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The Official Blackbeat Thread


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Guest BendyStraw

Jae Won is now a DJ under the name "Beat Burger" spinning at clubs in Korea. It seems him and Hwang Sang Hoon haven't choreographed for SM artists since Super Junior's Why I Like You. :/

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It's too bad--I watch for that. =/ Did they stop doing choreography altogether?

I thought it must have been you that posted in here when I saw the BB thread. I don't know if many people here are still interested in them. >< I saw Sanghoon with the Sorry Sorry choreographers.

and Jeremiah, I haven't had the chance to ask anyone that might know yet--- when O Jung Ban Hap MV came out, I was having some problems, so didn't really pay full attention the couple of times I watched--but when I was feeling better, I watched it a million times--and could swear I also saw Jihoon. I know and recognize A to Z, but that one person--he looked and moved like him, and made the same kind of facial expressions Jihoon does when he's dancing. Do you know if he was in the MV?

Some of us still miss them and we've always kind of thought it was SM keeping them from things (as a group) like a 2nd jib--but I don't know if anything was their own choice. I like seeing bits of their choreography in other groups I like/love. I just hope they're happy in whatever they're doing.

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Guest black_m.i_moon_1

oh my god

I can't believe that now Jaewon and Sang hoon aren't SM 's choreographers...:((...why?...why?... Because I still think Jaewon is a choreographer

He is working at a club in Korea?

Please tell me it isn't the true......plz

I don't understand

plz someone tells me what are they doing,now?

I like BlackBeat so much.

And this information make me shock.

I'm looking forward hearing everyone soon.......


On Jaewon 's cyworld, when I saw his smiles, I hope he is happy

그룹 '블랙비트' 심재원·황상훈, DJ팀으로 컴백

이데일리 | 장서윤 | 입력 2009.10.08 15:56


▲ 비트버거 파티 포스터

[이데일리 SPN 장서윤기자] 그룹 블랙비트 출신 심재원과 황상훈이 '비트버거'(BeatBurger)라는 DJ팀을 새롭게 결성해 컴백한다.

이들은 오는 10일 오후 10시 서울 홍익대 인근에 위치한 클럽 베라에서 진행되는 파티를 통해 본격적인 활동을 개시한다.

동방신기, 슈퍼주니어, 소녀시대 등 SM엔터테인먼트 소속 가수들의 안무 연출과 댄스 트레이닝을 담당하는 퍼포먼스 디렉터로도 활동해 온 두 사람은 DJ팀 결성을 통해 활동 영역을 더욱 넓힐 계획이다.

소속사 SM엔터테인먼트는 "두 사람은 지난 9월 한 클럽 파티에 참여해 DJ 데뷔 신고식을 치러 업계 관계자들로부터 좋은 평가를 받았다"며 "이번 파티를 통해 처음으로 메인DJ로 서게 됐다"고 전했다.

한편, 이번 파티에는 메인DJ인 비트버거 외에도 리스키 리듬 머신, DJ 림지 등 실력파 DJ들도 함께 출연한다.

▶ HOT스타 연예화보 - 모바일 SPN1008 < 1008+nate/show/ez-i >

<저작권자ⓒ함께 즐기는 엔터테인먼트 포털 이데일리 SPN>

What is this?

Plz, translate into English

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Guest BendyStraw

soooo originally it seemed it was just Jae Won under the name Beat Burger, but it looks as if its a duo now. And i've got good news! the other member is...


i also noticed he placed SNSD's Oh! MV under his BeatBurgersWORK video folder on his CyWorld, so this might be a hint that they're still choreographing for SM! i know that Rino was the main choreographer for the song, but i think they work hand-in-hand with them, like they did for Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. Not to mention SNSD thanked them as BeatBurger on their 'thanks to' on their latest album~

sadly, no word on byJinSung, SoMin, or Ji Hoon.

MythnoonA, let me review the 'O' music video and i'll also try and see who's apart of A-Z.

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Guest black_m.i_moon_1

Oh my god

jin young and Somin comeback

I want BlackBeat comback with 5 members more

I'm so happy

But you know, SM and 2 boybands.................

I don't want someone hates them because of any reason as in the past :((

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Guest Jae Eun

[MV Teaser HD 100212]The Black (더블랙) - Never Again (네버어게인)

Exclusively few hours before the official release, I'm really exited and happy they leave SM ..

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Guest mLm4ever

I'm glad that these guys left SM... These guys are so good, but so under-rated cause SM didn't promote them...

They are really amazing dancers!!! Really really amazing!!!

But anyways... this totally made my day... haha!

Knowing that Soomin & Jinyoung are now the duo "The Black"

& that Jaewon and Sanghoon are doing great...

Now I just wonder about my favorite member Jihoon!

Where is he and what is he up to?? Haha

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