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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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Hullo everyone!

These were such exciting 9 hrs with Press Conference, Pre-Premiere event at CGV and related info in form of video clips, pics, articles and personal accounts.

Thanks everyone for all for the contributions :blush:


The 4 min new highlights of the drama further raised the expectations and excitement for Dec 1 ( though trying hard not to in case of being let down. Can it really live up to what it promises? Praying, finger crossed, & putting faith in the writer, PD, CG works & the cast should work...shouldn’t it? :D


HB-SH easy camaraderie, chemistry and visuals in the events and the trailer bowled me over today leading me to feel as if 16 Ep of them may not be enough for me...24 at the least for me:love:


Looking forward to Dec 1 ...watching and sharing the joy and woes together 


lastly have to express my joy at seeing some very old familiar faces back for her drama @NileRose...among my 1st friends at Soompi Shinhye thread. @rori0711 and @alcides14ahjumma...old timers...

@lducwith priceless endless contributions in updating wherever Shinhye is present....& I am sure more SH fans will appear soon.


@Kasmic....from different threads during Doctors etc....

Really am looking forward to having fun with all old and future new ones in this thread








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Let's watch this 






NoHello everyone...Long time wait is over . 2 Daya more to go. Finally we can watch them on this weekend. This weekend will become amazing weekend. I am so happy. I hope a lot more people coming to join this thread. Welcome to everyone that come back again to shinhye drama thread. For HYUNBIN fans and chanyoel fans who join, nice to meet you. 


 We will see the great chemistry from them. I am already so excited from imagine it. 




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@maris1 My dear friend how are you ? I am so excited so I hope others will come here to join us and Thank you:heart:
@lduc for your posts to keep this forum moving 

I want share some Positive reviews Like koala I love her words I hope this drama to blow as an idea in drama land: http://koalasplayground.com/2018/11/28/hyun-bin-and-park-shin-hye-bring-smiles-and-chemistry-to-the-memories-of-alhambra-press-conference/

cr: to the owner 

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Rough Translation #MemoriesOfTheAlhambra from cleothailand #ParkShinHye

cr https://twitter.com/ssinzactress







5 Reason to watch #MemoriesOfTheAlhambra

1. beautiful cinematography, they filmed in Spain for 1 month and in Granada for 10 days

2. . Fusion between Spanish magic and culture with AR technology

3. drama with a lot of genres from romance/fantasy/suspense & adventure

4. ShinHye will speak Spanish in this drama

5. Hyunbin has to use imagination acting in action scene with computer graphic. He need to make viewer feel like playing game rather than watching drama




#HyunBin #ParkShinHye talked about working together for the 1st time PSH: i·'ve wanted to work with hyunbin for long time. i always wonder when will i get to work with him so i think this work is such a good opportunity because i will get to work with good script,casting&director


& i looked forward to work with Hyunbin. We have positive senior-junior relationship. I got to learn more about acting from working with hyunbin such as script analysis and making question about the script i have so i can make sure that i don't leave any detail out from my work


Hyunbin is also senior from my university but i never got the chance to work with him so when i first met him, i was a bit nervous since i was a bit shy too but we became more open when we worked together.


We didn't only talk about our characters or acting (in the drama) but he also shared to me about his life&his worry as an actor. He gave me a lot of good ideas which can help me a lot (Hyunbin smiled when he heard this, he probably agreed with it)


HYUNBIN: (He said that he really wants to work in this project) I don't always have a project that i want to do so i'm happy to work with shinhye. She is passionate about acting and want to express her emotion which make me want to increase my passion to match her.


She is very smart and she is talented actress. She has a good sense about role and script. She also has a very good method to express the character's emotion


Good memories from filming #Hyunbin :It was awkward at the first since we weren't close but because both cast and staff crew share the same passion to meet the goal so we worked well together. We discussed how to bring life to this project and that built the bond between us all


which i think it's the special memory for us all. #ParkShinHye: this is the first time that we used AR in korean series so our production team have to communicate a lot, not only director with the cast but also the whole drama team about how we should show this drama to audience


filming in Spain for almost 7 months really helped us to focus and communicate a lot. We spent time together to focus and talk a lot. We tried to find the best way to show the AR part which i think it's the positive force that has carried forward our work until now


Shinhye added that this drama will use a lot of AR and Game setting. She mostly filmed the realistic part(non-gaming part) while hyunbin will film with computer graphic a lot and he has to make viewer feel like playing game instead of watching drama(+)


which hyunbin told shinhye it's the hardest part of filming


shinhye also said that there are a lot of things that she can't share to us now for example the effect of AR which will make the romance part in the drama different. She said she really want to share more but now she can only let us build our own imagination about the rest



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This is just too cute......to lovely.....aigoo...my heart ....why so cute?....My eyes can't stop looking at this :heart::love::love::love:




:love: Honey eyes From Hyunbin :love:



:love::heart:  Such Beautiful Couple On Screen.Look like a Real Couple :love:




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[TRANS] #ParkShinHye talked about why she choose to be in #MemoriesOfTheAlhambra. Ju Heejoo's character is down to earth, warm type of a person. She’s a guitarist who works in a handmade guitar, she is also owner of a hostel. With that I think I can show a various part of me.



CR : @yysy_


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40 minutes ago, rori0711 said:

Chingus @maris1 @NileRose @alcides14ahjumma @lduc @DOCDOC @Kasmic Heol! it's been ages since Doctors :scream:

Given the long preparation, we are more than ready to spazz and drool over Hyun Bin and Shinhye :D:sweatingbullets:

:love: hello  chingus @rori0711...:love:


:love: it's such a long time since doctors....I am more than ready to spazz and drool over Hyunbin and Shinhye. I am already drool over them on press conference. I don't know what will happen to me when I see the drama live and the bts :love::love::heart:


:love:  Just watch from the trailer...Wow.This is such interesting drama.. Hope for The best to cast, script, Director and Crew from MOA :love:


2 More Days to Go.....Our waiting almost over ...hahaha  Finally we can see shinhye again on drama land :heart:





:heart: OUR Beautiful shinhye :heart:


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@DOCDOC I have the same laughing look of Shinhye above with the amount of hearts you made :P 

I hope inside Korea, viewers will show great enthusiasm as much as the international audience are feeling right now.

Let's hope for a strong opening and gripping build up and we will sit back and enjoy this mystical journey B)

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