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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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4 minutes ago, tiger457_stv said:


@siddy09  you said

"Even I just finished watching 1-2 episodes(had nothing else to do^_^). It actually gets better when you re-watch and I wasn't completely lost as when I was last time. The timeline has started to make sense now. It does look like Marco is the zombie but SeJu did fight back(remember he was shown with a gun). We were only shown blood and heard gunshots but that doesn't mean it was SeJu's blood only or that he was fatally injured. I think SeJu escaped the train.

About the phone call that was shown in ep9 preview, I have a feeling that phone call was made the same day when SJ called JW about the game. SJ said that I will come home and HJ told her grandma that he will be returning at 8 in the morning. I don't think he ever got a chance to talk again once he boarded the train.

How did Marco's body end up in forest and the most glaring question..why did SJ not sell the game to CHS""""



This reader agrees that Marco became a zombie like Dr Cha.
The 2 youngsters probably fought each other over one subject: Money and who to sell the game's right to.
Se Yoo wants CEO Yoon but Marco prefer Dr. Cha.  Marco probably attacked Se Yoo in the forest near Barcelona
and lost the duel and his life.  In panic the youngster got on the train (probably without registering his
name after calling CEO Yoon offering him the game's right and told him to go to Barcelona).

Then on the train Marco came back and attacked Se Yoo.  In panic the boy jumped off the train and got injured but survived.  he probably has been unconscious hence no game activity for 1 year.  With him in a coma, Marco could not kill him, just like when asleep Dr Cha could not kill CEO Yoon.  With his baggage still on the train, no one knows his identity, unless he wakes up.  CEO Yoon has been trying to locate him, but at the wrong place...in Barcelona instead of somewhere near Granada where the thunder and rain and Marco came back for Se Yoo.


Fortunately Marco is only after him, just like Dr Cha is only after CEO Yoon, since Marco would be a very high level zombie...hence very dangerous.  When they discovered the body of Marco, it probably was a week or two after the initial event, more than enough time for the body to decompose badly in warm Granada where temp can reach 40+ centigrade.


@katakwasabi  As for where zombie appears, they seem random event and random distance, but usually not too close (i.e. more than 10 feet from the intended victim).  They do follow a rule that they cannot attack a victim who hide behind an obstacle, whether living or inanimate object.


In any case that is this reader's theory.

To all soompi members who rewatch  MOA..... you are all addicted and crazy!  hahaha. Actually I kind of rewatch episode 1 myself.


I'm confused with the usage of 'this reader', are you refering to yourself or someone else :sweatingbullets:

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

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45 minutes ago, blademan said:

Tonight! The Sec better be pointing that gun towards Mr.Cha!



I am quite confident that he is. But I wanted HJ to accompany JW to Granadaaaaaa. I mean I like the bromance between JW and Sec Seo but would like more of romance between JW and HJ!!!! I really wish HJ is atleast secretly following JW to Granada- enough of them being apart!

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if it rains and music plays when zombie comes - NOT TRUE - in korea, it didn't rain and music diddn't play when seo saw cha the first time



also, if marco comes , it rains and music plays, will a 3rd party like seo see that rain?

and if it rains for one player's zombie, will that condition of rain + music evoke other players' zombies too?

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4 hours ago, PororoQueen said:

@Kasmic Omo ... Omo what's going on, I hope Sec. Seo is not the spy of One World company... :mellow:

Me too, my mind has been spinning wild with crazy thoughts of Seo betraying JW. Luckily we have a few hrs and slightly more longer with sub eps to see what this writer has install for us.  :sweatingbullets: Im too scared to watch but I wanna see our beautiful OTP



5 hours ago, rita96 said:


I am quite confident that he is. But I wanted HJ to accompany JW to Granadaaaaaa. I mean I like the bromance between JW and Sec Seo but would like more of romance between JW and HJ!!!! I really wish HJ is atleast secretly following JW to Granada- enough of them being apart!


Yes as far as Im aware they filmed in Barcelona  and Granda for 3 weeks so all those scenes were filmed first before heading off to other countries. I think they said during those 3 weeks of filming it equated to 6 eps. Those eps of course isnt consecutive eps. Korea obviously is the last destination. Im hoping she did go and we know she wont stay in Korea knowing her brother is in danger, missing somewhere by himself in Granada.


@stargazer187 if your referring to the pic of Seo and JW at the train station I do believe its the same timeline. Maybe JW secretly left Korea by himself to search SJ . Certainly like @butterflysaga said he looks defeated. Thats why Im hoping Seo is there to help him out. He mustve levelled up immensely to upgrade his weapon to a gun. 


Oh dear last day of filming was today. Aish no extension of eps? :bawling:



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10 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

aq link is not working.. r u guys ble to watch? on which channel? tvn2/3/4

I think your rather early... ep 9 isnt airing till 21:00 KST but I checked - number 3 is working fine for me. It just aired the preview and guess what I captured


Seo and JW is together and both facing the on -coming train. :sweatingbullets:


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Finally the episode starts! At 910 ish korea time. Whats with the delay :ph34r:


we return to HJ and JW's phonecall. HJ hung up midcall.


Yura signed the divorce papers. At last JW is free. Congrats, yura was a handful :lol:


JW requests special items from programmer dude (Side info: Programmer dude is level 25).


HJ disembarked from her flight. She might need to pay a fine or something, no?


Ok. Now were moving forward. We finally get SJ. He saw Marco's body. Or he killed him? I'm not really sure for now. But he also found JW's contact details on Marco's body.


Now we are also certain that SJ is master. And Marco is a zombie. 


Wow. Zombie marco is powerful. Maybe because of his high level. He can still shoot even though SJ is far away. And he can follow him.


The phonecall is a flashback. I repeat: flashback. SJ is still lost as of 10minutes in ep 9. We also get a flashback of SJ calling JW. Zombie marco is back!


Dang. Zombie marco pulled out a machine gun. But the train door closes and he cant get in. 


SJ is on the train, one stop to Granada when the guitar song comeup. He opens the door, marco is right in front and marco shoots him point blank multiple times. 


What?! SJ died? The person in his cabin saw his body cold. Ok i'm confused. Super confused because now SJ is crawling outside of the train before he collapses. We return to the ending of an earlier ep where SJ was laying on the ground but JW can't see him.


We return to JW and birdie. What message do you have bird? Anyways, the bird is pretty :)

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Just keep trying chingues, hope it works on your end.

JW is imagining what happened to SJ according to his own evidence


Oh richard simmons Marco is a zombie







Im buffering a lot too



SJ was shot in the train by Marco


Maybe he died in the game so he is missing in reality


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Recap continues after birdie gave a message and flew away.


Seo came to the school. JW asks what level he is. He is level 48, and JW gave him a gun. JW continues: prepare yourself, we are going to granada!


-ad break-


HJ is back at home. Granny is weirded out why she return back. Its PPL time! HJ returns and vacuums with her PPL dyson vacuum~ hahaha


its night time and HJ paces in her workshop. Sidenote: i really like what she's wearing. Her blouse is pretty.


MJ calls and teases HJ. Is she trying to say JW is going to propose to HJ? 


Yep. She did. MJ is totally pushing JW and HJ together. And thats when JW walks in. Hahaha. Okay, this is kinda funny and embarrasing for HJ.


Oh wow! Saebum came in and punched JW in the face! JW uses his cane to push SB away and also a guitar. Grannie is mad at SB for hurting her JW. 


JW is bleeding a bit, and HJ tends to him. They talk.


Omg. She's crying. And she doesnt know why(?). The single tear that fell on JW's shoulder is a bit too much. I even thought it was game-rain and zombie Cha was going to pop out. It was a false alarm. Haha. So..We continue with the recap.


HJ believes in JW. She just does. (Need subs, too much korean and i dont know korean haha)


JW reaches out to wipe away HJ's tear or is it him fidling with her hair. As usual, HJ runs out as JW drives away from her house.


Yay. Now we are in Granada or is it barcelona?


Guitar sounds~~~ 


Zombie Cha is back! I miss his stare.


Noo. We are back in korea in a flashback.


Its a meeting between JW, his office dude, papa cha and sujin.



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