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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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18 hours ago, sanika said:


Sorry for cutting in :P But seems like SJ is also stuck in the game and has to follow the game rules. Only players who are 90+ can get the Eagle as an high level item and apparently only those players who have these birds can communicate with each other. Currently there are only 3 players who have crossed level 90 - SeJu , Marco and Jin Woo. As soon as SeJu saw that another player has leveled up, he sent a message through the bird. Whether SeJu knows who Zinu is and what message he has said is yet to be seen. It would be interesting to if SeJu's login  details changed in real lime on the world server.


Rather than sending the codes, most likely SeJu has the game installed on a remote server and sent the login details and link to Jin Woo through email. JOne engineer's probably got access to the server and thereby the codes by claiming rights to game or quite simply by hacking into it. Or even more likely is JinWoo got access to SeJu's computer and phone when he was at the hostel when HeeJoo let him use it.





Thus, it does prove my point that SeJu is somehow following the game events. I was also of the view that SJ is hiding inside the game, but he can also be stuck for some reason. Apparently, him being stuck is quite different from JinWoo being haunted by zombie Cha. JinWoo is somehow still able to come out of the game whereas it seems like SJ has no way out of the game or even send a message out. So that makes me think, is Marco's apparent death the only reason why he is stuck? Assuming JinWoo and SeJu did the same thing i.e unknowingly killed their enemy in duel, then why is the game treating JW and SJ differently..


Hacking is another possibility...yes. But whether it is hacking or JW getting access to the computer, they are only tweaking SJ's original code. They have not created the game from scratch. And also, it seems like nobody knew that special items existed, only when JW was introduced to the eagle by the game, they got to know about them. So it seems like they are developing the game as JW is playing the game.

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SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?! BTS (Phone conversation): HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small) SH: No, if you tu

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8 hours ago, akiera said:

At that time jin woo was unaware of the mess behind this game. he only considered this like any other game and wanted to possess it before CHS.

He thought after one or two days Sejoo will appear and since he already offered him the game and sent the email the business will proceed without any harm. His only thought was about being ahead in the competition. 


I wonder if SJ already figured out that the game is acting erratically before calling JW. If so, that was a rather bad move. Poor guy was unknowingly pulled into the mess and his whole life is under threat. 


I hope they won't unnecessarily inject romance into this. I actually really like JW's Melo eyes at HJ but inserting a kiss in the next couple of eps will be a rash move. Well, maybe they will get drunk or the game may demand Zinu to kiss Emma or some stuff like that. But that will feel like just fan service.  Even with all the flaws, this drama is quite good and I hope they won't go down there so soon. If romance was not initially a part of this drama and was later added to rope in actors that will explain the lack of subtlety in some moments. (somebody mentioned this before)


I actually really like this drama (though there are flaws) and will prefer this over KES style aka style over substance dramas.


Somebody was saying that since the writer is a female her perspective from male pt of view is not really working. I think JW is a well-written character though on paper he seems like a jerk. It is his perspective, complexity and Hyun bin's acting/charm that is carrying the show.


I think he did figure out that there is something wrong with the game. The look on his face when Alhambra song and rain started was the look of someone like '..richard simmons-its-here-again'. My original theory was that SJ had called JinWoo in desperation, desperation to sell off the game, you know his last chance to get out of the mess he created. But then he could have sold to CHS also, apparently if CHS is the bad guy then sell the bad game to him also. Maybe he didn't realise the extend or intensity of how much is wrong with the game until very late..

The drama is quite good and after a loong time I have invested myself into a k-drama..otherwise they were all starting to look the same to me(referring to KES type melo-dramas:phew:)

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5 hours ago, Kasmic said:

Sorry to cut short your post but I think I posed this question in my previous post on the PVP mode of the game.  I agree PVP mode can be just as fun - Eg. Street Fighter and other games which allows you to verse other players. So it is possible for SJ and Marco to just test this game and the PVP mode. Just tragically Marco was killed by SJ in the game which somehow killed him in real life too. If this did happen, Marco would be like a Zombie Cha and if thats the case SJ should be still playing the game as he would be constantly haunted by Marco. JW's I.T guys should also be able to see that SJ has logged in. This didnt happen as both Marco and SJ havent logged into the game for over a year. Thats why I dont think Marco turned out to be a zombie. 

The game is crazy dangerous thats why JW doesnt want it to be launched yet Park and Prof Cha feel otherwise. BTW were you able to tell what the goal of this game might be? Im still puzzled on that. Is it to be of the highest level? :crazy: I dont think it was mentioned right?




I am also thinking on the same lines as you are. Question is why if Marco dude was actually killed by SeJoo just like zombie Cha was by JinWoo, how come JW is still somehow able to log in and out of the game whereas SeJu is stuck? Why is the game treating both of them differently? That just makes me think that game is not the only the cause of SJ's disappearance, rather he is in kind of self-induced hiding. Anyways..let see..


@nateko I loved reading your post especially coming from the perspective of a developer, it was really insightful. At first I was also of the view that maybe zombie Cha is only a glitch, a bug which can be debugged and as crazy as it sounds, maybe if they address the glitch, zombie Cha can come back to life. Problem is, they made his death look so real(they even buried him and are holding his memorial service) that if he comes back to life, it would only be due to magic or some supernatural event. And what if JW's company don't have the PVP code? As far as I have understood, the programmers at JW's company are only developing  those segments of the program which JW has already encountered in the game(they didn't know about the special items but did know about Emma). Anyways, I suppose many of the not so understandable things are conveniently going to fall under the 'magic' category..so do keep your expectations low..cheers!:)

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Based on the preview:


SeJu makes contact with HeeJu  - Yey!  Did he hide out in the abandoned Hostel Bonita in the last year? Hopefully they will show more of SeJu's backstory why it took him 1 year to contact his own family. Maybe he needed reassurance that his family was alright and a secure channel to get in touch with them.


JinWoo preparing special items for his trip to Granada - On the recommendation of SeJu (?) I found it interesting that he asked for special items,  not weapons. 


Flashback of SeJu working on Marco's computer while looking over his shoulder: It's probably on the day he returned to Barcelona and was probably removing Marco's access to the game (?) or making some other alterations to impede access to the game or to try and fix some code 


Prof Cha, Director Park, Ex-Wife1- SuJin and JinWoo meeting for lunch? Based on how JinWoo dealt with his ex-wife 2 - Yura, I don't think he is too worried about getting kicked out. Despite the outer appearance of being crazy, for the past one year he has shown his mental fortitude as a person, player and CEO. Based on Prof. Park's treatment of his own son, I am sure JinWoo planned a counter move in advance for a similar scenario for himself in advance. We saw in the earlier episode that he has the veto vote when he tells CHS that he won't collaborate with NewWorld under any circumstance. Will that work against the father as well? 


HeeJu does not take her flight to Granada but we see that JinWoo is back in Spain. Did he go by himself? Why?  Will he meet Emma instead?


Another 2 days!

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1 hour ago, siddy09 said:


I am also thinking on the same lines as you are. Question is why if Marco dude was actually killed by SeJoo just like zombie Cha was by JinWoo, how come JW is still somehow able to log in and out of the game whereas SeJu is stuck? Why is the game treating both of them differently? That just makes me think that game is not the only the cause of SJ's disappearance, rather he is in kind of self-induced hiding. Anyways..let see..

I dont think SJ is stuck in the game. In the preview he called HJ and said he missed her and then quickly hung up the phone. Im guessing this proved to HJ that her brother is alive, back in Granda and in hiding.


I dont think the game is treating SJ and JW differently and if it does then its definetly a writers flaw...better not lol! luckily they have 8 more eps to prove this. To me the only possible explanation is that Marco and SJ was fleeing from real life characters -perhaps Cha or Prof Cha and his men whom were threatening them to sign the game to them. Sadly Marco died and SJ escaped. During this time both boys were not logged into the game and havent been for a year. So this must mean that SJ isnt stuck in the game and Marco didnt turn out to be like a Zombie but died in reality. SJ probably witnessed his death and in fear of his own life is hiding somewhere. 

But in real life - SJ (aka Chan yeol) is dancing away with his EXO buddies and fans :lol:




@nateko who knows maybe the purpose of the game is "Finding Se Joo". :lol:

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Voting is Now Open for ‘Asian Drama of the Year’ Poll

Posted on December 23, 2018 by Admin // 198 Comments


Which drama series from across Asia had the most impact in the region for the year 2018?

Voting is now open for “Asian Drama of the Year”, the first category in the 2018 Asian Drama Awards!


Which is the most popular and most-loved Asian drama this year? Here are the 12 finalists:


1. 100 Days My Prince, KOREA
2. Betrayal, PHILIPPINES
3. Encounter, KOREA
4. Good Doctor, JAPAN
5. I Am Not A Robot, KOREA
6. Memories of the Alhambra, KOREA
7. Meteor Garden, CHINA
8. My ID is Gangnam Beauty, KOREA
9. Something in the Rain, KOREA
10. Tree in the River, TAIWAN
11. The Crown Princess, THAILAND
12. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, KOREA

Dramas that almost made it in the Top 12 but not quite are “Ashes of Love” (China), “Mr. Sunshine” (Korea), “Unnatural” (Japan), “La Luna Sangre” (Philippines), “A Korean Odyssey” (Korea), “Love Destiny” (Thailand), “Still 17” (Korea), “Between” (Taiwan), “Legend of Fu Yao” (China), “My Golden Life” (Korea), “The Trading Floor” (Hong Kong), and “Are You Human?” (Korea).

The 12 finalists will vie for public votes via the online poll below. The highest vote-getter will become the Asian Drama of the Year. Voting starts today and will be concluded at 12:00 noon of December 28, 2018).

This poll is FAN POWERED. You can vote as many time as you want within

e given period. Yes, you read it right. It’s UNLIMITED VOTING for 6 days! Just click the photo of your favorite Asian Drama to cast your vote. If you want to vote again, simply refresh or reload your browser and you can vote again.




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1 hour ago, siddy09 said:


I am also thinking on the same lines as you are. Question is why if Marco dude was actually killed by SeJoo just like zombie Cha was by JinWoo, how come JW is still somehow able to log in and out of the game whereas SeJu is stuck? Why is the game treating both of them differently? That just makes me think that game is not the only the cause of SJ's disappearance, rather he is in kind of self-induced hiding. Anyways..let see..


If the theory of Marco accidentally killed by SJ and the same case with Zombie Cha by JW is the real answer, the company must be held responsible (although J-One company hasn't formally released it). IMO, this is indirect manslaughter act. JW and SJ will feel so guilty or can be put on trial and poor PSH ... delayed romance? LOL I don't wan't it.


I think SJ is innocent, he's still a minor and came from good family :D and I don't wanna ruin HJ reputation as future wife #3. There was a scene where Grandma packed all SJ belongings moving to Korea, can HJ dig into those stuff more?, maybe there's the answer there. She's close to HJ and I'm sure HJ can read her sibling way of thinking (the stories of the SJ's game).


HJ is not a gamer, none of the scene ever showed us that she is, so I doubt that Emma has any connection with HJ - What if, Emma is actually a creation for SJ to hide himself. I mean he design the game, master should have a way to escape, beside sending message through a Falcon. I wish PD-Nim allow JW communicate with Emma at the Cafe, it will be fun.

Hahaha can't believe that I am actually fantasizing a fantasy sci-fi drama.

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7 hours ago, elizabeth said:
10 hours ago, rocher22 said:

The scene in Granada in that antique shop, it wasnt funny, but it 

made me laugh.

When HJ asked JW what he is doing, and he responded seriously

that he is practicing throwing the ninja stars. :D

I assume that the both ex wives would run away and yell that he is crazy.

But, not HJ, she just stood there speechless.  


I lauged at that scene too. HJ’s expression was like “What ninja stars?” or “he’s definitely gone crazy.” While JW is like “if you think I’m crazy, you can leave” but she didn’t leave, she only showed concerns and cared for his health. 


:sweat_smile:Omy i was also amused at her reaction hahaa... and that shop looks like one of those in Harry Potter's movies:glasses:




So so so cool!




Poke @stargazer187 i am only at Level 6 ops i mean episode 6 :sweatingbullets:

*whisper* i think i will go gaga (crazy) if i get to play this VR game *dum~~*

Ok chill happy watching!:blush:

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Many Soompi members have discussed about how this game is developed and all the major holes in the story.  Since this is a science fiction of course there are going to be holes... the most glaring being how by wearing a pair of contact lenses and 1 ear piece can the player not only see but hear and even feel (like when they get cut).  How can any program, holographic or otherwise allow the images to superimpose on the ground, or the car roof or ontop of a statue look perfectly balance on that structure.  Without knowing the spatial domain to within 1/10th of millimeter, the above would be impossible and the image would appear to be hovering over where they stand.  Clearly this is impossible with modern and even future technology. Then comes Dr Cha appearing in and out of rooms etc...

Interestingly, falling 5 floors to the ground may be survivable and in a few cases, with relatively little injuries!!


However, despite its holes and illogic, Memories of the Alhambra to this reader, is a well written, suspenseful, fast moving tale which uses flash back effectively as it guides the audience through this labyrinth of twist and turn, of fear and relief, of gore and magic (the guitar scene when Emma played Recuerdos de la Alhambra was truly breath taking and just like the CEO, the audience is left enchanted by this ethereal being from an outer world).   It is as if we the audience are immersed in the game.


CEO Yoon is obviously a gamer, beside being a game equipment developer and thus is completely sucked into this game.  It is clear that he devotes most of his life to his work, and women/wives occupy the fringe. He seemed to care for wife#1 and was obviously hurt by her betrayal with his ex-friend/rival, but as she stated before, she was not happy with the marriage...probably because she is secondary to his work.  Then came #2 who was spoiled, entitled, immature, self centered and immensely materialistic.  As Mi Yoo said "Why did you marry her?" and he said "it must be the spurred of the moment" .....for a shrewed businessman, he did not spend much time in deciding to get re-married.


Despite his shortcoming, CEO Yoon is a good man. He is primarily honest and don't generally take advantage of people (10 B won).  He is poised, carrying himself in authoritative and confident manner, and with his wealth, look and status, attract women like honey to honey-badgers.  But he is accustomed to living alone, is cynical toward women and their intentions, and applied his life solely to his business.

With his attitude, no wonder he was not at all attracted to Jung Hee Joo, seeing her as another unscrupulous money hungry female.  The irony is that it takes a magical game character called Emma, that finally allows him to see Hee Joo as she really is (a nice hardworking scrupulous woman who devoted her life to her family...then care for him unconditionally through his physical and mental illness)....someone he miss!


For those who scream for romance, there is a budding romance which has overcome initial misunderstanding and now trying to wind itself around another misunderstanding (Se Joo disappearance) plus blood and gore and perceived mental (ninja star!) and physical handicaps.  This is an understated romance, entwined in an adventure, hence its development has to follow the course.... hopefully to a happy ending!!!


It would be terrible if at the end of the tale, 3 women in black stand over a flowered decked casket, 1 crying to lost love and regret, 1 pretends to cry while eying the cameramen, and a 3rd crying genuine tears to her beloved.

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Hi guysssss!


One more day to goooooooo. I hope the episodes dont fly by in a jiffy...this wait has been killing meeee. Just want the writers to give us more romantic episodes. And more MJ. Pls. And more of HB smiling- loveee his dimpleeeeeee!!!!


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Yes indeed they are still filming. I believe  I read an article that they will film right up to the end of this month. Tomor tvN will broadcast eps 1-8 and continue ep 9. Korea will have a marathon of MOA starting at 6:30am KST lol! 


Some more stills., now of CHS and Secretary Seo. 



and I do love this FMV...it sums up JW love for HJ so well :heart:



@rita96 Welcome to the thread. I think many of us misses Mr dimple man. His so charming yet dangerous too lol! :wub:




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40 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

@rita96 Welcome to the thread. I think many of us misses Mr dimple man. His so charming yet dangerous too lol! :wub:



Thank youuuu!!! OMG OMG OMG this is soooooo cuteeeee. You are right- this is dangerous. A killer for sure!

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