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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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Seju’s hoodie from MOA! There’s also a signature and msg from chanyeol


사랑해주셔서 감사합니다


Thank you for loving Memories of Alhambra

Be happy



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On 4/20/2019 at 5:11 PM, imgreatgal said:

This drama has been on my 'to watch list' and finally caught up with it. The Only thing that attracted me to this drama was Hyun Bin and Park shin Hye. 

Don't really know much about these AR games and stuff, but i have some questions. In all the time that Jin Woo disappeared, the time span was about a year and CEO Park couldn't trace his whereabouts and even HJ didn't know where to find him. Was JW locked in the game? Doesn't he need to eat or sleep? these are basic human needs. CEO Park can certainly trace JW's credit card eg. if he slept at a hotel or had a meal somewhere. Even SeJu when he was 'locked in the dungeon' it was what a year or two years. Didn't he eat or sleep. I'm confused:tounge_wink:

hello @imgreatgal !

good question.

Below is our dear friend's @packmule3 analysis. You can read more over her wonderful blog http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/01/22/memories-of-the-alhambra-olis-bugs-and-dungeons/


Q: Where was he in the meantime?

This was @oli’s actual question. I understand that she was venting. hahaha. It felt like the open ending was there because the writer couldn’t think of a believable reason for JinWoo to come back from being deleted. Or make up one in 1 episode. Sure, we were led to believe only his character was deleted but.. that’s not really true either. He even had the guns when the servers got back online after a year. Where was he in the meantime? Could he see HeeJoo in the church coming so often to the place he disappeared from? That was his instance dungeon for sure, the church, the walls turned in the same way they did when SeJoo activated that feature on the train while being in danger of being killed by Marco. How did he come back? If like SeJoo he was stuck in the game for using the instance dungeon to avoid being killed by Emma when she was deleting the bug or something like that (?? I’m blabbering, I think..) and he released Master from the instance dungeon when he, JinWoo became the new Master.. how did he came back after a year?

@oli, I think he was hidden in this “instance dungeon” or fourth dimension or alternate reality or virtual escape zone/panic room (I don’t know what to call it!) that SeeJoo created when the game was reset. Remember, SJ said he created that space precisely for those times when the master was “in danger.” So definitely, the real Jinwoo (not the NPC Zinu) was transported there. Zinu got deleted, of course, but Jinwoo survived there in the same way that SeeJoo survived for a year in that no-man’s-land for a year.

MY FOLLOW-UP question: But but but how can anybody survive in that space for a year without eating???

Well, just think of it as a limbo or haven/heaven. A minute in heaven could be a year in real time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer used this concept of “relativity of time.” When you play a game, you can easily lose track of time, right? Hours could have passed in the real world, but for you who’s focused in the game, it feels like only a minute. So for SeeJoo and Jinwoo, being trapped in the dimension, where TIME does not exist, could have been a relatively short period BUT very prolonged duration in our time.

BTW, Jinwoo knew that SeeJoo had escaped that hidden place. He said so in his narration, “With Se-joo’s return, my long and lonely journey has come to an end.” However, he didn’t have opportunity to talk to Sejoo about what really happened in that alternate dimension of his.

When the new game was launched, he came out of the virtual escape zone and started trying to escape the game world.

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[NDC2019] "Game material drama, now is the beginning" Memories of 'Alhambra Palace' production story

Reporter Huh Jae-min cr: Litte@inven.co.kr 





[Lecture topic] The difficulty and experience that I felt in writing the drama with a somewhat unfamiliar and futuristic material called augmented reality game - for example, understanding how viewers are unfamiliar with the game, I would like to share some of the experiences, such as how to dissolve and include some depth of AR technology.

  • Theme: Fusion of drama contents and games that writers talk about
  • Speaker: Song Jae-jung - Merikau Corporation / MERYYCOW
  • Field of presentation: Game planning
  • Recommended for: Game planner
  • Difficulty: no prior knowledge required: description at the tutorial or outline level

The drama 'Alhambra's memories' on the theme of games and augmented reality. Personally, I was impressed with the material and the drama. I thought it might be awkward to say that the game was made of material, but I liked it because it was a game-like scene with a comic story or game UI. 

On the second day of NDC 2019, Song Jae-jeong, author of 'Memories of Alhambra Palace', gave a lecture on the convergence of game and drama contents on the pulpit. I was able to hear what difficulties she had in producing a drama based on the actual game rather than a tremendous explanation, how it was received by the public, and the factors she felt attractive about the game. 

■ 'Memory of Alhambra', why did you play the game - Why did not it become drama because of 'production cost'

I made a drama with the game material, but I can not say that I know the game well. NDC also participated in the game because it was an opportunity to meet people related to the game. Today, I would like to talk about what I felt while producing the drama "Alhambra Palace Memories" and the difficulties. 

First of all, the process of making a drama will start from a planning stage like a game. The artist is developing the synopsis by discovering ideas and materials and discussing them with other writers. If it is a Miniseries 16 trilogy, there are roughly two to four scripts at this stage. 

When a script is created, it is judged whether it is organized by a broadcasting station. Once the decision is made, the casting begins and preparations are made in earnest. This step only takes a few months. In the meantime, the writer works hard to write the script. 

When the script of 8 degree is completed, it goes into shooting. At the end of the filming, the script ends often. After that, CG, mixing and post work are done and broadcasting starts at the same time. At the end of the broadcast, all the work is done at once.


After the 'memories of the Alhambra palace' there are really many questions. Whether you like games or why you play games. 

In short, I like games. It is hard to say 'Deokwoo', but I enjoyed the game a lot. At first, I was forcibly confronted by my brother who was two years old. Since then, I liked myself so much. NDC also had an experience hall, so when I visited there were a lot of games I enjoyed when I was a kid. 

I have enjoyed playing games even in my 20s and 30s. Civilization or anti-ship ... By the way, I was in my thirties and it was hard to play the game with the script. Both are activities in front of the computer, but the game was too late for the game. So I ended up. 

For me that game was a familiar genre. Nevertheless, for 20 years, as a writer, I was not able to deal with the game as a material reason. 

If you make a movie or a drama with a game, you usually think of 'avatar' or 'ready player'. It is difficult to produce dramas at that level in Korea. I wonder who will see it. So it was a genre that I never thought about.

While planning the 'Memories of the Alhambra', I was preparing the time slip as usual. I was reminded of action water, which is time slip when music comes out. But the material called time slip came near. I did not make any progress, I saw an article about 'Pokemon GO' in a car that was bored. I go to Sokcho to catch the monster, what is going on? I did not understand. So I downloaded the game and wandered around in Yeouido Park. Then I thought of the idea as if an exclamation point came up in my head. 

This is it! 

Pokemon is not a generation, in fact, personally, 'Pokemon GO' itself was not fun. But I was interested in augmented reality. You can not process everything with CG like 'avatar', but if you only handle CG with only one character like 'Pokemon GO'? I thought that I could plan according to the production cost. 

Go back to the original question, and answer "Why did you play the game?" I can say that I found the game material that can match the production cost. The Augmented Reality was the answer. 

I was ignorant about AR, so I went through a lot of related things. I have not looked for a technology that can show ARs in front of a mobile phone, but instead of smart phones that are not commercially available, there was a technology under development. I found out that it is possible to use an AR with a smart lens. I was worried that it might be strange when I treated it as a drama, but I could hear some advice that it would be easy to accept because of drama.


In 'Memories of the Alhambra Palace' AR is implemented through smart lenses (Photo Source: TVN 'Memories of the Alhambra Palace')

Attracting non-commercial technology. The 'memories of the Alhambra' began here. 

Now it was time to deliver ideas and material to the production team. The problem was that all of the team members had no idea about augmented reality. The bishop, the director of photography, and actor Hyun Bin were not all enjoying the game, and I was relatively well acquainted with the game. 

By the way, Exo member and Mr. Cho are the best players. I am a very talented person, because I wanted to participate in the memories of the Alhambra. It does not matter role and quantity, and it was enough to say that it is fun just to be able to do together. 

In this situation, I thought it would be fun to do just as I did in the script. However, most of the scripts do not understand how the pictures will be drawn. From then on, everyone started to enjoy the game. Hyun Bin also started battleground ... It was a challenge that was as reckless as the people who did not know the game well. 

This is the moment when the game was made into a drama. Generally, the material is decided first and the story is made. The 'memories of the Alhambra palace' was the story first, and the creation process of the material was decided to be reversed. The drama, which could have been the 'memories of the Alhambra' at Time Slip, was about augmented reality.

The issue of production cost could be solved to some extent by dealing with Augmented Reality, and the feeling of game could be solved by selecting overseas location. Alhambra is a truly exotic place. It is Arabic architecture built in Europe. I thought it was a good background for the game. As a result, I was able to finish with profit without any problem of production cost.


■ Making a drama for augmented reality material, what was difficult - Where will you show 'game'



(Photo Source: TVN 'Memories of Alhambra')

In the game, the story is first introduced quickly, and then it enters the game in earnest. The drama is the opposite. The rules of the game are explained quickly, and the real story is the story. When I play a game personally, the story will soon pass. I want to play fast. The drama was the same. Everyone was frustrated with the rules of the game, and quickly wanted to see what the story was like. So, what happened after death? and. 

Previously, the team members said they did not know the game, but the bigger problem was the viewer. The game really likes a person who likes it, but it is sometimes perceived as a bad thing for a person who has not tried it. Especially, the main target audience of the drama, especially actor Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye's fan base are women in their 20s and 40s, and there are many non-game-oriented viewers who do not allow their children to play games. I was worried about how viewers would accept the game. 

Therefore, it was necessary to listen to the stories of both sides. In the course of developing the scenario, I met with Netmarble officials and listened to the experts, and at the same time, composed of authors who did not know the game as an auxiliary artist. I had to find the middle point of the game by listening to how the person who knows the game knows and who does not know it. At the same time, another problem emerged. 

How far will we show the drama viewers to the game?

I was able to find a lot of material when I surveyed the game. There were too many attractive elements to include. But I could not show everything, so I needed to draw the line properly at some point. After all, it was decided to include only very basic concepts such as level-ups, items, weapon purchases, confrontations with enemies.


(Photo Source: TVN 'Memories of Alhambra')

As a result, viewers who expected game elements responded that they were disappointed. Why was it a reaction. There was a limitation of the production cost if I excused it. As the location was changed to Seoul, the budget was reduced to half, and it became difficult to include the gorgeous action, which is the gem of the game. If I had more room, I would have been left wondering if I could make the ending cool. 

I wanted to include more weapons in weapons scenes, dragons in "game of the throne," but I could only show about 10 minutes in money and time. Even if the cost of production is reduced by augmented reality, it costs a lot to express it. 

When shooting, I shot a real model, not CG. If you fought with a model sword, you could add effects to look like CG in the post-production. In the train scene and gunfight, all of them were shot with real models on actual trains. If all the guns were processed with genuine CG, then the production cost might be short and broadcasting could be stopped. 

Nonetheless, CG work took several times more than other dramas. It took several times more time than other dramas to choose a simple game implementation method.

That was not the hard part of the production process. It was difficult shooting such as a scene where fighting with a fake sword, a scene coming out by CG were taken separately. In the case of a writer, it is a script written in consideration of the shooting situation, but there were many difficulties in actual shooting. Park said that the part where Shinhye should act as a NPC as a single player also suffered difficulties in distinguishing the smoke tone. For a variety of reasons, the shooting period was much slower than anticipated, and the script work was finished tightly. 

When we talked about the results and talked about the drama, we came out better and gave thanks to everyone.


■ Game material drama, from familiar to familiar - Stable in conflicting reactions



(Photo Source: TVN 'Memories of Alhambra')

I was worried about the unusual material, but I thought that the story could follow. So how was the reaction? I was really surprised to see the real-time reaction. I watched the audience record from the sex ratio of the viewer to the age, and the audience rating dropped from the moment when Hyun Bin started the game. Really hooked! 

In the second session, female viewers in their 30s and 40s broke down. Instead, the number of male viewers and teenagers increased. As a result, fortunately, we were able to maintain our ratings, but we were surprised by the fact that more people than expected did leave. 

The most surprising part was that there was a lot of confusion about 'what are you doing?' Rather than 'the game is unfamiliar' or 'I have never seen a game drama'. Many people in my country are enjoying the game, and I thought it was a game power, but I was surprised that there were people who played games. 

The production team was initially unfamiliar with the game, but spent a year building and getting used to it. As such, I had no choice but to be surprised by the audience reaction. I have heard that viewers have not thought that games can be drama. 

I mentioned a little while ago, but the memories of the Alhambra palace was a drama that had really received contradictory feedback. There are some people who like it when the game story comes out because the game is strong. On the other hand, some people do not like the game. It was totally different feedback: 'Why do not you show me the game' and 'Why do not you show me the game without making a story?'

In the latter case, those who do not prefer games think that the progress of the game is not the story's progress. The game was a game, a fake, not a life story. On the other hand, those who anticipated the game responded to why they did not show up the level-up process, why they did not show up when they expected bigger enemies and weapons. 

I thought it was not easy to universally understand the subject of the game to the public. However, from the latter half, those who did not know the game naturally used the sentence of the game and the language of the game in their daily life. When the game became familiar and stable, the drama was over. 

This is what I felt when I produced a drama based on games. I felt like I was just explaining the outline, and I am looking forward to how I can make a game drama in the future. Above all, I am happy to be able to communicate with people who know the game well.


■ QnA

It contains a spoiler for the drama 'Memories of the Alhambra'. 

Q. I am curious to see if I plan to produce a drama based on games in the future. 

I think it's started now. When I was invited to NDC, I decided to come and I wanted to meet you. I think that I took my toddler through 'Memories of Alhambra Palace' and want to make a full-fledged game drama. 

Q. The ending was a bit disappointing, but I understand that various situations are entangled. What kind of ending would be done if circumstances were given. 

I got a lot of criticism about the ending. As an excuse, I received a lot of requests to open the way for Season 2, and I wanted to keep it open to make Season 2 any time. The ending was a podium for season two. I always wanted to explain it, but I did not have a chance to answer because nobody asked me. Thank you for asking. 

Q. So I wonder what happened to Hyun Bin (the main character Jin Woo). 

Jinwoo lives well. He is the manleep, who is ruling the game world and looking for a way out (laughs). 

Q. Is there any reason why the production cost has been reduced due to the change of location to Seoul?

I need to tell you exactly. I chose Spain as the backdrop because I thought that it would not feel like a game unless it was Spain. In Seoul, the feeling of the game was not fully revealed, and the game material was reduced. I think it was a great attempt to shoot drama in the material called game itself. It was a trial and error, and I hope to be able to make a better work next time. 

Q. It seems that the game is unfamiliar to the general public. So what are the elements of the game that appeal to the public? 

I do not have to worry about the fun when playing the game directly. What I felt while working as a writer was that the level up process was typically the same as the story structure used in drama. It is easy to understand when you think about Daejanggum. Jang Geum is not going to level up little by little since he was a child too. Basically, it is the grammar that drama viewers all over the world like. The game leveling process brings a similar catharsis. I think there are some reasons why games and dramas are loved by many people. 

It is also a good point that games can show the fantasy elements which can not be seen in the drama as much as you can mention. For example, in the memories of the Alhambra palace, a hawk sits down on a friendly arm. If it was drama, it could be absurd, but it was a good scene because the game was the material. I think there is endless possibilities in it. For gamers, the clichés become fresh elements in drama. I hope to have a chance to apply some more drama. 

Q. I mentioned that I am obsessed with Time Slip, and I wonder why.

Personally I like stories with reversals. Time slip is liked because it is a factor that can make a big reversal. The game gave a similar pleasure. It 's a reality, but it' Maybe next time I am obsessed with the subject of the game (laughs). 

Q. Some viewers have a sense of rejection of the game. I wonder if you think the direction of planning needs to change. 

I think that the memories of the Alhambra palace are also well established. As much as I spent most of my attention in the cast and non-game story. It also included human relationships and dramas that appeared in universal dramas. I seem to have put a lot of effort into making it look like a game story as much as possible. 

The 'memories of the Alhambra palace' received much criticism, but in fact it was the hardest work for me personally. It was not easy to combine games and games. It might have been a bit easier if it was drama dealing with games in earnest. 

Q. What if the 'memories of the Alhambra palace' came out of the game? If so, I wonder if you are willing to participate in production. 

Of course it seems to be good. I would like to participate if you can call me to production (laughs). I always thought I wanted to participate in game story creation and learn. What if a writer creates a story of a game, or if a game writer creates a drama? I wish I had a chance to communicate.

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@rori0711 Helloes chingu long time no chat. I hope your well :D


Thanks for the article on SJJ...  after stirring so many fans of MOA and causing such criticisms she's FINALLY came out and gave us more answers. Im still bitter with her and I say good luck finding producers to support her. I hope the casts doesnt return lol! but then again it wont be the same if they dont. Frankly I dont think they will they deserve better respect than what she did to them. Apart from HB, the director and the CGI team I dont see anyone else whom would be keen enough. 





What balance? there were NO balance of the leads roles. I think I need to read more on what SJJ was raving on about during her conference. <_<

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Thank you @rori0711 for the explanation. I'm still confused though, maybe i'm the sort of person who can't see fantasy and reality coexisting.   

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