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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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19 minutes ago, dramaobsessed said:


@katakwasabi@bebebisous33 Very interesting theory and plausible especially because we know nothing much about KBS except for he makes guitars and he has one sided love towards HJ. I thought it a bit weird when he told HJ that he wanted to expose what JW did to the media....I thought that was a bit extreme...going straight to the media before trying to talk to JW or find another way to "settle" the situation with the company or JW himself first....


I know he comes off a bit jealous and resentful of JW and they are trying to make us believe its due to his crush on HJ but there could be an underlying reason as you said...It could also be he is the "consultant" who gave SJ ideas on creating the Emma character since he knows about guitars

I agree. Emma might have been created by SJ as a request of KBS who loves HJ... and JW thought that SJ created her out of love for his sister. But the fact that she is always wearing a guitar could be perceived as an evidence that KBS is behind it, since HJ has never played guitar again in front of her family. But in the shop, it is different and that's where KBS saw her playing and was attracted to her.

I do think that HJ will play a huge part in the game in order to help her brother, as she can become the Emma in the game: fusion between fiction (game) and reality. Notice that HJ served as shield, when Cha was about to attack JW outside the hospital. HJ had never logged in the game... yet he was stopped. 

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SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?! BTS (Phone conversation): HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small) SH: No, if you tu

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2 hours ago, pattsue said:

Referring to this scene, is this guy some one that we know ? or merely just a non-important NPC?



I also rewatched this previously thinking this guy is another player and his eyes were tinted blue because of the smart lenses. But i also thought i might be reaching hahahaha

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On ‎12‎/‎23‎/‎2018 at 6:55 PM, katakwasabi said:


Hehe. This is why i thought the game realms had merged when watching the episode live. I thought now he can travel between different locations within the game without physically going to the exact location. 


But after watching with subs, my thoughts were completely wrong. So i too wonder the meaning of the regression. From full on modern weaponary to swords and knights. 


The game is weird. Is it open sourced so anyone can change the code. It doesnt seem like JW's company remade the game since master and marco are still the top players. If they remade it from scratch, the top players should not have both marco and master.


To this reader, the realms cannot merge since beside the special effects (such as rain and thunder and sounds and the villains) the city scenery and bathrooms are all real.  So Granada is Granada and Seoul is Seoul.

The high level players can carry multiple weapons with them (whether blades or firearms if >50) and use what ever they want.
The players probably gets more point by using blade weapons than shooting Dr Cha with a pistol.

Emma is a Fixture of the Granada scene.  But another version of Emma can be programmed for Asian Scenes.
The CEO just does not want the image of someone important to him appearing all over Asia (especially in R-rated costumes!).

It would be interesting if she can become a player, but CEO won't permit that (due to the danger to her).


It seems that the young programmer incorporate his game as part of HOSTAL BONITA, a business enterprise.  Hence buying the business enterprise, also buy the right to his game.

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13 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

Hyun Bin is super hot stuff with a cane/walking stick. :wub: On top of that he's brandishing a sword mowing down virtual combatants on a killing spree. Doing his best version of a Korean John Steed. ;) He is Mr Cool through and through even with a limp. When all the world around him goes berserk, he calmly and suavely presents the facts. To everyone's annoyance. :P


The most interesting twist in recent days is that now Jeong-hun is able to join in the game and he has actually seen the game's resident evil zombie. :P Of course it's fraught with danger... we can't have too many people privy to the secret otherwise there won't be opportunities for office politics to rear its ugly head. ;) I wonder about Prof Cha and what his game might be.


Nice to see that they're contextualizing the game for different markets but it's hilarious... I don't know if there's any significance to this... to see all these beta testers swinging their arms at some invisible enemy right in front of Sejong the Great. And then JW... coolly pulls up and guns down the Joseon swordsmen. I don't think it's purely aesthetics just to have the statue of Sejong preside over an AR game from his bronze (?) throne. 


Although I think HB and PSH have great chemistry that's waiting to explode and I'm sure the show is trying to imply that they're kind of in love with each other already... even while they're pretending not to be... ;) I really think the writing of HJ (and directing) needs to be a lot of tighter. I didn't have a problem with her being angry for being kept in the dark and for him going incommunicado on her BUT her reaction went a bit too overboard for my liking. I was uncomfortable with the charge that he conned her while I understand that it was anger talking. He didn't tell her about the brother going AWOL but she did get a nice 10 billion won out of their brief encounter in Granada. It's not as if JW took the game and ran. The family was compensated quite handsomely. And then her male friend... workshop partner... made it out that JW cheated them out of house and home. I dunno...  all that... again... felt OTT. It just seems like everyone else in this show overreacts except for JW, Prof Cha, MJ and maybe JH. I like HJ and unlike her detractors I do see her purpose in the show but I just wish Kdramaland would be less extreme with their handling of female protagonists especially after they've fallen in love while misunderstandings ensue.


I love the banter between MJ and JW. It's absolutely one of the highlights of the show. In fact, MJ is an absolute scene stealer. The back and forth between those two is always delightful comic relief. Of course she doesn't have any kind of emotional investment in him so their relationship can have a kind of amusing honesty that two people who carry emotional baggage can't.


The second wife... oh my word... what a piece of work. And it does beg the question... why in the world did he marry her in the first instance? I'm beginning to wonder if JW was really such a bad husband (as has been the claim) or if he was just a poor judge of women. I'd love to know more of the backstory behind his first marriage. He seemed genuinely crushed when that went awry.


What's the deal with Prof Cha? He plays his cards close to his chest. But he feels like a man with a thousand secrets. I understand the need to protect the company and the livelihood of hundreds of employees but there's something about him that screams "shifty". I've got to wonder if he knows more than what he's saying about his son's death. Is he responsible for it?


More and more I'm convinced that JW is the most honest and sanest person in this show especially now that he's been broken and pushed to the brink. It was fight or flight and he chose to fight... with the aid of alcohol and drugs. How can he explain to anyone about his present predicament? It seemed that flew over the cuckoo's nest and stayed there. But when you're the only one who can see what's really in the cuckoo's nest... there's no convincing anyone.


I'm glad that there's a possibility that SJ is still alive. I was wondering if CHS could be alive but I don't see how. If it works like The Matrix... then he shouldn't be. 


I've been thinking that there's not a lot more gaming related type dramas coming out of SK. Maybe there have been and I've slept walked through all of them. Sure we may see the inside of an internet cafe often enough. But this is a country that produces the best Starcraft players in the world and there are young guys from their late teens to their earlier twenties winning international gaming tournaments. Of course I imagine that the vast majority of dramas are targeted at females. ;) 

There is a saying that the deeper one feels the more fragile is one's feelings.  As you said Hee Joo takes great offense because of her strong feelings for that broken, underslept, overmedicated, twice married, imperfect man.  Her sister does not have the same emotional stake so is carefree and can say what ever she likes.  Guitarist friend would be a better choice but emotion can be illogical (i.e. 2nd wife).

This reader also does not understand the attachment many young men have for games...but with such a realistic game, it can be addictive.
Dr Cha did not show the emotion that one would expect when he found out his only son has died.  In fact he did not seem to care at all for his grandson (church memorial scene).  He must know a lot more about everything, but keeps it to himself...a truly cold & devious man.

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24 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

It was because the game reads her as an obstacle. That is why Zombie cha couldn't continue his attack. Just like how their duel got canceled due to previous obstacles, JW inside the car, JW inside his hospital room in Granada (the other patient opens it, removes the obstacles and resume the duel), then JW inside the antique's room in hiding to attack. But Zombie cha can enter his room in States while the door is closed. :lol: this confused me, but only at this part is inconsistent I think. I'm going to let it slide then. 

But zombie Cha went straight after JW in the episode 7, although secretary Seo was before him. Remember that Cha was back stabbed by Seo because he was only looking at JW therefore I doubt that humans can be considered as obstacles in general. Besides, Cha assaulted him at the hospital, although there was this other patient, hence JW took his walking aid. In my opinion, this is different for HJ. She can not be hurt. If my theory is correct (KBS is behind everything), then he doesn't want to hurt her because he loves her. This means that she can be used as shield.  

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30 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

It was because the game reads her as an obstacle. That is why Zombie cha couldn't continue his attack. Just like how their duel got canceled due to previous obstacles, JW inside the car, JW inside his hospital room in Granada (the other patient opens it, removes the obstacles and resume the duel), then JW inside the antique's room in hiding to attack. But Zombie cha can enter his room in States while the door is closed. :lol: this confused me, but only at this part is inconsistent I think. I'm going to let it slide then. 

It seems that Dr Cha shows up at random time, but always in the vicinity of CEO.  However,  where he appears seem to be about 40 feet from CEO.  So inside a small room, he appears outside.  Inside a Church he is inside.  A game program needs this distance in order to give the player warning when the game started.  Imagine if CEO was in the loo and Dr Cha appears in the bathtub!  ...that would be a throw back to Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO's bathroom scene!!!

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15 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:



However, I sense that there could be a third party that JW and CHS were not aware of. Here is my theory: What about KSB? Right now, we are all focusing on Park and professor Cha but why not look elsewhere?

Don't you find it strange that

- KSB recognized JW right away

- he keeps following HJ (even moved to Seoul)

- he keeps warning HJ about JW?

Is it a coincidence that the patent was registered under the name Hostel Bonita? SJ is a minor, how could he have come up with such an idea? On the other hand, KSB is older and had his own shop, if I am not wrong... so he knows how to create business and about patent rights. Imagine... if SJ had died, maybe KBS could have proposed to buy the hostel bonita... but JW entered the picture. KBS couldn't let HJ and JW know that he knew about the game. 

If he was the third party who helped them to create the game but he was not a registered player, he could have made an alliance with Marco in order to get rid of SJ but Marco died in the process. Either he got killed by SJ while the latter defended himself or KBS killed him for real when Marco was looking for SJ in the game. Anyway, that's why Marco became NPC Marco. KBS wanted to use the game in order to murder SJ. Since Zombie Marco has a high level, SJ has issues to fight him back. He came back to Granada in order to warn KSB because SJ thought that Marco had betrayed him with CHS after meeting the CEO... Why would he run back to Granada, when JW was already in Barcelona? They could have met there... In my opinion, he went back to Granada in order to warn his other partner but didn't think that KBS was the one who betrayed him. Only in the train, he realized the betrayal as zombie Marco appeared. No one knew how and when he would arrive in Granada, except his family. He had told his sister about his arrival and KBS got aware of it.

Let me know what you think about it

@stroppyse @Kasmic @blademan@40somethingahjumma @stargazer187 @wenchanteur   

Enjoyed reading your speculations, dear. :D

I"m not sure what sort of part KSB plays in the overall big picture of the drama but yeah, he comes across as a bit OTT in terms of his protectiveness of HJ. Right now he seems mostly like an overbearing well-meaning friend but I think you're right in thinking that we can't rule him out completely as a baddie. He seems to hover around HJ in unhealthy ways. In Granada I found him amusing but in Seoul, he's just plain annoying.  I'm not suspicious that he knew who JW was... JW is a well-known CEO of a major tech investment company in SK BUT his attitude after HJ told him about SJ feels ridiculously overkill especially the part about wanting to talk to the press... right about the same time when Prof Cha is talking about ousting JW from his position. It feels like everyone has an agenda. Sure, it could be that he's just incredibly jealous that some good looking CEO managed to sweep HJ off her feet in a short space of time while he's been patiently waiting in the wings for years. But I can understand why he's aroused your suspicions. I didn't mind him in Granada and in wanting to be protective of HJ because he sees her as a vulnerable friend. However, it's not as if JW cheated them out of a lot of money and the truth is SB doesn't have all the facts so his jumping the gun at this stage is silly. My first thought is that he's trying too hard to be a surrogate boyfriend more than just a close family friend.



I wouldn't say that HJ is a damsel in distress in the  sense that she needs rescuing. ;) In Granada she was in fact the one who did the most rescuing and saving. She saved JW on several occasions. JW was not on home turf, he was a mess after CHS' death and she supported him all through his drugged haze. I could see right off the bat her potential as someone who could be JW's rock in his quest to find his sanity. However, the way they've chosen to do that in the last two episodes doesn't really do the character justice. Especially when they chose for her not to know that SJ had gone AWOL. I suspected that was going to be a stumbling block in how they was going to deal with that.


I agree with others here that PSH is a competent actress and she does especially well in crying scenes but I think the drama did HJ a disservice by making the OTP fall for each other so quickly while not really developing her personality as well as they've developed his. I love HB and he's a great actor but let's face it, the drama has thrown all its energy into developing the JW character... for good reasons. With HJ, on the other hand, they've intimated that she's now in love with him and so she has to by default act a certain way because apparently all women in love are a blithering emotional mess when their men aren't around. :rolleyes: :P That's the message from the drama that I'm getting at least. The thing too is that JW didn't promise her anything in that regard and he wasn't free to act on his feelings (still officially married) except when he was in a drugged state. To me... the HJ of Granada was a warm-hearted but resilient woman who kept her family together when things were hard. If there's anyone who deserved that ten billion won, it was her because she put aside her dream to support her financially.


I just think that the romance could have been handled better and it's regrettable that HJ doesn't come off as well from the writer's efforts. I don't mind slow burn romances... I tend to prefer them in general but this show wants to be a slow burn and a whirlwind... and the result is inconsistency and confusion... to me anyway. ;)


The gaming aspect of the drama is clearly the best part. A great unfolding allegory. It's full of wonderfully rich symbolism about hubris, redemption, guilt and how we redefine insanity. 


@tiger457_stv Nice to see you again :)

With regards to young men and gaming, I think it's a mixture of escapism and wish fulfilment. You might be an exception to the rule, however. ;) But I know men even in their thirties and forties even who find gaming a way of giving vent to their competitive spirit and inner aggression. That's how the addiction comes into play. It's often a drug and the effects it has on players can be quite disturbing.


Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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16 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

But Marco and Se Ju had reached the same level and CHS had only reached the level 4. I doubt that CHS would be able to kill him just like that. Even if they form an alliance, HS has not the same skills than SJ.

However, I also think that Marco tried to kill Se Ju because Marco asked SJ to keep the deal about the game a secret from his family. He wanted to get rich without SJ who was a minor. Besides, when SJ called JW, he was in Barcelona and not in Granada, while the body of Marco was found in the woods near Granada. CSH was looking for SJ and had no idea where he was. HS had started drinking even before meeting Marco (flashback from CSH's wife, comment from professor Cha).


However, I sense that there could be a third party that JW and CHS were not aware of. Here is my theory: What about KSB?


Good point, but as I said in my 2nd post, if Marco was heavily wounded or wasn't expecting HS to attack and had his back turned around or something, he would be easy game.


As for SeJu having interaction with KSB, I really doubt the latter even knew about the game. SeJu is a classic gamer recluse type. They can only really connect and trust someone who is as addicted to the game as he is. Which explains his friendship with Marco, because "he gets it" as compared to even his family who are so loving. Also, I firmly believe that SeJu is really smart and came up with the idea of patenting the game under the business name all by himself.


Eagerly waiting for most flashback scenes in the upcoming episodes :D


I have another far-fetched theory regarding Marco being a hacker and his drug addiction in context to the game. I was wondering if Marco was experimenting with drugs in order to deliberately blur the line between AR and reality, make the mind think that it is a real situation to enhance the effect of the game. And if he did somehow manage to incorporate this into the game, does that explain the death of CHS?


I clearly have no interest in the outside game world storyline :P I understand gaming addiction as I love games myself :D  

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Hello everyone !!! it's been a long time since I joined a kdrama thread but I had to do it for this one, I've been lurking for a while now reading your theories ( not all unfortunately) and decided to join in the fun.

Let me just start my first post by saying how happy I am the production team got PSH and HB together in this drama cause they just have sooo much chemistry and not gonna lie I'm so waiting for the romance to develop between their characters, PSH has now moved on to act alongside older actors and I honestly cannot be more happier, I always thought there was a teeny bit of restraint when she was paired with other actors in her same age range ( don't get me wrong, those dramas were good and the chemistry was good, except for heirs :p ) but seeing her paired up with more experienced actors such as Hyun Bin, just feels different, don't know how to explain it, but I just like it more and I feel like it's better in terms of her career to learn more from senior actors such as them.


ANYWAYS, I'm excited for next week, I kind of feel like the story is gonna move faster from now on, and the stakes will be higher, since JW reached level 90, and the search for SJ in the game has officially begun, one thing I will say, I don't like director Park, he doesn't look that trustworthy to me , especially with the way he kept insisting JW is insane despite the secretary telling him otherwise,  oh well we'll see


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The scene in HJs room was beautiful, the two of them were

simply extraordinary.

JW sitting on the bed with his hands on the cane, and looking

at HJ quietly.

Then, their calm conversation. 

Even when he was leaving the room, and closed the door behind him,

JW looked irresistible. 

What can I do, I liked it. :)

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