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[Drama 2018] Your House Helper, 당신의 하우스헬퍼

Go Seung Ji

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I came back to admit that I was wrong (I didn't have the time to do it sooner). I hoped Hye Joo misunderstood Chul Soo, but I guess that would have been another drama. :D


I am really happy for Yeon Joon Seok's screen time. I've been liking him ever since Cheer Up. Mr. Kim!, and feared that he would be just a part-timer in this one. I am glad I was, again, wrong.

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So the full OST album has just been released. (Including the 6 OST songs that were already released, plus a new OST song and 8 BGM/instrumental tracks. 15 tracks total.)



  • Title: 당신의 하우스헬퍼 OST / Your House Helper OST
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Release Date: 2018-Aug-22
  • Number of Tracks: 15
  • Publisher: Blending Co., Ltd. (㈜블렌딩)
  • Agency: withHC (위드에이치씨)
Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist
1. Good Day
좋은 하루
SBGB (새벽공방)
2. The Sea of You
너라는 바다
Sanchez (산체스)
3. Cat Owner
고양이 집사
4. Someday Jang Na Ra
5. Smile Again Juniel
6. You You Paxchild (팍스차일드)
7. I'll Clean It
WE'D (위드) feat. Runy (러니)
8. Overture Park Sung Jin (박성진), Choi Min Chang (최민창)
9. Guest House Park Sung Jin (박성진), Choi Min Chang (최민창)
10. Tear Drop Choi Min Chang (최민창)
11. Flashback Choi Min Chang (최민창)
12. Sudden Shower Park Sung Jin (박성진)
13. Last Scene Choi Min Chang (최민창)
14. Guest House Reggae Park Sung Jin (박성진), Choi Min Chang (최민창)
15. Fussy Choi Min Chang (최민창)



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Hi! I've loved the show so far, but I'm scared to watch the two episodes that just came out...!



And I was wondering: are last two episodes playing tomorrow or next week...?! I heard that they're next week...but the drama end date is tomorrow?

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True love is risking and maybe even gifting your happiness for his...


Only one episode and yet what a powerful one it is. 

DY truly amazed me, not that I was surprised when I reflect on just how much she has grown and yet always from the beginning followed her heart and stayed true to who she was and still is.


Even after being told just let it go she listens to no one except her heart and that of wanting to gift the man she loves the one thing that could cost her everything.  Yet she willingly hands him SA address.   I won't lie seeing and hearing her cry struggling behind that gate like a whispered whimper held back with what little strength she had left with her arm pressed to her lips. 


How does one go from feeling invisible unloved and all alone to being noticed, cared for and given that feeling of belonging to someone.  She isn't just a woman she is the best kind of woman.  The kind that loves more than herself is willing to give all she has holding nothing back even for herself.  Who understands by the values and love that her family placed within her that true love even with the little experience she has.

  Meant loving someone so much you want their happiness no matter the price...


I think @dramaninja hit the nail on the head with his words of closure. 

And I think that deep within DY she knew it too!  That in spite of the risk to herself even she couldn't settle for only a part of his heart. She wanted him, all of him. She wanted him to be able to choose fairly and rightfully and whether he would find his way back to her wasn't as important as him finding those answers he had searched and suffered so long for...


I believe that he will return to DY even with everything that SA has meant to him.  DY left the greatest path back to her heart.  That of her painfully and completely sacrificing self laid down before him and for him...


Love in its most beautiful form is loving the other person MORE...

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018] Your House Helper, 당신의 하우스헬퍼 - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST - Last episode will air on Aug. 29th
5 hours ago, meechuttso said:

@rolisrntex your favorite actress at the epicenter of these last 2 episodes. I hope you are happy. :scream::ph34r:


I figured she would re-emerge at some point. I'm still way behind on this drama so I have been staying away from this thread so I don't see spoilers. Still love the story. She popped up briefly in 30 but 17's latest episode as well. After getting to watch her 5 days a week for 6 months, it has been quite a drought the last 3 months. :w00t:

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6 minutes ago, solucu said:

Seriouysly, nothing is working today! Anyone is watching online and can send me the link? Thank you!!!

The finale won't air tonight. It will air next week due to the Asia Games this week.

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1 minute ago, Jillia said:

The finale won't air tonight. It will air next week due to the Asia Games this week.

Oh, thank you. I didn't know. Just arrived home from work, tried to connect and all links we're dead. We will have to wait a week, seriously, sometimes I dislike sports.

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Nice to see Sang-Ah warming up to Jin-Gook, he should learn to relax more honestly. Let her do the "work" for a change.

That was a brave thing what Da-Young did, I still think she & Jin-Gook would've made a better match. So-Hee is a magician huh LoL? She keeps disappearing! And she IS Ga-Ram's bio Mom...well, a lot of women have kids when they themselves are a...kid heh. Poor Go Cafe Ahjusshi....

I just LoL at Ji-Woon's crazy eye expression when he was shocked to see So-Hee after 5 years!! Ha-ha:w00t::lol::P

This drama has loss steam in the past 4-5 ep. (sigh) typical of most k-dramas or dramas in general.. Anyways, I'm not quitting 'cause I want to see how it works out for So-Mi/Ga-Ram:D 

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