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[Drama 2019] Romantic Comedy King / Absolute Boyfriend, 절대 그이 [Zettai Kareshi Adaptation]

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6 hours ago, ElleSor said:

Oh my goodness! I want so much for this to be true. Which episode shows MWJ with the green umbrella?


The last episode (40) that shown green umbrella inside MWJ's car.


I am disappointed with this series because of dragging storyline.

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The writer seem to have gotten lost going to the production site.  So, they've had to film the same episode again and again, with a few minor shots of different characters in each episode.


The female lead must have it in her contract to cry in every episode. She also needs to learn how to enunciate her words.  And, take acting lessons. The human male lead has to ramrod his one-sided love.  Based on seeing him in other dramas, his talent is wasted here.  The robot was cast well because his acting is robotic. 


Actually, the best acting is from the maknae on the special effects/makeup team.


It's really too bad since the premise of the drama had so much potential for development.  If they didn't have enough story to tell for the number of episodes, they should have stuck to 11 episodes per the Japanese version, which I watched years ago.


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So, at the end we get 2 versions at the same week. I thought we will get the Uncut version next week. It made easier for Jingoo's fans to say goodbye for Young Goo before saying Welcome to Goo Chan Sung (his new character in Hotel Del Luna). I think it's the 1st time in Kdrama land when fans only got 1 day to feel the emptyness after the end of the drama. Haha....But no complaints tho....
So, here is my last 9oo's thought for the Finale.
1. Diana n Ran


Let's started with our Villain. Hate her coz she threw away the Heart Cooler but ofc if she didn't do it...We won't get dramatic moment from our Young Goo n Da-da. Haha...I like with what YG said to her. It won't be the same even if she's the one who kiss him 1st n she finally understand about Young Goo's feelings.
 I like that they also gave us the scene when she lost her hand n the real her before that tragedy happened. She finally understand about love n want to get treatment. 
N I like that Ran still believe that Diana still has that good heart.
2. Geum Eum Dong & Hwang In Hyuk


We got him back to the entertainment world n it's good that no more hurt feeling & for In Hyuk, well...I understand his reason behind all he did & it's nice too at the end Bo Won still has respect to him & forgive him.
3. Bae Kyu Ri & Yoo Jin


I like that she's kind of friend who is there for Da-da. 
I like that he pursued his passion about Machine (Robot) thingy....n he looks different with the new haircut. Haha...
4. Nam Bo Won & Yeo Woong


At least we didn't get an open ending for this couple. Hahaha...
I love this couple. I like that NBW always tell her about everything. n as NBW himself, I love that he's like the father, mother, hyung, friend for Young Goo....n tho he didn't like Young Goo's choice...He still understands and accept it.
5. Ma Wang Joon


I like MWJ's decision to tell the truth about Young Goo's condition. Even though it's hard but Da-da deserve to know about it. Better late to know than never know about it. So she could get those memories.
Tho he still hasn't moved on yet with his unrequited love...I like that he still keep move on with his career. Be a better person n a better actor.
N I like that he didn't push Da-da to accept his offer to go with him. I like that they could keep their relationship eventhough just as a FRIEND.
6. Uhm Da Da


I think I can say that Da-da is a loyal person. IF there were no breakup, I think she will keep stay beside MWJ. So when she finally could understand n accept her feeling to Young Goo, so its no Turning Back. 
I like that even though MWJ still continue talking about Ma-Da couple, she could take it with a smile.
N I like that she didn't accept MWJ's offer..Yeah...U go girl... 
N I like the reverse scene from her
That Tears n Smiles....
7. Young Goo
With a difficult choice to choose....He chose the one he thought the best n the unselfish one. Sacrifice himself.
N I like the reverse scene from him....
That Hello Yeoja Chingu n Goodbye Yeoja Chingu.....
N Yeoja Chingu was his last word for Da-da n I guess I will keep remembering about Young Goo whenever I heard that "Yeoja Chingu" word.
8. The Lessons of Love
U know that I really want a back hug scene right? Haha....n finally I really got it n tho its sad scene but I love it coz it gave Us the answer.
From this drama, we've got a lot of love (life) lessons n I think this one is the top answer for What is Love.
9. The Turquoise Umbrella
N there U go...We got an open ending for this drama. Coz the original writer still didn't want her creation get a happy ending...that's what the best that The Korean Writernim could did. Hehe....
For TeamEx....Yeah, I know the last scene from MWJ was him with an umbrella. So, U could take that the last scene was Da-da & MWJ. Both of them starting a new beginning. FULL STOP
N coz I'm Team Young Goo, off course I take that the last scene was Da-da n Young Goo. Hahaha...:grin:
They didn't give Us Young Goo's fingers moved for nothing especially with he still holds The A++ sticker n the Happy Prince's book beside him. After all there is still a happy ending for his own fairytale.
Da-da gave him the last goodbye kiss coz she thought it was the last time she could see him n promised him to live her life like what he wants. N remember that Young Goo said that He moves n lives because of Da-da....so, it's not the last kiss but a kiss to wake him up.
N then We got the 1st Snow scene. I don't think they gave Us that scene just because it's beautiful. Coz it has connection with Young Goo's balsam nail. Even though need 3 years, the color still there and their love will come true.
N with the last Umbrella scene.
I wrote about 2 previous umbrella scenes before.
For the 1st scene...I think the meaning is more for Y9. It's increase his charm ...He came for Her n together walking under 1 umbrella.
For the 2nd scene, this time it was Da-da who came for him n gave him the umbrella for him to use. But it has no meaning yet coz both were not under 1 umbrella. N when finally Da-da lost her yellow umbrella n then they were under 1 umbrella...there you go. Now it has a meaning. It's the progress  relationship between two people.
Some of the color turquois meanings are of wholeness,emotional balance, love, patience and loyalty.
The last scene represents all those things. 
N for Da-da's question....
"Meeting someone and saying goodbye can be decided by brief choices and chance. Then have we met now by chance or....could it be Fate? "
So the answer is FATE n their story ended with...
You are my destiny
Don’t let go of my hands now
It's not a perfect drama but I enjoyed it as a whole. Thanks Jingoo-yah for gave me something to learns, gave me laugh n cry. My heart is full now so it's time to say goodbye but Young Goo will Forever stay in my Heart. :heart:
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I read the manga (zettai kareshi) years back, I remember that he chose to shut down when he's already "dying"/"malfunctioning". Did they do that here as well? I'm still on episode 14.

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