throw in a dash of doctor to create tension, a scoop of revelation of SR's true identity, a bagful of angst with Mr Gong who always thought he had caused another person's death and now the person is here.

At least TR is not a romantic rival or my mind will boggle.

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5 hours ago, shiroazn said:

You can check it out if you want. My video editing skills are trash though.



Loved your video...  Most of all the song choice of Better with you....  And the words " I like me better when I am with you "

I actually loved these words because I think that's how it is for them both.  They give each other that sense of warmth and even comfort that they both feel and need but she hasn't fully realized yet, but he has.  Part trust, part being free to be who they really are while being with each other.  Not to mention that feeling of safety that comes from actually being friends first...


What's even more moving is watching them sit alone and reflect on those moments within their minds replaying them over and over while smiling or more like beaming that seems to come from deep down inside.  It's beautiful seeing the reflection of love through them...


While they were at the playground under the darkness of night while rain was falling all around them sitting within that tube she was feeling it almost to herself at first and then later sharing that she had been in that very same spot and yet was feeling totally different now that he is next to her.  When you have never been in love it's hard to know what it even is.  Yet like a sponge she is soaking it all in and WJ is leading by taking her hand and I look forward to her heart catching up with his. 


I just wanted to add I think everyone needs a Jennifer in their lives just really love her character.  Much more than I ever imagined!!!!

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@shiroazn chinggu..unfortunately I cant watch your FMV here in my country. It was blocked. Is there anyway I can watch it not via YT?


Anyway, you and I probably among the few who can live off merely with the staring...hehe..In fact, I was hoping that 3/4 of the drama are just about them spending time with each other, talking, smiling, staring at each other and reminiscing all the precious moments..I won't lie though and said that I'm not looking fwd for their kiss but I guess the way YSJ stares at SHS in every scene they are together seemed to be enough for me. Probably also because, of late, most dramas in almost every channel seemed to prefer delaying their kissing scenes, that at this point of time I am not expecting any of these scenes sooner....hahaha..


Anyway, I too just want to unleash a bit of my thoughts here about this drama. First, I want to rant a bit about the actor and actress (though I know this is not the place for it but I just need to vent out my utter admiration for these 2 leads). I started this drama with less enthusiasm since I don't follow the two leads much (I did like SHS in My Golden Life but I was not her fan yet then and I did follow Temperature of Love but YSJ was not my fav then) but I LOOOOVEEEEE both of them in this drama! :heart:It's like they are made for each other. And their acting seemed to compliment each other perfectly. And what I like most is that they both choose to play characters which are not their normal roles/ not cliche..Kudos for both SHS and YSJ. I hope to see more of them together in another project, with different roles..


Now character wise. I tried to think of the adjectives to describe both Woo Jin and Seo Ri but I can't because I'm not sure if any of the words describe them perfectly but what I can summed up is that every time Woo Jin appear on the screen with Seo Ri, I cried. My tears flow automatically. Not because I was sad. But because I just find them so beautiful when they are together!  Even when WJ was mad at SR for no reason, they just simply fit each other. This is why, now I am looking fwd for new episodes each week, especially any scenes when they are together (which is also the reason why I really wanted to watch that FMV very much..hehehhe). And that is also why I am happy to hear that this drama is actually 20 eps, not 16 eps...which means I can watch more of WJ and SR..yeay!!


So, enough said.. I love them very much.. I love all the supporting characters as well except the Festival President and KTR (yet).

Will keep lurking here for more insights/ news/ photos/ FMV..hwaiting chinggu!!


@USAFarmgirl..we seem to frequent the same drama threads. Always love your beautiful insights chinggu..:love:




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Can only sneak this in. I want a WJ in my life, especially one who has such romantic thoughts.


I know a guy staring at you might sound and seem creepy but it's WJ!

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I’m done watching yesterday’s episode and what I like about is when WJ told SR that he is willing to be his guardian because in her case she needs follow up check up on her condition this kind of virtue moved my heart plus the fact that he is willing to wait for her until she is ready and settle her own self before going into relationship, for me that is very important my friends. But the downside is he turn into noble idiot of not telling her what is the reason behind why she needs to quit in the performance. I know she still immature but he could have explained nicely why she needs to do that. But anyway this is drama land so I understand. 

Our Chan wants to grow fast unlike other people who wanted their youth back, I guess this what we are human beings. I know as well that he will give up to SR when the couple will start to have a relationship. He just needs to accept that SR will be his future auntie-in-law

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20 hours ago, Wotad said:

whose from tunnel? 



Who played psycho's before? 


WJ's psychiatrist was the psycho serial killer from Tunnel 

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starting!!! haven't watched last night's episode yet... 




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