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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?! BTS (Phone conversation): HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small) SH: No, if you tu

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22 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

Stills of Emma




in red

  Reveal hidden contents





cr. Salt Ent

Wow that means Emma will appear next episode  I hope :kiss_wink:

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17 minutes ago, NileRose said:

HJ knew about the game for sure but I want translation for :bawling: preview

i will translate sh and hb part 

hj..... you are running away again infront of my eyes.

hj......Don't come here again


jw.......if you go to Granada ,you will not find sj.SJ is not dead.If you want a proof, I will give it to you.


translation with 9 years experience of watching kdrama :sweatingbullets:

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3 hours ago, katakwasabi said:


I forgot the game was set in Granada and one needs to be physically in Granada to play the game :sweatingbullets:


Now i too wonder how can or when will he meet emma in the game :o


From the preview, HJ opened a shop named emma. I'm not sure how it will be related to the game~





in my POV maybe Emma is HJ’s baptism name.. the game is set up by her brother so of course there is possibility that he also created some characters in the game based on his close ones.. and Hee Joo is his older sister.. 


she is so gorgeous I wanna cry :heart:





and I agree with.. OMG can we please let Dr. Cha rest in peace already? 

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33 minutes ago, SeGafanlady said:


and I agree with.. OMG can we please let Dr. Cha rest in peace already? 


Yes this! If Zombie Cha's character will not be explained more in the story, please let him go. I feel bad for the actor already. He has no lines and he has the same clothes, same blood and need to wear the same expression all the time. Huhu


Ep.7 is up on netflix. Less than 10 minutes in, the subway PPL is so blatant hahahaha. And JW needs to put a dampener on his cane. Its so noisy when he walks :sweatingbullets:

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Just finished Netflix stream of ep 7, and I dunno what to say. For me it started as pretty slow for me wc is ironic given the time lapse. But just like the otp relationship it slowly provides a smooth transition of the story, providing some explanation on issues (or suspiscions for me :lol:) my eyes still on Prof. Cha and Dir. Park.


The actors performance are on point basing on their characters - loving Emma's costume and mystique aura, the bad boy CEO appeal of JW, and Prof. Cha dunno how will I feel if he turns out good on this one after all the possible villain ideas that crossed my mind :sweatingbullets:


@SeGafanlady @katakwasabi Im with you regarding zombie Dr. Cha im really confused on what will be the pivotal explanation on why he's appearing on all levels even after number of death and attacker.


@stroppyse maybe bcoz both JW and his sec were busy playing the game that divorce was put on hold :D


Btw, how cool were the gadgets and display on JW and R&D lead's ofc.:glasses:

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Why is Zombie Cha still in the game. Its sad seeing him getting killed everytime. Now even Sec. Seo can see and kill him. I find it disturbing that JW is starting to turn cold and have no remorse or feel conflicted in killing zombie Cha. I know he wants to survive. But its disheartening to see zombie cha killed multiple times. JW is turning to be a killer machine in the game.


Some updates to the story as of ep 7

1. The game is now evolved.

2. Emma might not be in the game anymore. JW told to delete all the original game NPC's including Emma. I wonder how they got their hands on the original codes since HJ packed all of SJ's belongings before moving to korea. 

3. Zombie cha is still popping up

4. Sec Seo can see and kill zombie cha too

5. Now players can heal by eating subway:sweatingbullets:

6. Players can also collect coins by buying a subway meal:sweatingbullets:

7. JW leveled up using a back door to the game with the help of his programmer.

8. JW is an alcoholic. He drank 1 big bottle of rum(?) at the office. He also needs pills.

9. HJ and her family moved to korea and she opened a guitar shop

10. HJ now knows that there was a hidden reason why JW insisted to buy the hostel

11. HJ was exchanging mail with SJ but it was actually sec seo and HJ knows that too

12. SJ is still lost somewhere

13. JW is still married.

14. JW's cane is noisy :sweatingbullets:


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I think otp wise they are finally in a better position. I feel relieved that Hee-ju knows things that were kept as a secret to her. But still, it felt like they jumped some steps. Because till the moment of revelation (that she knew all along about the emails), Hee-ju seemed the same naive girl as she was in Granada. She kept quiet even after she understood it was somebody else sending mails instead of her brother?? Doesn't that mean her brother is missing and he could be in danger?? Even in her last mail she didn't raise any concerns regarding se ju or tried to make sure that it really was him?? She never inquired why it was always emails instead of a phone call?? Even when she contacted Seo sec, she didn't try to set up a meeting with him and the message she typed and deleted was her asking about JW's leg. Actually, I can perfectly understand her curiosity about Jin woo, but her being passive about her brother that too for about 1 year is little confounding for me.

Jin woo had a lot in his life to deal. Living a life like this is really complicated and frustrated but still, he shouldn't have kept the truth away from Seju's family. It is possible they may not believe or understand anything about the game and there may not be anything his family could do to find him. Even then it was their right to grieve for him, it was their right to know the truth.

Now that everything is in its place I hope the story can flow smoothly.


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I think PSH as Emma will play the game because if I’m not mistaken she said in an interview that she played games so that she can understand on how to act as a character in the game. And HB is also mentioned that SH didn’t just go there and shoot but she study the game. So I’m quite sure she’ll play . She also said that Emma and HJ are opposite. Maybe she’ll play to find the brother . So she’ll team up with HB. I think it’s right not to start their romance coz both have problems to settle although I also can’t wait but then it’ll look unrealistic at this moment . But I know it will be a good ending according to the interview. 

I kind lost or feel dizzy with the games as I don’t play but who cares as long as I understand the story of the drama and I’m enjoying it. All the casts are really doing a good job. Sorry for the long post . 

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7 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

I still don't understand why JW hasn't finished getting divorced from his wife.


For me,it is clear like crystalB) .Writer want to make a big obstacle to our love birds.And i really little disappointed about the love story to our leads.Its take too slow and the sence they meet is too little.Ar games and fighting sence is too many.In my opinion this drama is combination of 50 % of game,20% of other things (other characters) and 30% of romance.But i love to watch this:tears: show becos of our leads:tears:

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36 minutes ago, sd24 said:

why there love story not started yet?

the hero is not in love yet so sad..........when they will love like romeo juliet


calm your ahjumma fan’s heart down.... there are still many episodes left.. lol hehehe..


and of course me want also the lovey dovey sweet look and soft gazes lovingly happens between our OTP... like hello... Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye is the best visual and talent you can ever get in an OTP.. I can name very few and one of other than this is Kim Joo won and Gil Ra Im.. if you get what I meant hehehe.... Hyun Bin is so so amazing he can have a deep chemistry with a tree. and we will of course whip him with the tree.. that’s how remarkable he is..


I can tell how Yoo Jin Woo really has placed Jung Hee Joo in a special place in his heart.. tye man is totally still monitoring and keep himself update on Hee Joo’s.. he knows everything.. he even sent her emails pretending to be See Joo.. to calm Hee Joo’s mind.. OMG is he even real?


now that he has meeting her again and she stormed off because not knowing anything.. I hope their relationship can elope into the next step.. she really really worry and misses him though.. 


and OMO... I can’t believe my eyes.. after a year passed.. that estranged wife actress is still playing her game on settlement divorce.. so so hopeless... Yoo Jin Woo has to end it soon.


looking forward to watch episode 7 with english sub even I understand already most.. and have you seen how gorgeous Hee Joo with those different outfits? my fave is the black sexy lace one... I lolled watching Yoo Jin Woo’s in awe reaction hahahaha....


hot babe :wub:



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JW has other pressing problems. A relationship is way at the back of his mind now. He needs to find SJ. He needs to figure out how to make zombie cha dissapear. 


Maybe HJ will play. That would make her more active as a character. Maybe the theories that Emma is a healer is not right since now we have subway to heal players haha


I thought JW saw zombie cha due to his guilty conscience. But now that Sec Seo can see him too, i guess my assumption is wrong. Anyways, can Sec Seo play the game without lenses too? Hmmm. 


The programmer deleted all original NPC's in the game. Did he try deleting zombie cha from the game?

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Yes, I think JW's response or development of 'feelings' to Hee-Ju is quite natural at this point. I am actually glad that the writer didn't rush their progress and didn't push him into the ship. I hope this show wouldn't come down to be a mere rom-com. I am not saying being a rom-com is bad but this show has the potential to go beyond that.


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i just want to ay 5 min into the drama, i m absolutely thrilled with the business part of it..

i can see how games would aspire to be there.. and that we will soon be there - all their coporate partnerships etc..



i honestly don't care about the people.. too fascinated with how well they have etched out the AI part and the business proposition.. too realistic


ok have a theory (haven't watched ep 7 completly thoguh)


Dr. Cha died right.. without logging off.. you know how all games e.g candycrush too.. if you exhaust your chances aka die "x" number of times, you have to wait for 8 hours or so to try that level again until you win.


So,  in this case Dr. Cha never logged off, he is still in the game. Therefore, even though hurt its like real games, he will keep playing his last level until he clears.. BUT HB doesn't let him win.. so that is why the game with zombie cha is still repeating itself.. because his id is stuck at that level and not logged off


so rather than ha being the one coming into zinu's world.. zinu is the prime obstacle or character in cha's id world..



other characters zinu kills don't come back.. because they are game characters. this would happen only with real characters who get stuck at a level and need to keep repeating the same obstacle until they win and move on







poor parents, didn't live to see


gil was supposedly a music genius

son is a programming genius

and youngest 'm pretty sure is genius of genius :)

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