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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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I really really Really Like The Positive Relationship Between Hyunbin and Park Shin hye ...They always praising each other and understand each other a lot.And They have a Great Chemistry, I want the writer use their chemistry a lot please.:bawling: I hope they can work again in the movie or drama again.  When I read their interview, they always bring such warm feeling from their positive relationship... I love it :heart:


cr . ssinzactress


:heart:Thank your dear for your translation. I really appreciate a lot:heart:


Rough Translate cleo thailand interview #MemoriesOfTheAlhambra


#ParkShinHye : i've always wondered when will i get to work with #HyunBin so i think this work is such a good opportunity because i will get to work with good script and good director. (+)


i looked forward to work with Hyunbin. I got to learn more about acting from working with hyunbin such as script analysis and making question about the script i have so i can make sure that i don't leave any detail out from my work. I've really learned a lot of things from him.


#ParkShinHye : i have a lot of concern but #HyunBin gave me a lot of advice which really help me getting rid of my concern. (+)


We didn't only talk about our drama characters or acting but he also shared to me about his life & his worry as an actor. He gave me a lot of good ideas which can help me a lot. I'm always nervous when i meet people in the first time and i think #HyunBin is the same(+)


However, he is really approachable not only with me but also with staff so it helps us getting along well.


#HyunBin I don't always have a project that i really want to do so i'm happy to work in this and with shinhye whom i've really wanted to work with. She is very passionate about acting and want to express her emotion. (+)


It's so good to work with her. I'm very happy which makes me want to increase my passion to match her because i really want us to build a good chemistry.


#HyunBin : She is very smart and she is talented actress. She has good sense about role & script. She also has a very good method to express the character's emotion. (+)


Shinhye has positive and outgoing personality plus she is also fighter so i think she really matches with "Heejoo" role and i think that help a lot in the acting. (Shin Hye thumbed up to HyunBin's praising)




#HyunBin : We had a lot of good memories in Spain. i remembered it was awkward at first since we weren't close but because we share the same goal and everyone is very passionate to meet the goal, not only cast but also the staff and director. (+)


We deeply discussed how to bring life to the characters in the drama and that time is very special memory for us.


#ParkShinHye : this is the first time that we used AR in korean series so we really had to communicate a lot about how we should show this drama to audience.


And i think it's really good to stay in Spain because we stayed together and that helped us focusing and communicating a lot to find the best way to show AR (+)


It really created positive energy and we have filmed for almost 7 months, i think discussing about AR is the force that has carried forward our work until now


#ParkShinHye : this drama will use a lot of AR and Game setting. I really want to share a lot of things but i can't. There will be the event that will suppress AR and that will make the romance part in the drama different. (+)


I really want to share more but i will let you use your imagination for the rest


#ParkShinHye : There is something i can tell, there is a reason why HeeJoo has to meet Yoo Jin Woo and there is a reason why Yoo Jin Woo has to meet HeeJoo. #HyunBin : You just made it worse, you didn't even explain anything. (teasingly) #ParkShinHye : laugh and hit -end-




NB :  opinion from ssinzactress


one thing i need to praise ShinHye about her work ethic is she always knows the everything about the project she works. It's not only her part that she knows but also the overall details of the project. She is always capable to explain it without being awkward


just look at the way she can describe about AR and also how the whole team worked for it. This mean she just didn't go there, did her part and went back but she also contributed in the drama and observed things in there a lot




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2 hours ago, k_xs said:


There is always the possibility that SJ asked someone help while he was producing the game and maybe the person really messed up with that to take the game for himself. Who knows? But one thing that got me intrigued is see how the weather changed in the first episode while we could listen "Memories of the Alhambra" song playing in the background. And who we know will play guitar in this game? The girl in red veil, so i wonder if there is some connection or if she will have some kind of power in the game. Because once she plays, it seems things get out of control. 


Anyway there are so many theories going on, that im getting crazy.

Woew...after I read your opinion.. I like you interesting theory. Let's say Red Vail woman B ( another character from PSH) who have a power in the game.  Who is she in the game? Who become her in the game? Or she just a game character? Not a player? And after mention this, I remember Her Joo faint on ep 3. What happen to her? Suddenly faint.


3 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

No, the game is not perfect. Either there is a bug so that the game became "independent", in other words it got out of control from the creators. Another possibility is that someone has tampered the game in order to become the only owner of that game.

Then SJ was supposed to arrive in Granada and just before his arrival, the scenery and the weather changed which announced that SJ had been sent back into the Virtual world / Game. It felt like a time jump. And this happens to JW too. Like you, I believe that the train signifies that JW and SJ have reached a high level. Since they are supposed to arrive in Granada, I suspect that the killer is sent to stop people from finishing the game : the goal is Granada. If they reach the final goal, then (theory 1) the computer might lose his independency. In the second theory, the mastermind behind it wants to ensure that all the persons involved in the game die so that he can sell the game as his creation.     

I like your theory. If for theory 1. The computer have the independency, that make sense. Just like Terminator. Or theory..there really really another person behind the scene that control everything. When you watch ep 2. There is a scene heong seok call someone? After confront with JW. Who that person he calling?

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1 hour ago, anjelikaeyes13 said:

@DOCDOC okay :) hehehe! It’s like a movie, like I am watching Inception or Total Recall are the ones that came into my mind.  I think “Snoopy” or HS will use it somewhere the reason the minor Se Joo does not want to sell it.  The glitch probably it can hack to any system and the investments of JW will go down.


I am 3rd time in case I miss something.  


HS is a bad guy. But are there another bad guy in the behind the scene? Maybe or maybe not. HS always hate JW, want to take everything from JW even his wife. Why he hate JW so much ? They are best buddy. But why HS betray him ?


1 hour ago, SeGafanlady said:



anneyong chingu... allow me to join this amazing thread... what a drama! I have never thought that there will be an OTP as daebak as this couple.. Hyun Bin is my first bias.. he basically the one who made me a noona fan to the corest...  and Park Shin Hye is the perfect spotless like diamond grade Z the nickname Goddess Shin is totally made for her.... what can we ask for more? 


Ok need to catch my breath from all the excitements.. OMG I’m a huge fan of game drama since the Chinese movie with Angela Baby and Jing Boran Love 020 but this Memories of Alhambra is on a whole another level... being to Granada and visited La Alhambra palace many times...it feels like I am actually in this drama myself... seeing the streets that is familiar.. the view... the sunset.. the architectures and the flowers.. wow I have no words to describe how much I love this drama already...


thank you so much Kdrama for this awesome seven stars korean drama!



 Welcome dear. Our OTP will make you hook long even until drama finished. They have a really really positive relationship. Great chemistry between them..I hope the writer use it a lot :D


1 hour ago, bairama said:

Just finished ep 1 and WOW


My curiousity is dancing all night:w00t: hope the details are not boomerang


The story idea, visuals, the issues those are crossing way with our reality in the world (virtual world, how people can be so egoistic with tech, morale cricis). I'm amazed

keep watching until finished ep 16. This drama will go into your heart and mind :D

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Oh MY ..I just got some crazy theory? AM I Crazy?


My theory ; the woman in the red veil is a program itself just like resident evil The RED Queen. Is she the bug? Is she the RED Queen?


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that killer smilelove you crazy rabbit


  1. DtiTecIVAAAHKfF.jpg


 Hoping that will maintains it's momentum, unique style, intriguing story and leave a lasting impression and becomes  a drama we can all positively like.:)


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Some people are wondering about a "time jump" at the last scene of episode 2.
It is not a mystery, the main character makes it clear: he is on this train, one year after the beginning of the story. We don't know what happened in the meantime, and why he's limping with one leg.

This scenario is, as I expected, again something never seen before in Korea. Writer Song Jae-Jung went looking for a new and original story, although relatively typical of her style.

For now, as I also expected, this is not to the measure of "W". But that's not a negative criticism. This new drama surpasses anything else I've ever seen as a drama, except "W".


What will happen next?
There are a lot of things that we could guess or anticipate.
Park shin hye is not a real person but a program?
The virtual world ends up overriding reality?
These are valid leads. But as you might expect, I'd rather bet on something totally unexpected. It is a bit like this scriptwriter's speciality to take us where no one expects us to go...

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My guess is that the virtual world overrides reality somehow, and becomes a real danger. 

Also that the brother disappeared into the game somehow. 


Well, I don't know what will happen. W is my forever favorite drama (@wenchanteur, I like your picture :) ), and I have trust in SJJ that she will deliver a twisty, interesting plot that will make me THINK as a viewer. And feel, too! I think some people will end up loving it to pieces (like with W), and some will scratch their heads and just be confused (also, like with W). But I do like it that SJJ will just go there with the plot. Some writers will hold back, thinking to build tension that way, but she just goes there. And then--disaster happens! And things escalate. And that's fun for the viewers. :) (Although not necessarily for the characters, er, sorry, characters...)

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Wow! Amazed! This drama MOA , really , throw my ahjumma’s drama world upside down! This new concept , for me, first time watching it, is sooo refreshing, innovative , exciting ! I am loving it. Besides watching Shin Hye, I need something like this to bring me back into immerse,  in the drama world. I am sure we will see more of Shin Hye vs(?) red vail lady in the upcome episodes. 

But, many questions! I know and hope , they will be answered as I continuing to watch the drama . But this little question , my Chingus  here might be able to help me, because it is interfering with my beauty sleep! The scene in the train station when the train arrived in Granada. It is real world, or they were in the game? :D

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Hi everyone~ i'm intrigued by the first 2 episodes. So i came to join the fun in the forum too hehehe


The ep 2 cliff hanger had me wanting ep 3 asap :lol:. I wonder what happened to JW, he looked haggard, as if he lost all his fortune. Did he go bankrupt?


Anyways, i hope JHJ is actually a programmer or actually knows about the game or she is in the game too. 

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This is not purely scientific, in that AR is the only thing involved. There's a fantasy element, which is the glitch in the game. Maybe the glitch is that a player becomes trapped inside virtual reality (VR), the game itself (like Sword Art Online).  Or maybe that the game itself encroaches upon reality and hurts people (like W), so we have merged reality (MR). 

The game is a fantastic way to promote tourism. But a modern one can also be utilized for commerce. Imagine going to a pub and needing to buy a drink in order to acquire game items.

Set in 1492, the game must be the Battle of Granada, and unfortunately, the expulsion of Jews from Spain and the fall of the Alhambra. 


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The events will become horribly dramatic for the characters, I'm afraid. I have an idea of what could happen. At least if I were to write the story, it would be a good idea. I prefer to keep quiet, I feel like I've spoilt myself, it's very unpleasant. Coming to this forum is very dangerous, there are too many spoilers.
On the other hand, it's very nice to meet all the other drama lovers.


@frozentundra: I translated both episodes into French with the very good translator deepl.com.  I would be tempted to do the FR subtitling as I did for W. But it took me so long that I hesitate strongly.
In addition, I already have a big project on my hands, that of writing W's season 2. And it's only progressing in small steps.


I must say that I love the two main actors of "Alhambra Memories" very much. I have seen almost all their dramas, as I have seen all the dramas with Lee Jung-Suk and Han Yoo-Joo.
However, I think that if I were someone's fan, it would be mostly Song Jae-Jung's scriptwriter. It's rather atypical, usually people are fans of actors, sometimes directors (like Stanley Kubrick). I think I love Song Jae-Jung. After writing the first 35 episodes of W season 2, and reworking the French adaptation of season 1, I feel like I'm navigating in the writer's head, or having the same heart.
I don't think she's very pretty, but I feel close to her spiritually.


An image of her, which I reworked on a software, with more intense colors:



I first thought of making W season 2 as a webdrama (audio-photo), I abandoned this idea when I saw the time it took me to simply write, and worse the presentation in the form of a photo-drama. If you have to add the editing time in a video software and the recording of all the voices and their transformation with a pitch software, it's too much. As a test, I made this part of the credits with this picture (the credits should have contained a very fast sequence of staging of all the characters in the drama):



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2 hours ago, katakwasabi said:


 I wonder what happened to JW, he looked haggard, as if he lost all his fortune. Did he go bankrupt?



Yes,I'm 50 percent sure that he'll lost his half money to his second wife.The writer already clear that in episode 2 .Do you remember his secretary reaction to sent flower to hee joo.He warn that  shouldn't do because they are in progress of divoce with his second wife who want his money so badly.As for our main lead they'll fell in love and i think jw doesn't want to drag that anymore .so I'm 50 percent sure he'll lose his money to his sec wife.And ofcourse another 50 percent is all up to our writer nim.

I really love the story line and our girl PSH .She is soo precious.By the way hyun bin is so handsome .I can't resist his dimple anymore. 

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