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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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21 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

And I forget to tell this. I'm glad that HJ finally learned what really happened to her brother, he's going missing for a year. I feel how could she endure all this time after catching up on JW's lies through SJ's emails. And I feel sad for her. She even has to cry in secret, afraid of her family member would be worry too.  


She seems to trust JW again. I'm curious whether HJ will get the chance to join the game like City Hunter. I wish she could play it too. Hahaha.. suddenly I become so addicted i to this game. I didn't play it but it's so fun seeing them playing. Like SJH said it's kinda boring when you don't play and just wait. 


And talking about our OTP. I think they'll grow even closer next week. I feel it's wasted when JW can't carry HJ into her bedroom. LOL. I blame the writer for not recovering JW's leg soon. Other drama can make their heroes miraculously healed and walks swiftly fine even after one or two months. Guess that magic didn't happen here. :lol:


P.S. @bebebisous33 I see you left your like up there. R you watching this too now? Yay! Let's discuss. Haha

Yes, I am watching it. I had already posted a few comments in the beginning but after that, I had no time to watch the last three episodes. Now, I am catching up. 


@SeGafanlady To me, HJ's tears are one of the reasons why JW fell for her. JW was not able to cry after losing his first wife, even after his friend's betrayal... he became cynical, yet he was deeply sad. JW is not someone who shows his emotions therefore he needs someone warm like HJ because she can break through his thick walls. I have not watched the last two episodes yet but so far, the evolution of their relationship is good. I mean, JW was still married hence the skin ship would make no sense. But taking care of one another are the signs that they have feelings for each other.  

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?! BTS (Phone conversation): HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small) SH: No, if you tu

Posted Images

Happy that in the last two episodes we get a little more insight concerning the game, I loved that Sec also joined the game and at least there is one person who believes in JW and doesn't deem him crazy...and I think that at least helps JW know that he is not going insane and that there is infact something wrong with the game and not him...


I really like this new badass JW, how he came to the church and the office and faced all those who were spreading rumors about him, that cane makes him look so cool like MJ said...


Although he is still fighting demons, he is less vulnerable, more confident and at least has a plan!!!


Like the others have said, I really liked seeing him shooting on the rooftop...I was actually admiring the shot from the back, with him lying down :sweatingbullets::wub::phew::P if someone can also share that gif XOXO....:lol:


I think the intimacy has not progressed because JW is technically still married and I think that's why he decided to take care of that :D once that's done the ship can finally sail away...


I was proud when HJ told him to get lost and not come back that shows she has standards and self esteem, unlike when her sister implied she cried for him and disappeared with him hehe, but it also shows JW that he can not just mess around with her and think everything will be ok, I think that is part of the motivation on his part to find SJ so that he can regain her trust again...


The theory about, Dr. Cha being somewhat involved in the death of Marco and disappearance of SJ is interesting and plausible, perhaps he did duel with Marco and SJ that's why as someone already mentioned, SJ said he is not a good man...maybe he told them if he wins then they dont get the money or something and SJ felt cheated especially after Marco had already died so was contacting JW instead...but he was being chased by Marco's NPC???? just jumping on the theory train here LOL


And of course, I cant get enough of the interactions between JW and MJ she's so spunky and knows how to challenge him and of course you can tell he has a sweet spot for her and that he adores her...


Anyway episode 7 felt very short for me...ep 8 was better but still I cant wait for next weekend again :)


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Okay I am so hooked and not leaving any moment as each scenes are very important. Haha just to say so before anything else — JW has soft spot for sisters of his apple/interest lady Soo Kyung sister first wife and Min Joo sister of Hee Joo! hahaha. I love their bantering and interaction! Like its his little sisters. Haha


Anyway, woah my intuition was correct that JW needs to level and survive to find the programmer which is inside the game too; to enable to find Se Ju too.   So no wonder last week’s episode showed that Se Ju has a gun and as he’s in top position. Since Marco is dead we know the Master is some else. I would guess the father/Professor Chan knew something about this. He’s really suspicious. 


I stand corrected that Mr Investigator / A is Marco.


I like the idea of writernim that Sec Jung Hoon experiencing what Ji Woo is experiencing at least he knows that JW is sane. But you could feel his trauma and fear when Dr Cha attacks him and he could feel the pain. Main Programmer Hyun Chul he knows how to be loyal! I thank him from being loyal and hope he will continue to be loyal. I hope Sun Ho will remain loyal and listen to JW as friend.  The program is good, but addicting and terrifying. No wonder Se Ju is so afraid but he knows the program went to wrong hands because of Marco Han.  Actually I think Marco is a programmer who got first addictive to the game. He knows that SJ is a minor so he is claiming rights as he does not know the code too. 


But knowing this writer - writernim can twist a lot of things but I respect how good the story board of the first 8 episodes. High five! The drama is amazingly high tech and good.


I hope this drama will finish well and the good story board / scene sequence will continue and finish with a bang just like how it started. 



PS Too many Lexus in this drama — frol CEO to secretary to HJ. Hhaha Commercial. hahahah


The Chemistry of HB and PSY is so amazing even without skinship and I could feel how is he trying to contain his feelings but he did so anyway. He said he missed her.  The memories of Alhambra was good as he meet a woman named Emma. But it was wrong timing! 


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I just realized from ep 8 that JW totally hoodwinked HJ into signing the deal. HJ got the shorter end of the agreement.


10billion won was Marco's starting price for the game. And that did not include profit shares.


If HJ was better informed she could get even more money out of the deal. And turned the table around during the negotation process. She didnt have to get locked in a toilet , ram its door and suddenly faint in JW's arm, which till this day i find so ridiculous and out of place.


I'm sad that HJ is not well resourced enough to know or even realize this. So so sad.


And I want HJ to stop crying. I'll just assume she's crying because of SJ in ep 7-8. JW does not deserve her tears. But even in ep 9 preview, she is still crying. She's turning to be a human faucet. Huhu

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5 hours ago, ned_lee said:

WOW! I too wonder what did Miss Koala watched... if anything HJ is the sole reason why JW didnt give up and let Zombie Cha kill him. He missed HJ  but knew he couldnt face her until he found some news of SJ.  That's why he fought many sleepless nights to level up. I thought ep 7 and 8 delivered that message well. The comments on that site is worse - Im glad soompi forum is more controlled and friendly. Maybe I should just stick to reading just her posts lol!


4 hours ago, katakwasabi said:


Nope. I thought the hawk was SJ too when watching live hahaha. Even worse my imagination ran wild that i thought when he reached level 90 the game realms merged so he can jump from one country to another without physically going out of korea hahahaa


hi5-smiley.gif?1292867616  Glad I wasnt the only one thinking that SJ urned into a hawk lol!  Though I didnt think it would be possible for JW to travel to other realms but rather the opposite.  As in ep 7, the testers fought off other enemies from various countries. 


My afterthoughts of ep 7 and 8, 

I think tech guy did not delete Emma, she will be back when JW goes back to Granada. I dont think tech guy can overide SJ initial program for Emma. So like how they couldnt disconnect City Hunter allegiance with JW just proved that some of the rules designed in the game cannot be changed. Emma is a healer and perhaps heals JW limping and we saw in earlier eps he didnt limp while fighting those masked blue eyed ninjas. Just a thought, Emma will heal JW giving him energy to fight on and not get injured and HJ heals him mentally and emotionally out of the game. :P


Also Im curious, how on earth was JW able to con HJ to give him the licensing rights of the game? I understood that since SJ is a minor therefore he had to go through HJ. Maybe I missed it  but I didnt quite understood how purchasing her hostel would give him those rights to the game. Was there something in the contract that she did not read and that I didnt pick up too? :crazy:


crazy-monkey-emoticon-017.gif?1292792382     MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! crazy-monkey-emoticon-033.gif?1292792387


EXCUSE ME WHILE I SPAM MY POST OF HB GIFS - OPEN ALL SPOILERS crazy-monkey-emoticon-054.gif?1292792393

































CR. https://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=yeowoo_byul2&logNo=221426159538&categoryNo=74&parentCategoryNo=0

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18 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

My afterthoughts of ep 7 and 8, 

I think tech guy did not delete Emma, she will be back when JW goes back to Granada. I dont think tech guy can overide SJ initial program for Emma. So like how they couldnt disconnect City Hunter allegiance with JW just proved that some of the rules designed in the game cannot be changed. Emma is a healer and perhaps heals JW limping and we saw in earlier eps he didnt limp while fighting those masked blue eyed ninjas. Just a thought, Emma will heal JW giving him energy to fight on and not get injured and HJ heals him mentally and emotionally out of the game. :P



The game was supposedly made from scratch in korea. But they also seem to be working with the original version of the game. How they got the original code? I'm not sure..maybe they found Marco's computer? 


All the original NPCs were deleted from the game except for emma because programmer dude thought she was pretty so he decided to make multiple versions of her. While he's at it why not make her hold a  gayageum instead of that guitar for the korean version? Haha. However JW asks programmer dude to delete emma all together. He doesnt want to request for her portrait rights.


In all honesty, i think Emma's mysterious air is now gone. Since theres several emmas in JW's office. Maybe SJ programmed emma to be super awesome in his version of the game? But super awesome NPCs are usually for higher levels right. Emma is only at level 5. 


As for the hostel agreement deal. Somehow the patent for the game is under Bonita hostel. Thats why JW was adamant to buy the building. How a patent can be registered under a building? I have no idea. I dont think the patent was written in the contract, but it was said that by JW purchasing the building, anything under the building's name will be JW's including the patent.



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I do curious about what will be the end of this story. Memories of Alhambra, seems to be everything just become a memory as the main lead died...I hope not, but can't say that it won't happen too.

Looking at ep 8 where JW realize that half of his assumption was right and half of it was wrong, is it because he realize that SJ really died and he can't save him + bring SJ back to HJ?

Anyone notice on the end of Episode 5 when JW looking for SJ, there is a European guy with square pattern shirt who might be the killer of SJ? His shirt looks similar with the one in front of SJ when he opened the door in the train.

When JW looking for SJ, that guys smirks...

Huhuhu...I want it to be a happy ending...will it be? or will it be a tragic one? craving for the next eps to come...


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Hi.. I am a silent reader.. but now I am dying to ask you a favor... Does anyone have Jin Woo GIF (when he talked to Min Joo in Hee Joo’s bedroom)? I loveeeee his expression when Min Joo teased him. I think Min Joo teased him 2 times at that time. It is so fun to watch his expression. Thank you in advance.


I have waited this drama from couple months ago. It turns out a masterpiece drama! Every episode makes my brain come up with theories. I can’t wait for weekend because I want to know whether my theories are correct or incorrect.  I just can’t relax a bit and watch it as it shows. I always ended up guessing, make theories and assumptions. This drama is a great way to end 2018. 


Merry Christmas !!! 

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Was it a good idea to watch ep 1-8? I am not sure now since I am in suspense after doing a marathon.


1. It's almost 4am but I had to finish ep 8. Have been avoiding spoilers so I didn't know what happened.


2. I am enjoying this drama immensely. And if I was @Kasmic would be avoiding that site. I have been steering clear of any articles and comments there. It's just that there are some real nasty commenters on that site.


I am not expecting a big or obvious romance so the interactions have been totally fine and relevant. The plot is not all about the romance.


3. Lol. But Min Ju is absolutely sparking the screen when she is with Min Ju. Honestly.


4. I rediscovered my Hyun Bin love. He is like fine wine. A little bubbly and goes down smooth and velvety. Plum- like notes on the palate. Like a rich aged sparkling shiraz. 


What? Its Christmas. And isn't Hyun Bin just FINE in this drama?


5. And boy the game is well developed if we reached ep 90. And written by a minor? Huh?


Ok... time to zzz...


Kids will wake up soon at 6am expecting to open presents. Family life and Kdramas marathons don't mix. Even worse as I am working Christmas day. My brain will be mush.

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17 hours ago, Lukijong said:

Now we have to wait a week, a week is like a month now TT.TT


JW did lie to her for a long time though, so HJ can call him like that. But I’m glad she also realized that he was trying hard to find Seju too.

IDK, but I thought she was being difficult for no reason. I mean JW has been trying to help her since the very beginning, so don't try to push him away when you know he is equally concerned for SJ as you have been. She eventually will have to trust him only because he holds the key to finding her brother.

15 hours ago, stroppyse said:


Good points in your post. Sorry I cut it short to just the bits I wanted to comment on.


I also thought that the game goes haywire when it comes to real people. HJ has never played the game. Rather, her face was used for a game NPC.  So, the NPC could be deleted without any issues. However, as you've said, Zombie Cha, Sec Soo are human as are JW, Marco, and SJ, so there seems to be additional constraints on them. What's unclear is how much of it is programming and how much of it is magic. Clearly, some of it is magic since a game death shouldn't translate to real death, though if the drama is going to attempt an explanation, it's probably going to have something to do with neurotransmitters in the brain, I would think. Still, if it's provided at all, it's going to be plenty of handwaving.


Btw, I don't think it's clear yet how Marco died, and whether he died in the game or not. If he died in the game and his body was not discovered for almost a year, the body would have been in a state of decomposition, not to mention the little critters that would have been taking bites of the body. So, I didn't think it was clear whether Marco was taken out by the RL thugs or had lost an in game battle that took his life.



I One question in my mind is whether HJ will enter the game. We've seen that JW doesn't want Park to enter the game since he might not be able to leave. I can't imagine JW will be willing for HJ to risk being in the game, however, there might be circumstances where only HJ, potentially as a stand in for the deleted in-game Emma, can do.





I think the drama has gone beyond any medical or psychological explanation. So yeah, some of it has to be explained through fantasy. It's probably going to be easier to explain the non-explainable stuff through magic or fantasy. Question is, where is the line between programming and fantasy? Is everything going to fall under magic conveniently? I hope so not..


I was just proposing a theory about what might have happened to Marco but you are right, it's not clear whether he died in the game(killed by SJ) or by some thugs. I found the murder theory more plausible but lets wait for the next episode. It is equally possible that Marco's NPC was the one following SJ in train. But I don't want SJ and JW to have similar fates regarding being stalked by zombies(just a personal preference..nothing else):)


She could start playing the game but she would have to start from level 1..lol. But we have seen that its no use being at lower levels unless you reach level 80 or 90, you are practically useless..(can't talk to other NPCs, outdated weapons etc). As you have said, and even I believe that HJ's only potential or use in the game is through Emma. PSH said that Emma is a Healer...so why didn't we see that yet? Maybe there is more to Emma's story..


13 hours ago, bedifferent said:




NPC can be deleted but Dr Cha was never programmed to be an NPC in the beginning. He was a player.  The program was never coded for his character, thus we can't just delete the code segment and thus, his character.  The game went crazy and turned a real player (Hyung Seok) into NPC.  Hyung Seok basically became a residue that cannot be removed in the game.  He has no code associated to his character and the game doesn't know he exists. Emma is a character programmed into the game so all the computer programmer has to do is delete the codes that make up her character. 


Real players are real people and not coded characters so there is no way you can delete the players.  Players play through if they win and get removed if they die.   Yes, it's interesting that alliance and loyalty are unbreakable.  If we assume Marco and Se Joo started as partners, friends and entered the game as alliance, why and how did that alliance dissolve so that one man is dead and the other one still alive?  Something happened at level 92 that broke off their bond.  Marco died in real life and Se Joo moved on but stuck there for over 1 year.  If we think Marco became zombie NPC in AR and attacked Se Joo, it meant they never did form an alliance cause they are now enemy.   Also, the alliance bond could mean Se Joo can never break free from Marco NPC.



BTW, the program has reverted back to its medieval origin, the knights, the sword.  What is the meaning of this regression?


I get the theory about why the programmer can not delete zombie Cha and I believe that's the case only. NPC Cha was never a part of original code of the game hence the game does not even recognise him. I remember Sec Soo saying that 'zombie Cha's sword cut almost felt real and different from other assassins' so he is kind of dangling somewhere between reality and programming. Why..I don't know..
What I was curious about, is the reason as to why a bond whether enemy or ally can not be reverted back in the game? If you can choose your partner, then you can also choose to discontinue the alliance or animosity( but CHS never lived or rather intended to do so). Is it simply a game rule that you have to be allies or enemies for the rest of your life in game or something else? Because if it is a game rule in codes then how come the programmer can not change the code? And if it is not a coded segment of program, then it's probably related to the weird AR/ real world merging rules..
We know that for sure that you can't change the form of your contact in the game. If you are enemies, then you are enemies for the rest of your life. So whether allies or enemies, SeJoo and Marco must have been one or the other till the very end. It is more likely that they played as rivals, hence the possibility that SJ killed Marco in the game and is now being followed by his zombie just like JW is. However, I am more inclined to the theory that Marco was murdered by someone else and SJ escaped. It can go both ways..though..lets see. But like I said, its just my preference that I don't want JW and SJ to have similar fates regarding zombies..it will be horrible for HJ..:(
I think sword of black knight or any other sword or weapon refers to the type of weapon which is used by player in the battle that he just won. Its just a way to informing the user that you used this weapon..
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On December 24, Good Data corporation released a list of which dramas and actors had received the most public attention from December 17 to December 23.

The list is compiled through an analysis of 35 dramas in the areas of news articles, blog posts, community forums, social media, and video clip view counts.


List of Top 10 Buzzworthy Dramas:

  1. JTBC’s “SKY Castle” (17.96 percent)
  2. tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” (14.3 percent)
  3. SBS’s “The Last Empress” (13.7 percent)
  4. tvN’s “Encounter” (12.67 percent)
  5. tvN’s “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” (3.61 percent)
  6. JTBC’s “Clean With Passion For Now” (3.49 percent)
  7. SBS’s “My Strange Hero” (3.36 percent)
  8. MBC’s “Less Than Evil” (3.04 percent)
  9. OCN’s “God’s Quiz: Reboot” (2.81 percent)
  10. KBS’s “My Only One” (2.68 percent)



List of Top 10 Buzzworthy Actors:

  1. Park Bo Gum – tvN’s “Encounter”
  2. Song Hye Kyo – tvN’s “Encounter”
  3. Hyun Bin – tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra”
  4. Jang Nara – SBS’s “The Last Empress”
  5. Yeom Jung Ah – JTBC’s “SKY Castle”
  6. Park Shin Hye – tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra”
  7. Lee Tae Ran – JTBC’s “SKY Castle”
  8. Kim Bo Ra – JTBC’s “SKY Castle”
  9. Kim Yoo Jung – JTBC’s “Clean With Passion For Now”
  10. Yoo Seung Ho – SBS’s “My Strange Hero”





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I am I the only one who found it really funny when JW offered HJ some brandy so that it would make her warm..lol..I mean I know at that moment HJ literally wanted to slap JW for offering her alcohol instead of some sympathy or rather a shoulder(you should try doing that next time, JW)..but it was so funny. :D 

Sweetie HJ, this is part and parcel of falling for the wolf/CEO Jin Woo oppa. Included in this parcel is a stupid game, some swords, Josean era assassins, rifles, a zombie, two shrilling ex-wives and last but not the least, a devilishly handsome face with dimples..Merry Christmas!:lol:

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35 minutes ago, siddy09 said:

I am I the only one who found it really funny when JW offered HJ some brandy so that it would make her warm..lol..I mean I know at that moment HJ literally wanted to slap JW for offering her alcohol instead of some sympathy or rather a shoulder(you should try doing that next time, JW)..but it was so funny. :D 

Sweetie HJ, this is part and parcel of falling for the wolf/CEO Jin Woo oppa. Included in this parcel is a stupid game, some swords, Josean era assassins, rifles, a zombie, two shrilling ex-wives and last but not the least, a devilishly handsome face with dimples..Merry Christmas!:lol:

omg,this is the best post for me.You make me laughing  out loud .

Guys Merry Christmas .

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Real villain is Prof Cha? Master is also Prof Cha? For the Master to send a messenger , wouldn't it require Master to log in ? But Master and Marco has not log in for 1 year. 


Just finished Ep 8, I pity JW . The stress and pressure, anxiety he was going through... Assasins , Michael Cha NPC,  incessant rain patter, guitar strumming, strategising to get ahead of media crazy ex-wife and lover /manager , managing his fear and insanity meter, plotting JOne's future and keeping it, and the board happy and afloat on remote, game testing, searching for SJ, managing PI to dig info SJ, Marco and cover SJ's trail,  upgrading weapons , level  up to level 90, loving HJ but can't start anything now,  managing his assistant who is now his alliance,  managing his CSO, his handicap, protecting HJ & family from SJ's reality until he finds SJ...


His intentions are less honourable from the start, but I like by Ep 8, he is fronting the real dangers (for game players even his assistant which he tried to get him off the game)before releasing the game commercially,  in place of HJ in the event she seeks out her brother and even CSO whom he rejects to join in the game. 


By ep 8, I glad  PSH is getting better in her acting. Hyun Bin is totally fab. So is Prof Cha too.


Great show... great writing.  But I can't wait for their 'eventual' explanation on how AR becomes real life , real murder and real injuries,  this had better be good.



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I honestly thought SJ became an eagle too and felt like this:




Thank goodness the eagle is just an eagle LOL.


*been busy with the holidays so haven't had time to participate as much as i wanted. Once holidays are over, my analysis will be coming in more ;)




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17 hours ago, Berou said:


Cr : HB DC

Ahh this clip many thanks Chingu @Berou, PD-nim surely know HB best angle :D



16 hours ago, stroppyse said:

@Berou, you totally rock! Thank you.


Something so calm and deadly serious about his look as he puts his eye to the scope and takes out the attackers.... :wub::wub:


@PororoQueen, the man does not have a bad side to him. :D  He was lovely when he was a rather fey young actor, but now that he's a seasoned veteran with so much more control at his disposal, he's just that much more irresistible. Though, given that this is a drama thread not the actor thread, I had better stop with this line of thought.


Anyway, I think it also shows that JW has gotten used to the game now, and is mastering the various elements of it. Even the game world-real world interaction which so freaked him out initially, he's now become acclimated to it, I think. His demeanor now is more of determination and curiosity versus fearing for his life and his sanity as he had manifested earlier.



So true @stroppyse, Our man is irresistible in the drama and reality. :D I'm so amaze with his soft spoken words. By the way I heard he was an excellent marine soldier too.


Back to the JW world, I think he respects his women - JW could just exposed YooRa's affair to the media, and tell the world the reason. But nope, he just keep it quiet the between them. We didn't see scenes of JW yelling when talking to SJ and YR. His gaze towards SJ at the church is something else - Aiishh, first wife's  love never die I guess. And JW & HJ love development grows slowly and make sense to me, it's like "HeJoo, I'm waiting for you to mature, I'll be back when we are ready" LOL :D

Edited by bebebisous33
don't quote videos, gifs and pictures. Remove these next time please
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@stargazer187 @Kasmic My theory about zombie Cha HS: I have the impression that the problem occurred, when JW and CHS touched each other while fighting. It became real, this explains why there was this forbidden rule. The frontier between fiction and reality disappeared. CHS died but his existence as player remained because he never logged out. I suspect that this is the reason why JW still saw CHS, although he was not wearing the lenses. JW had entered physically the AR world.


JW said that CHS had been murdered, while thinking that he was the reason why he died. However, I sense that there is a third player who wanted to get rid of JW. From my point of view, JW is actually the real target. What caught my attention is that when JW's life started falling apart, the more isolated JW became, the more professor Cha got closer to him. JW lost his first wife, his best friend... even when he got remarried, he got no family. 


My impression is that Cha wanted to separate his son from JW so that he could take over the company. He knew that as long as CHS is close to JW, he can not succeed. On the surface, he looks like he is favoring JW but it is quite the opposite. GYR's words are not wrong in my opinion: professor Cha acted as if he was his family, however I doubt that he ever saw JW as such. To me, it looks like professor Cha was targeting JW from the beginning. Director Park has been working for him for a long time. Don't you find it strange that Park appeared right after JW met his ex-wife with CHS? It was as if someone wanted JW to go crazy and hurt SJ or CHS so that he would lose everything.


Then imagine if JW had died during the duel, then professor Cha and director Park would have benefited from it.... moreover, this would have helped his son. I guess, professor Cha never expected his son to die. Don't forget that JW started playing the game much later and had not reached the same level. If professor Cha is not behind, then my next suspect is director Park. He knew what JW was doing and where he was... If both die, then director Park's position can change for the better. When HJ's brother called JW, he mentioned Cha... but maybe he was talking about professor Cha.


In the next episode, they are trying to ruin his reputation as CEO in order to make him lose his seat. Cha can become the real owner of J One Company.  


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10 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

My impression is that Cha wanted to separate his son from JW so that he could take over the company. 

Can be JW is the real son of Professor Cha? Secretary Park knows that? 

Maybe the same people that kill Marco, hurt SJ and he is somewhere in a hospital with an amnesia about who he is in real life, and can only be himself or remember the AR games? 

MJ and JW have a lovely relationship. Maybe she sees in him the father figure that is missing in her life?Reason why she wants to get him together with HJ! Very bright little one! 


I am loving this drama . The pairing of PSH and HB in this drama is phenomenal!

Hold your bells viewers and get ready for the rollercoaster on the episodes to come. 

Park Shin Hye acting is on point, very natural, mature , realistic, genuinely immerse in HJ character,  and matches so well with the circumstances and JW character. They complement each other so well. I can’t wait for next episodes. 

I can’t  believe the drama is only 16 episodes! Can we request more episodes! Lol. :D 


P.S. The new player ally of JW. Why City Hunter? Random name? Or has a especific meaning in the game?  


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